Friday, February 17, 2017

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Idea ~ Blue Floral

Hello Dahlings!

Yeah, I took last week off from blogging.
It was my birthday & I didn't feel like doing much of anything.

I am back at this week with my blue floral mani!

 Pussy willows!

 My base color is Bow Paradox 
It's is a light grey when warm/bright blue when cold thermal polish
a dark pink when warm/dark purple when cold in the sun solar polish
plus it has scatter holo.
Yes, both a thermal AND a solar polish in the same bottle!!!

I stamped using Hit the Bottle Smurf Blood.

 I couldn't quite get the solar colors to come out in our weak winter sun.
Washington State is just a few inches of rain away
from setting an all time high for February.
I'm glad I could get this lil bit of wimpy sun this week. LOL
 If you've been around here for a while,
you know that my preferred claw length
can make stamping on them challenging.
Many plates just don't have full nail images large enough to fit my nails
plus finding a stamper that works consistently,
is large enough to cover my nails &  
allows me to place the image where I want it hasn't been easy.
I still love my Creative Shop Space Stamper,
but when using a full nail image
that will just barely fit on the diagonal,
I need to be able to see where the image is going
so I don't get voids around the edges.

Let me introduce you to The Big Bling XL Clear Jelly Stamper!
The bead filled cap on the left is to keep the dust out when not in use.
The fat tube in the middle is both easy to grip
& see through to the design below.
The product blerb at Beautometry 
says the stamping head is 1.2 inches in diameter. 
Nuh uh! That big baby is 1.5"!

This squishy head is plenty large enough to fit my claws & then some,
making both picking up the image & placing it much easier
than with an opaque or smaller clear stamper.
I had been using the Bundle Monster Glass Stamper
& it worked just fine, except for barely fitting my nails.

Just a note...the scraper that comes with the Cleat Jelly XL stamper
is about half the size of my other credit card size scrapers & is stiffer.
It didn't work as well as I'd like, so I used my old Creative Shop Scraper.

I used this most excellent stamper with Creative Shop Plate 60
This is one of my fav plate brands due to it's unusual designs
& the XL full nail images.

>^. .^<

I wants changing colors on my claws too, Meowmy!

Thanks for stopping by
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~ Inky

Friday, February 3, 2017

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Black & White Valentines

Hello Dahling!

The stank of over ripe commercialism is in the air,
but that doesn't mean we can't have fun nails, right?

This go around, the Tarts are showing you ways
to show your romantic side using black & white
you can think of them as templates
& use any 2 colors you prefer.
It's a 2-fer & I did this...

 I went with a forbidden love themed mani
cuz hot & steamy whoopy makes for much better memories
when you're old than flowers & candy. Just sayin.

A word about Straight Up Black ~
while it is very opaque, stamped just fine
& is available for a very reasonable price...
I found it to be a bit of a pita to get off my skin.
You can see a bit of dark staining around the cuticle of my pinky nail.
I used liquid latex on the rest of my fingers
& it made a noticeable difference in my clean up.

 My fav part of this mani?
Look how AWOL glows like an opal in the dark!
Swoon *thunk*

I told y'all I'd show you A World of Laughter soon.
Isn't it awesome?!?

>^. .^<

No kitties this week, just opossum prints on my deck.
I had been wondering if my lil possum girl was still around.
Yep, she is.

Thanks for stopping by
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for more black & white Valentine's mani ideas!
~ Inky