Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Least Expensive!

Hello Dahlings!
If you haven't figured it out by now...
I have several butt-tonnes of nail polish.
I have at least one butt-tonne of untrieds.
I have at least a butt-load of cheap polish
I got at The Dollar Tree for $1
plus other brands that only cost $1 at other stores
plus all the sets I've gotten from Amazon
that took the per bottle price way down.
So how does a polish ho like me go about picking my cheapest polish?
 Pick a cheap polish I got ON SALE!
I got this bottle of Wet N' Wild Deception for $.67 at my local Walgreens!
(Yes, there's only about half da bottle left.
Not because I've worn it, but cuz I used it to make Mega Punk 3.0.
I've never worn it straight from da original bottle 
so it counts as untried!)
 I decided to try a pond mani with this rather sheer jelly.
The pearly white paw prints were made using 
Wet N' Wild Elegance & my tiniest dotting tool.
I also added some of the Pueen water decals
I used for Monday's mani cuz I was going out on Monday
& wanted my hands to at least coordinate.
 If these 2 gitd pics are giving you de je vu
that's cuz my pics of my left hand didn't turn out well
& I opted to use da good pics of my right hand for both posts.
Next up ~ Use as many untrieds in one mani as you can!
>^. .^<
You has food?
I want!
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~ Inky

Monday, April 28, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Most Expensive!

Hello Dahlings!
Today we're all showing our most expensive untried polishes.
I have a self imposed $20 limit per bottle
& I try to keep my per bottle price to $10 or less.
Indies have pushed & dragged me to pay $12-$15,
but those are indies, so I forgive them. LOL
I love Sally Hansen Chromes!
The line was retired over 10 years ago,
but I've managed to get most of them thru
The carry all kinds of retired polish &
many are available for LESS than they were in stores!
Harry also provides excellent customer service
should you ever have a problem with an order.
(My 1st order contained a bottle that had leaked
& he promptly replaced it!)
Today's polish was NOT one of the discounted ones...
 This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Black Pearl Chrome
w/cat gitd water decals.
I paid my limit of $20 for this hard to find retired polish.
I can't recommend using decals over a chrome like this
cuz da edges of da decals tend to show
even with a coat of Seche Vite.
 My thumb.
 Yeah, I know...I have a thing for gitd everything & anything.
 I gots to have my glow!
Next up ~ Least Expensive
>^. .^<
I watching your polish dry.
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~ Inky

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Freakin Weekly Challenge!

Hello Dahlings!
This week's color for da Fingers Freakin Holo Freaks
weekly challenge is...PURPLE!!!
Yeah, I like purple.
I like holographic polish.
Picking just one is like picking my fav anything.
Ding dang hard!
I originally planned on showing all Jade holos for this challenge,
but the only purple Jade holo I have is Fascinio Violet
& I've worn that before.
Not that we can't use tried polishes for this challenge,
but I'm trying to wear most if not all untrieds these days
so I opted for something else...
 This Gothic Gala Odin
with water decals from Pueen that I got on Amazon.
Here's your obligatory sun pic.
 Under black light...
...and in the dark!
Yeah, these water decals glow in da dark.
I just cant help myself! LOL
>^. .^<
Ciri Spam!
 Gotta shake da bubbles into submission.
 Pop pop pop pop pop pop...pop!
Lick lick lick...bubbles taste yummy!
For drama free holographic fun,
go check out Fingers Freakin Holo Freaks on Facebook!
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~ Inky

Friday, April 25, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Had To Have It, Still Haven't Worn It!

Hello Dahlings!
Oh the irony!
Today's mani uses the most bottles so far in this challenge,
but due to work, it will be a rather brief post. Oh well.
 Today's mani turned into something I didn't like very much.
The concept was simple enuf: do a 2 color gradient
with a duo shimmer topper & a fimo embellishment.
I don't blame the adorable Swirl Mouse Fimo Canes
from Nailiciouss that I was sent for review,
cuz those are so cute & easy to use.
I blame my choice to layer polishes that I haven't used before
for da hot mess on my nails that I've had to look at all week.
 Da pile up ~ Booty Babe
bottom row:Cushy Tushy, Honky Badonky, Hind Quarter,
Lilac Got Back & Fruity Patootie
middle row: Top Shelf, Freaky Cheeky, Butt Or Brickle & Skinny Dip
Top row: Bubble Butt, Loose Caboose & Wind Tunnel
When I 1st saw these P & A shaped bottles plus da fun names...
I was all over that!
(I so don't remember on what blog, I've slept since then.)
So I promptly bought da Purple Patootie, Pink Posterior
& Hella Holos 5 bottle sets.
(FYI ~ da Hella Holos aren't holos, they're duo chromes)
I ended up with 2 Skinny Dips
& gave away da dup at last year's Blog-o-versary.
Da 14 remaining bottles have collected dust until now.
Let the nightmare begin!
I started with 2 no prob coats on each nail.
 pinky ~ Bubble Butt
ring ~ Top Shelf
middle ~ Cushy Tushy
index ~ Lilac Got Back
thumb ~ I waited to see what I liked best,
not that it mattered in the end LOL
 I then did a bit of sponging to create funky French tips.
pinky ~ Loose Caboose
ring ~ Freaky Cheeky
(too close in color & too sheer to cover Top Shelf)
middle ~ I didn't do the gradient on this nail at this point
cuz da other 2 polishes I paired with it were both duos
index ~ Fruity Patootie
While not the best combos ever, t
hey were ok until I added 1 coat of the duos.
Some of da duos were sheer enuf to look fine over da gradients.
However, Butt Or Brickle was too opaque
& pretty much hides da base colors.
Honky Badonky & Hind Quarter
are so close in color over Cushy Tushy
that they only showed if my hand was in da right position.
I then dinged up 2 nails adding da Swirl Mice
cuz I have a wait problem.
I ended up doing Top Shelf with a fruity Patootie gradient,
& Skinny Dip as da duo topper
on my thumb, of which I didn't get a pic.
Methinks I need to look up da work 'brief' in da dictionary.
 Next up ~ Most Expensive
>^. .^<
When Meowmy gets dis cray cray...
(Ciri is on top of da binders on da top of da hutch on my desk.
He's about 6' up & way above my head!)
Thanks for stopping by to see da hot mess I made on my nails.
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~ Inky

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Boutique

Hello Dahlings!
Da Boutique prompt created more discussion than da Drugstore one!
What is a boutique?
I think of it as a smaller scale shop
where I find things not available in the big department stores.
This doesn't mean they don't have stores all over da place.
It just means what they carry won't easily be found elsewhere.
They also tend to be a bit more upscale price wise, tho' not always.
Case in point...Hot Topic
They market to young peeps
who don't want to dress in mainstream fashions.
Think punk, goth, emo & vampy.
Think ME!
(I'm da kewlest middle aged babe in da store!)
One of the exclusive brands Hot Topic carries is
I don't wear a lot of face make up, just some lipstick
& maybe mascara for special occasions
where I want peeps to see that I do indeed have eye lashes.
I do however wear a lot of nail polish!
I like not only the price & quality
($5 per bottle & 2@$8 most of the time),
I really like the lil SKULL bottles!
So I have quite a few polishes from them
& realized that I hadn't worn most of them.
Until now!
 I totally case'd Missy's Hyperspace design for this!
It was pretty easy & fun to do.
 Da line up ~ Blackheart Beauty Moonshade, Nebula, High Maintenance,
Electric kiss, V-day Pink, Blue Ombre & a metallic gunmetal gray
at doesn't have a name on the bottle & isn't on their site.
(High Maintenance is reactive & turns white under black light!)
On da cap of High Maintenance
is da roll of red/pink holographic skinny striping tape
that Nailiciouss sent me for review.
It is SO pretty I almost hated using it
for a tape mani where I didn't leave it on!
Da tape is included with da Nail Art Mixes & da colors are assorted
so every one you get is a surprise! I like surprises.
 2 coats on each nail ~
thumb has V-Day Pink
index has Electric Kiss
middle has High Maintenance
ring has Nubula
pinky has Moonshade,
Da shimmers were a bit sheer & streaky on da 1st coat,
but evened out & were opaque on da 2nd go around.
 Since High Maintenance is a crème,
I want to give it some bling & added 2 coats of Blue Ombre.
(I'm not sure why they call it this cuz it's a fire flakie,
tho it is in a sheer bright blue base.)
I then I added one coat to the rest of my nails to coordinate them.
All this was followed up with a coat of Seche Vite
to get them cured faster.
Following Missy's excellent directions, I
 added striping tape to all of my nails.
I used da tape I got from Nailiciouss to review
& it was not only really pretty,
but easy to work with!
It stayed stuck where I put it, but was easy to pull off.
(Nailiciouss includes a free roll when you buy one of their
Nail Art Mixes with rhinestones, mylar, gleequins & fimo shapes.)
I applied a thickish coat of the metallic gunmetal polish to one nail,
then pulled da tape that nail off using tweezers.
Repeat for da rest of da nails.
I cleaned up da sloppies & added a final coat of SV.
Methinks I'll be doing this design again using gitd!
Next up ~ Had To Have It, Still Haven't Worn It

>^. .^<
 Ciri Spam!
One of His Royal Tininess of Cuteitude's fav toys is
He just goes to town on it
& since I usually get several sheets of it with my Stampin' Up! orders
he gets to play with it at least once a month.
 He likes to see his paws moving about under da wrap.
 Yes, he bites da bubbles to 'kill' them!
 He also shakes his prey to stun it senseless.
 Gotta make sure nothing is hiding underneath...
...and another good shaking, just to make sure it's dead.
Yeah, I'm into cheap entertainment. LOL
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~ Inky

Monday, April 21, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Drugstore

Hello Dahlings!
I am loving da motivation
to use my untried polishes that this challenge provides...
I managed to knock 9 off da pile with this mani!
 I was having me a serious Sugar rush with these nails!
Drugstore is one of those prompts
that most of us easily have lots to choose from
cuz da brands they carry are usually low to moderately priced
& they're more likely to have sales on a regular basis,
so it's easy to acquire them faster than one can wear them.
Off da top of my inky lil brain,
I'd have to say I have more Sally Hansen polish
than any other brand available.
Granted, they've been around forever,
always have several different lines
of reasonable quality affordable polish
& can be found in pretty much every US drugstore
as well as in many economy department stores.
 Da line up ~ Sally Hansen Sugar Coats in Cherry Drop, Candy Corn,
Sweetie, Sour Apple, Spare-a-mint?, Laughie Taffy, Gummy Grape,
Bubble Plum & Cotton Candies.
I did my party stripes by painting one coat 
of da outside colors on each nail,
then going back & adding da middle stripes,
letting it all dry then repeating for da 2nd coat.
No top coat for these nails!
Normally I wrap my tips with da base color & top coat,
but texture polish doesn't wrap well
cuz da gritty bits get popped off pretty fast
creating a tip worn look
before I even have a chance
to wear da polish off thru typing etc.
So I wrapped my base coat over my tips & called it good.
Next up ~ Boutique
>^. .^<
I sure is cute when I sleeps!
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~ Inky

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Freakin Weekly Challenge ~ Blue

Hello Dahlings!
This week I have a blue linear holo to show you.
I really like da Jade Holografico line.
Beautiful colors with a strong linear rainbow.
What's not to love?
At $1US per ml, they aren't da cheapest polish,
but I like them enuf to be willing to pay a lil more
for this great quality import brand.
So which blue did I pick for today...
Like da other Jade holos I have,
(which you'll get to see eventually)
1 coat isn't quite enuf,
but 2 coats is dandy fine for a smooth, opaque finish.
You can find them at both Llarowe & Color4Nails
I added some Pueen nail art stickers from Amazon.
>^. .^<
A while back I shared pics of Ciri playing with his Hot Cat catnip toy.
I keep it in my desk drawer when he's not playing with it
cuz da others will steal it & drool all over it.
Ciri knows where I keep it
& lets me know when he's in da mood for some nip...
 Open, open, open!
 I know it's in dis drawer!
Meowmy...I wants my nip...NOW!
(After I took these pics & started editing them,
he lay down across my wrist so I couldn't do anything
with that hand & wouldn't move until I got out his toy.)
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Want to join da continuous holo Show & Tell that goes on there?
Ask Fingers to let you join da group!
(FFHF is a mean free zone,
da only drama is when we swoon over da rainbows on our nails!)
~ Inky

Friday, April 18, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Indie

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is Indie
& while perusing da other's manis posted in our FB group
I noticed that one phrase in multitudes of variations 
has been popping up over & over since this challenge started:
Why haven't I worn this polish before?
This is da whole point of Missy's brilliant challenge idea!
Polish lovers tend to acquire polish faster than we can wear it.
Bloggers even more so & bloggers that do sponsored posts
have da double whammy of not only having to post
da polishes they get sent, but find da time to wear
& post what they buy for themselves.
So yeah, I thought to myself when I put today's mani on last night:
Why haven't I worn these polishes yet!
 Da original idea to do this came from Sarah Penny Pinching Polish
She was just playing with her polish
& came up with da awesomeness
that is ultra chrome over textured polish!
Why didn't I try this sooner?
Why did I wait so long to were these polishes?
The world may never know.
 Da line up ~ China Glaze Bump In The Night,
I Love Nail Polish Sirene, Mutagen & Reminisce
 2 coats of Bump In The Night
Oh My Gopher!
This bitch stains worse than a new puppy on an antique rug!!!
I got a teeny, tiny bit on my cuticles & could NOT get it off.
Used both my cuticle stick & clean up brush dipped in pure acetone
to remove it, but I still have lil bits of black all over da place.
(especially my pinky)
If you already own this polish, good luck with it.
If you don't, I highly recommend you pass on it.
Get Sally Hansen's Lick-o-rich instead
if you're wanting a black crème texture polish.
It's in da same price range, easier to find & didn't stain my skin.
I managed to find a smidge of sun for all of a minute today.
While many duo/multi chromes need black undies
to get da best shifting results,
ILNP Ultra Chromes can go commando & look fantabulous!
(ILNP Ultra Chromes are pretty much da only polishes I have
that I can skip da nail art cuz they're so fascinating & beautiful!)
I applied a thin coat of each polish over da evilness that is Bitn
& skipped my usual Seche Vite
since tc rather defeats da purpose of wearing a textured polish.
index ~ Sirene
This one is my fav of da bunch!
A dark teal that shifts to a dark steel blue & vampy purple plum.
middle ~ mutagen
I can see why Missy loves this polish so much!
It goes from a sage green to a pinkish bronze.
ring ~ Reminisce
I mostly got a bright green to a yellow gold with this one.
Not my fav, but I'll give it another go someday.
Next up ~ Drugstore
>^. .^<
While I was outside t
rying to capture the color shifts on my nails,
Lil Miss Bandita came by for a visit.
She is SO tiny! Even smaller than Ciri.
She was also in heat recently,
so I expect her lil belly to start swelling soon.
No, I won't be adopting any of her babies!
I have 4 furbabies & a hubby that would not thank me
for bringing another cat into da house.
But I won't mind playing with them
if she brings them by for a visit!
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~ Inky