Monday, September 29, 2014

Crumpet's Nail Tarts Pick N Mix 52 Week Challenge!!!

 Hello Dahlings!
Today is the 1st day of Crumpet's Nail Tarts
52 Week Pink N Mix Challenge!
What does this mean?
Every week the group has 2 prompts to play with,
one is a technique or theme
da other is a color or several colors
that are untried or haven't been worn in ages.
We can do them as 2 separate posts
or combine them into one mani.
My hope is to combine each week's prompts
into one mani & post.
We'll see what happens!
Da prompts for week 1 are a two color gradient & teal.
 I started with 2 thin, cuticle flooding coats of Orly Pretty Ugly.
It looks pretty enuf, but the application is fugly for sure.
 I sponged on Orly Teal Unreal.
It took several sponged coats to get it to mostly opaque.
It wasn't as bad as PU, but if I ever do a purge...
both of these can go.
 I decided to try a new for me method of DIY decals.
I stamped this image from Cheeky Jumbo Plate 4
using Mentality Black stamping polish
onto my rectangular squishie stamper & let it dry there.
I then dabbed Cutting Edge Nails Ocean Pearl into da image.
Once that dried, I added a coat of clear polish & let that dry.
I then painted a coat of clear polish on my finger,
applied my decal & trimmed da edges.
Acetone & my clean up brush took care of da stray bits of decal.
I sealed this meh mess in with a coat of Seche Vite.
Da line up ~ Orly Pretty Ugly & Teal Unreal,
Mentality Black Opaque, & Cutting Edge Ocean Pearl.
Next week ~ 3 color gradient & pink!
>^. .^<
I'se going to help, Meowmy!
Thanks for stopping by
& please visit the other Tarts!
~ Inky

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish ~ going dotty with Holo Be Thy Name

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have for you da mani I did on my left hand
when my right hand was sporting da chevron mani.
I went a lil dotty with a few The Devil Wears Polish 
core colors & a dotting tool.
(I sealed in da fun with a coat of Seche Vite.)
If you've been hunting for a good white linear holo...
Lily Of The Valley is for you!
All 3 are buttery smooth to apply,
wear like a dream & are GORGEOUS!!!
This is 2 coats of Holo Be Thy Name.
So do yourself a favor
& high tail it over to
Tami has reopened the store to all comers
& RIGHT NOW she's offering
20% off select polishes
when you add FALL20 in da coupon box during checkout.
(I think da prototypes are exempt, but da rest qualify.)
>^. .^<
Meowmy? Why it so hot?
(These pics are from several weeks ago
when our temps were still in da 70's at night
which is way too stinkin hot to sleep
when you don't have air conditioning.)
I just gonna sprawl here
in front of da fan
until it stops being icky.
Stay chill dahlings & thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not So Weird Wednesday ~ The Devil Wears Polish Powder Puff Pink

Hello Dahlings!
Today's mani isn't all that weird
unless you count me wearing a pastel as
strange, odd & peculiar.
 This is 2 sweet coats of The Devil Wears Polish Powder Puff Pink
Da fun thing about this polish
(besides its in your face rainbows)
is that it can look either pretty pastel pink
or pretty pastel lavender.
It's a 2fer!
It isn't a color shifting polish.
It's just one of those colors
that's right on the edge between 2 defined colors
& how da eye sees it depends on da light at hand.
 I wore this mani at da same time I wore No More Butterflies
I continued da butterfly theme
with a dif set of Pueen gitd water decals.
 Your gratuitous sun pic!
 Yep! These be gitd decals.
>^. .^<
So y'all know how if Mr Inky is eating,
especially something like yogurt,
Ciri is going to want his tribute...
 ...but Asian jello? WANT!
 Dat ain't yogurt!
 It smells ok...
 ...I guess it tastes ok...
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Late Monday Quickie ~ Anonymous Lacquer Pinkini

Hello Dahlings!
Where da hell does the time go?
Oh's yesterday's quickie for y'all...
 This is 2 luscious coats of Anonymous Lacquer Pinkini
It's SO bright & blingy!!!
 Me being me, I added these dahling Black Cat Water Decals
If you haven't tried water decals yet
what da heck are you waiting for?
They are SO easy to apply AND remove.
Unlike many nail art stickers that have that pesky plastic layer
that requires one to grab tweezers
to peel them off after one's tc is removed,
water decals dissolve in acetone just like polish.
No muss, no fuss!
I added a coat of Seche Vite to seal da goodness in
& my hands actually matched for 2 days.
(I had a Stamp Camp last Saturday & it distracts da campers
when my hands are painted with 2 different manis.) 
So go get your self some awesome Anonymous Lacquer for your nails
& decorate them with water decals from She Sells Seashells!
>^. .^<
Last month, I noticed Ciri napping on the patio table
& decided to see how close I could get
before he woke up...
 I started about 15 feet away on the deck.
 I'm maybe 5 feet away & he's still out cold.
 Now I'm across the table from his Royal Tininess.
He looks SO adorable all curled up with his back feet crossed!
(can I get an Awwwwww!)
 Oh! Wait for it...
Hai Meowy...what you doing?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish ~ Cranberry Crush Red Velvet Cake

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have a fun lil mani that was easy to do
& finger lickin good lookin!
A piece of Red Velvet Cake anyone?
Da line up ~ The Devil Wears Polish Cranberry Crush & Opalescence
I used both ends of a dotting tool to add creamy white
rainbow filled frosting to my red velvet cake tips.
(Alas, Opalescence is no longer available.)
 This is 2 coats of finger lickin yumminess aka Cranberry Crush
Have you ever had a Crush soda?
They make really yummy fruit flavors like pineapple
& strawberry along with the traditional orange.
Doesn't Cranberry Crush sound like it would make a yummy soda?
I bet it would be almost as good as this polish!
A sun pic while I could still get them.
Alas, our gray skies have returned.
We may still get a few more sunny days,
but for da most part my getting outdoor sun pics
 is pretty much over until next April or so.
>^. .^<
 You painted your claws again?
Those look nummy...I wants a nibble!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Simples Week 11 ~ Gradient

Hello Dahlings!
Yes, I'm a bit behind this week.
Between procrastinating over stamp camp prep
& my teeth giving me a hard time,
I just haven't felt like doing much at all.
I've even felt too guilty & in pain to paint my nails!
(oh da horrors!)
But I did get this week's Simples assignment done
& I have started on my prep.
(after getting this posted I'll be sitting down
to a 6+ hour Netflix marathon of movies
while I cut cardstock until either my hands fall off
or I get all 4 cards done. It could happen!)
On to da nails!
For week 11, Debbie has us doing Gradients.
She made this awesome TUTORIAL VIDEO
where she shows us how to do gradients 5 different ways!
Yet, with all this new technique info available
I did mine da same way I always do
cuz I just wasn't up thinking all that much.
 I did okay, all things considered.
I went with da basic rainbow thing using red, yellow & blue
in the hope that they'd blend enuf to make all da colors.
I needed to bounce more but my bouncer was too tired.
& Cranberry Crush along with da bit of cosmetic sponge I used
held in reverse grip tweezers.
(all 3 are from da Fall Preview Collection)
I trim my sponges down to pieces that are about 1/4" wide
by a little less than da length of my ring finger nail.
This gives me room to bounce up & down da nail as well as side to side
without making a big ole mess on da skin around da nail.

 This is 2 easy peasy nice & easy coats of Cornucopia
It has these itty bitty flecks of pinkish purple
that my camera refused to see
but it gives this lovely warm gold a bit of flash
along with da subtle rainbow.

 Sun pic!
Tho' getting sun pics when wearing holos is a good thing,
I've never liked my pics with my palm showing,
but I don't always have something suitable on hand to hold.
So I took a piece of self-adhesive black felt
& wrapped it around an empty TP tube
that I flattened into a long oval shape
that fits under my fingers nicely
& gives me a backdrop for sun pic manis.
Not my best gradient ever, but it does da job.
>^. .^<

 Hi Meowmy!

I'se gonna nap now.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish ~ No More Butterflies!

Hello Dahlings!
This is it!
Da post you've been waiting for
 You're gazing adoringly upon 2 luscious light teal layers w/o tc.
Look at that color!
Look at those rainbows!
This LE charity beauty is still available!
It's only $12US with $2 going to TEF No More Butterflies program
plus NO SHIPPING in da USA!!!
Deets on da polish & links for da The Epilepsy Foundation
I had to add some butterflies to this mani...
...& a butterfly busting love fairy!
The Epilepsy Foundation
helps kids with epilepsy & their families
feel better about going to school
by teaching da school staff
how to best help a person having a seizure.
This helps give peace of mind to both
da kids & their families!
 I had to get a sun pic while da getting was good...
...and yeah, they gitd!
You have to join da The Devil Wears Polish FB group
to order this yummy polish & Tami's other drool worth pretties
You know you want this polish!
What are you waiting for?
won't be available much longer!
>^. .^<
I'm not sure what da ottoman did to Ciri...
 ...but beating da shiz out of it...
 ...seems to be important...
...cats can be so silly!
Thanks for stopping by
& supporting The Epilepsy Foundation
No More Butterflies program
thru your purchase of
The Devil Wears Polish
~ Inky

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Time for New Hair & Nails to Match!

Hello Dahlings!

Yes, it's that time again where I show you my latest dye job
& da mani I did to match it.

I do have to say that I wasn't as happy with this hair
as I've been with my previous dye jobs.
I blame Color Jam 2 Purple Passion
cuz that shiz ain't purple, it's red plum leaning maroon!

I still have 2 shades of pink & 2 shades of blue left over
from my annual summer multi-color dye left-overs fest.
Da purple from that dye job had pretty much faded out
& I had da usual 1" or so of grow out.

I bleached my fringe roots.
I applied Ion Brights Lavender to the top, sides & back fringe.
I applied Color Jam 2 Purple Passion
to da front & side fringes along with da back.

This is what I got...
...da left side...

 ...& da right side.
Da plumy maroon just ruins it for me.
I've decided to live with it for a week
& if it still bugs me I'll over dye da whole mess
with something else...maybe Electric Blue?

At least my nails turned out better!

 On my left hand I applied 2 buttery smooth coats of
I is in lurv with this dark blue violet 
rainbow fest of bountiful beauty!
(shown with one coat of Seche Vite)

 On my right hand I applied 2 coats of
(shown with 1 coat of Seche Vite)
My Ultimate Lemming for almost a year
has been a neon purple linear holo polish.
When XOXO, Jen sent me a pic of this polish
I dang near wet my knickers
& rushed off to buy me a bottle!
The color is EXACTLY what I wanted!!!
Alas, the formula was not.
I added thinner twice & that only got me
to the consistency of house paint.
(if you add too much thinner
you can cause the polish to fail in a horrible,
not wearable way, so be careful when using it)
So I added a lil clear, non-fast drying polish
& that at least thinned it enuf that I could get a 2nd coat on
w/o pulling off da previous gloppiesque coat.
It's still thicker than I like, but it's now wearable.
*le sigh*
I figures that when I finally get my paws on my ultimate lemming,
it's less than perfect.
I ordered 2 other polishes with Electric Violet
& hope they aren't as persnickety to apply.
A plus for the vendor is that one of those other bottles
got decapitated by da USPS
(toopid was well wrapped)
& she replaced it pronto.
On to da nail art!

I used Kleancolor Metallic Fuchsia
with da large cable knit design
in da upper left corner of Vivid Lacquer plate VL 025
to stamp over Autumn Nights.
I used Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire
with da 2nd down on da left design
from Vivid Lacquer plate VL 026
to stamp over Electric Violet.
I like to wear a cozy sweater on those crisp Autumn Nights, don't you?
Funky & fun!
(My dentist liked this mani!
She told me so right before she pinned me to da chair
for over 2 hours as she filled 4 cavities. Blerg.)
If I redo my hair, I'll show you.
I haven't decided yet...
>^. .^<
 You should take care of your fangs, like I do, Meowmy!
A good chewing on catnip keeps dem clean
& makes me a happy Ciri.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky