Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weird Wednesday ~ Strike 1 2 3...NAIL FAIL!

Hello Dahlings!

I did not see this coming...
it's not that I'm so all that
that I can't make mistakes.
I make them all the time!
I just haven't had a nail fail of these proportions
in a rather long time.

 This is the site pic (taken underwater)
(If the page looks weird,
that's just StorEnvy being it's wonked self.)
It's a gorgeous multi chrome!

Strike 1: After applying black undies
(Ruby Kisses Pitch Black Darkness)
I only applied 1 coat of Nuclear Sunset.
I should have gone with 2
so da color would be deeper
& maybe show better.

Strike 2: This one isn't so much on me...
the sun went into to hiding for several days.
In the past I've gotten some decent multi chrome pics
by taking them in indirect light on a sunny day.
Mo matter what kind of other light I tried,
I couldn't get a good swatch pic...

 Ott & LED

 Ott with camera flash

gray day indirect near window
(this one almost works)
indirect from across da room & around a corner

So I decided to compound my errors
& try some nail are using She Sells Seashells
What could possibly go wrong?
I've successfully used them on several manis.
I added a coat of PBD to my ring & index nails
then applied da Fish Scale Full Nail stencil to ring
& da Unicorn sticker/stencil to index
I found trimming da full nail stencils
helps to get them to lie flat on da nail.
Then I added a coat of Nuclear Sunset to both nails...
Let me clarify that last step...
Strike 3: I applied da NS on my ring starting at da cuticle
(like you do),
however, I then got distracted for like a minute
by something on da telly
& this was long enuf for NS to start drying.
I then peeled da stencil off
starting at da tip of da nail.
So da tip came out fine,
but up by da cuticle
da dry-ish polish stuck to da stencil
& this made da stencil tear off in bits
rather than one piece.
I had to use tweezers to get da bits of vinyl off.
(note to self: when removing nail art stencils,
do it asap after applying polish
& pull them off from da same end
da polish is 1st applied to
or suffer embarrassing failure!)
As you can almost see,
I managed to pay attention
& properly remove da stencil
when doing da unicorn.
What happened to me was all my own fault
for not paying attention.
Da polish works great & so do da stencils! 
Oh well, if I can't be a good example,
I'll settle for being a horrible warning.
>^. .^<
As long as I'm showing you awkward things...
 Really Ziggy? That cannot be comfortable!
This pic just looks so wrong on so many levels.
Ziggy really isn't a 5 legged demonic blob, I promise!
That's much better!
Sort of...
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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