Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Quickie ~ The Devil Wears Polish...Dang!

Hello Dahlings!
Are my US readers having bbqs, picnics & other Labor Day fun?
I sure hope so!
Yesterday was Mr. Inky & mine's 24th wedding anniversary
& tonight we're going to my fav foodie spot for dinner.
We haven't been there since my birthday
& I've been craving me some of their noms!
So what am I wearing on mah nails
for this most delightful of culinary adventures?

This is 2 flawless yummilicious coats of purple ecstasy.
I LOVE da blue violet flash inside da rainbows! 

 Yeah, I had to add a lil something
cuz wearing just one polish blingless
just isn't me, ya' know?

 Look at those beautiful rainbows in da sun!

You had to know this was coming!
I can't remember if these gitd cat water decals
are from Pueen thru Amazon
or from the Born Pretty Store, but both have them.

Have you ordered your bottle of No More Butterflies?
You only have until this Friday, September 5th!!!
All you gotta do is join The Devil Wears Polish FB group
Then go order No More Butterflies & all da other beauties
It's a no snark zone group
that's all about Tami's droolicious polishes.
(Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!)
>^. .^<

Ciri wishes he could go to da Blind Pig with us
or at least bring him a kitty bag.
Alas, we tend to chow it all down,
but maybe Mr Inky will let him have a lil yogurt
to make up for da disappointment?
It could happen!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Oh, that is by far some of my favourite nail art to be seen on this site yet! I loved the colour, it was so neon and perfectly glittering and just wow! Purple <3 And then the cats on top (white was definitely the right colour) it just looked so good :) Too great!

    I hope you guys had an awesome anniversary as well :D

  2. That polish is HOT, and the kitties make it very cool. ;-)

    1. Yes it is! GITD water decals are pretty nifty. LOL

  3. It like a purple holo thats gotten trippy ion drugs!! You didn't tell me it was your anniversary!

    1. Yes it is! It didn't cross my mind to make a big deal out of it beyond mentioning it here. LOL


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