Monday, March 30, 2015

CNT 52 Week PNM ~ Music & Not Worn Enough

Hello Dahlings!
I had to think a bit about this week's Tart nails,
but when I figured it out, I was mighty pleased with my inky self!
 My music of choice is PUNK & my not worn enuf is chunky glitters.
I luvs my Ramones & Tami from The Devil Wears Polish
This is da link to da NEW & IMPROVED TDWP store!!!
did a collection called Aspiring Anarchist a couple of years ago
& da fun skully glitter accent polish on my ring nail
from that collex is called I Wanna Be Sedated
named after da Ramones song...
I miss da Ramones,
but at least I have 21 albums worth of their music to listen to forever! 
Yes, I will be that tie dye haired lil old lady
be-bopping in da garden
with my purple ear buds in
& jamming to my Ramones.
Wait a minute...I already do this!
The Devil Wears Polish I Wanna Be Sedated
& 3 of my newly frankened stamping polishes:
Summer Turquoise, Salmon Enchanted Evening & Do Me Red
Do Me Red needs a wee bit of tweaking to make it more opaque
as it was supposed to be that bright red on da nail & wasn't.
More info on my franken stamping polishes to come 
in next Friday's First Franken Friday post.
 I started with 2 perfectly buttery smooth rainbow-licious coats
of The Final Frontier from Candi's Star Trek Tribute collex.
You have to check out Live Long & Prosper while you're at her shop!
It's a very unique science officer uniform blue linear holo. *swoon* 
 I added 2 coats of IWBS to my ring & thumb,
added a coat of SH Dries Fast to all my nails
then used my franken stamping polishes,
MoYou London plate 01 from their new Punk Collection
This was a fun mani to plan, do & wear!
>^. .^<
If you want your cats to be sedate...
...don't let da Red Dot out!
This pic is from last summer when Missy & Mom came to visit.
Thanks for stopping by
& please go share da lovies with da other Tarts!
~ Inky

Friday, March 27, 2015

March Stamp Camp Mani!

Hello Dahlings!
It doesn't happen often, but I wore this mani for 10 DAYS!
Da last time I wore da same mani this long was last summer
when I had 2 trips back to back
& did a gel sandwich to get thru them.
 Good thing I liked this mani!
 I started with 2 coats of da now defunct Polish Me To Go Tainted Love.
Originally this polish was a gitd thermal,
but alas,
thermals can loose their ability to change color after a year or so.
I still love it even if it doesn't change colors anymore.
 I stamped using Sally Hansen Night Fright, Bunny Nails plate HD-D
I sealed in all da goodness with a coat of Seche Vite
& even after a week of stamp camp prepping
that left my skin trashed, I only had tip wear.
dry skin, fried cuticles, paper cuts
& ink stains are normal for a prep week
 Tainted Love still glows!
Oh Happy Day or week or whatever.
>^. .^<
 I'se gonna get dat sock monster!
 Bleah, dis sock tastes like stinky hooman foot.
Uffdah! I can't see...
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Whimsical Ideas by Pam ~ Yeah Magnets! & Head Shrinker

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have a quick palette cleansing mani for y'all!
As much fun as I've been having stamping my nails,
sometimes I just need to take a break
from doing da same fun thing all da time.
 This is 2 fantabulous coats of Whimsical Ideas by Pam Yeah Magnets!
with a yummy accent nail of Head Shrinker
followed with a coat of Seche Vite.
YM is so blingy IRL it was freakin' my camera out!
Between da linear holo & da extra KAPOW of scattered holo bits
its uber blingtastic with da rainbows!
Both went on smooth & easy plus minimal fishing for those skullies!
Pam sells thru her FB page
& you can see all da bottles of awesomeness available in her albums.
>^. .^<
Being dis cute all da time is exhausting!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, March 23, 2015

CNT 52 week PNM ~ Mosaic/Stained Glass &/or Pink/Orange!

Hello Dahlings!
This week da Tarts are showing off their mosaic/stained glass manis
&/or using pink and orange polish.
I used both as I tend to do...
 I went with a stained glass accent
& used da sheer polishes over da base color for da rest of my nails.
 I started with 2 blingtastic coats of Orly Mirrorball.
It's rare for a mainstream polish brand to release a linear holo polish
& even rarer for that polish to be most excellent!
 I made my accent decal using Born Pretty Store plate BP-L002,
to make a decal. Then I colored it in using these polishes...
 Da line up ~ Orly Mirrorball (base color), Revlon Just Tinted Desire,
I used my smallest dotter to fill in da design
then added a coat of fast dry top coat to hold da decal together.
I added 2 coats of glaze over da other nails.
Da Mentality polishes were their usual brilliant selves,
but while da Revlon worked fine for da stained glass,
it was a bit of a hot mess to use as a regular polish.
It patched like crazy, leaving me with uneven color.
 I did a lil experiment as long as I was at it
by stamping da image onto my left ring nail,
adding a coat of FDTC,
then coloring it in using alcohol ink markers.
I sealed all my nails with a coat of Seche Vite.
The Stampin' Up! ones I have work really well for this,
but alas are currently unavailable due to a manufacturing flaw.
Copic markers will work for this technique too.
Sharpies might as well, but I've found them to be iffy to work with
as they tend to erase themselves if you overlap the color
& many topcoats can cause the ink to bleed,
alter & or even disappear completely.
 I used these colors.
I know some peeps prefer
to stamp da design on da nail then color it in,
but I think I prefer to make decals for da stained glass technique
cuz they get colored in from da back & da lines stay dark.
>^. .^<
Why you no make these glow like mah eyes, Meowmy?
Dat would look so much better!
Thanks for stopping by
& please go share da lovies with da other Tarts!
~ Inky

Friday, March 20, 2015

Does It Stamp? 2.0 ~ More Black & White Regular Polish

Hello Dahlings!

Yeah, I wanted to do one of these posts at least monthly,
but life got in da way.

So for March,
I have more somewhat readily available black & white polishes
to show you, so you can see for yourself how they stamp.

This is da finished mani.
I tried out a new holo topper & I liked it!
This pic shows one coat of Pretty & Polished Halo TC
with a coat of Seche Vite over it.
It showed a bit better over da darker polishes,
but it gave a decent rainbow without altering da colors underneath it.
Now onto da testing...
I started with 2 shimmery coats of Twisted Colors Show Me Your Beads!
I LOVED the colors in this thermal!
It went from a lilac when warm
to neon purple as it transitioned
to purple when cold
plus it has a gold micro shimmer.
I added a quick coat of Orly In A Snap & moved on to da stamping.
I used Bunny Nails plate HD-B
& my Creative Shop Stamper to do the stamping.
I wish Bunny Nails would reopen her shop!
It says on her site she had a personal thing to deal with
& I can respect her closing her shop while she deals with whatever it is,
but her plates are some of da few that have full nail images
that actually fit my nails without my having to stamp on the diagonal
plus she has a lot of really fun images.
I hope she's ok!
Da right paw ~
pinky ~ Konad Black & Princess White as control samples
& yeah, da Nads streaked a bit when I added FD TC
ring ~ Revlon Black Magic & Spirit
Both stamped, but looked a bit faded.
middle ~ Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Black Heart & Hard To Get
Both stamped better than da Revlon, but not as opaque as da Nads.
index ~ Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out & White On.
While both stamped, Black Out looked very faded,
but White On did a pretty good job!
thumb ~ Wet N' Wild Black Crème & French White
Both stamped, but looked faded about the same as the Revlons.
Da south paw ~
pinky ~ da Nads again as control samples
with da same streaking from adding FDTC
ring ~ Shany Black 10 & White 09
Both stamp & look pretty good,
but could be a wee bit more opaque.
middle ~ Ruby Kisses Black Utopia & French White
While both stamped, both were also pretty faded.
I like these for undies as both are opaque in 2 thin coats,
but they aren't useful for stamping.
index ~ Essence Colour To Go Black Is Back & Wild White Ways
Both stamped, but were even more faded than da Ruby Kisses
plus da white streaked when I added FDTC
thumb ~ Nanacoco Black Love & Snow White
Both stamped really well, but da white wasn't as solid as da Nads,
while da black is great.
Da winners out of this bunch?
For white I can recommend da SH Xtreme Wear White On!
It is readily available in most drugstores
& other places that sell Sally Hansen products.
If you have access to Nanacoco polishes,
I recommend Black Love.
Try looking in your local indie owned ethnic beauty supply stores.
That's where I found these.
>^. .^<
I bored.
When will my Paw be home?
I need to chew on him.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Big T Ranch ~ Rose Petals

Hello Dahlings!
Today's mani uses one of the beauties
Robyn sent me for swatching & review.
I fell in love with it as soon as I unwrapped it & swatched it last
so I could keep it on & do some nail art over it.
I so loved this mani!
 This is the
'my fingers were still too cold to show the warm color on my beds'
 Rose Petals is a very pale translucent pink when warm
& really shows off its small bright green, blue, purple & rose hexes
along with its blue-green holo micro bits.
It reminds me of malted egg candies that come out around Easter!
 As it warms up, Rose Petals turns a yummy dark rose raspberry color.
 I used Pueen plate 80, Orly Dazzle
& my beloved Creative Shop Stamper
to add rose outlines over Rose Petals.
I didn't want to take this mani off & wore it for FOUR days!
I usually swap out my manis every other day,
so this tells you how much I loved wearing this polish.
So do you nails a favor & go stock up on Big T Ranch
thermal, holo, gitd & glitter polishes
& while you're there, get your lips some balm!
>^. .^<
 I wants some of dat yogurt, please!
 Meowmy...Paw won't share!
 I REALLY wants it!
Dat not yogurt.
Why you eating fud from a cup that isn't yogurt?
I wants yogurt!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, March 16, 2015

CNT 52 wk PNM ~ Mermaid/Lilac & Green

Hello Dahlings!
This week da Tart's are showing off their Mermaid
&/or lilac and green manis!
I did this... likey!
 I started with 2 coats of ILNP Charmingly Purple
on my middle & thumb.
I needed 2 coats of ILNP Princeton
on my pinky & index for opacity.
I then splodged da 2 of them on my ring finger.
 I used one of these nifty
over da splodging on my ring finger
with da Finger Paints Well-Cultured Pearl
to make da scales.
I tried to stamp with da W-CP, but it wasn't opaque enuf,
so I switched to Mentality White Opaque which has a pearl finish.
 Vivid Lacquer plate VL023
currently not available
 Da line up ~ ILNP Princeton & Charmingly Purple,
Finger Paints Well-Cultured Pearl & Mentality Opaque White.
I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite.
 Yeah, I have a sick sense of humor.
I've been waiting for just the right mani
to use this image from Uber Chic!
>^. .^<
Ziggy likes fish!
Ziggy likes all food!
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& please go share da lovies with da other Tarts!
~ Inky