Thursday, May 26, 2016

Anonymous Lacquer ~ The Customs Colors Trio!

Hello Dahlings!

No, nothing catastrophic has happened to me.
I've just been buried under real life.
Lots of work plus dejunking around the house
have sucked up the majority of my waking hours
& left me with little energy to paint my nails,
let alone take pics & write blog posts.
I've been managing one simple mani a week.
Pathetic, I know.

Anywho, back in March, Anonymous Lacquer held a contest
in the FB group Adorably Anonymous. 
Those of us who've had Mildred make us custom polishes,
posted pics of said polishes & the group voted for their favorites.

My Impossible Dreams WON!
It was close and the 2nd & 3rd place polishes are also gorgeous.
Once that was all decided, Mil put our customs together in a trio
& sent them to us for swatching in early April. I got that done.
What I didn't get done before falling off the face of the blog-o-sphere
was my blog post. Good thing Mil still has them available!

On to the pics...
All swatch pics show 2 perfectly butterlicious coats
over liquid latex with a coat of FDTC.
The bejeweled masks are an ordering goodie from Mil.

I'm pleased to present...Perez Pink!
This nigh on neon linear pink holo 
is the love child of my bootiful friend Nicole.

If you love pink like Nicole does,
you want this for your stash!


Next in this luscious line up is...701 Fahrenheit!
Anita dreamed up this bright coral linear creation
that plays chameleon both with lighting & skin tones.
On Anita & Nicole it looks bright neon.
On my pale skin it takes on a darker hue.
On any skin tone it will shift between pinkish orange
& orangish pink depending on the light.

I have a secret passion for orangey polishes.
This one feeds the need!


And last, but certainly not least...My very own Impossible Dreams!
This custom came about after I putzed about for over a year
trying to create a neon purple linear holo.
I couldn't quite manage it, but Mildred is the BEST 
at making impossible polish dreams come true.

Just look at all that pinky purply holo goodness!!!


I attempted a radial gradient with these 3 amigos.
I failed at getting the circular part done correctly,
but it didn't matter as the polishes were perfect!

All three of these must have beauties are available at Anonymous Lacquer
as singles or in a moola saving Customs Colors Trio.
You know you want them...admit it!

 >^. .^<

To make up for my depriving y'all of your regular doses of Ciri,
I give you...

Sleeping Toes of Cuteness!!!

I hope to start posting regularly again soon, at least weekly.
I've a few pics in the vault to tide us over
until I can get my act together.
Thanks for hanging in there with me!
~ Inky