Monday, September 30, 2013

Butter London Mani Fail

Hello Dahlings!
Dang! Anybody got a boat I can borrow? We've been getting November quantities of rain & it's only September! We got over 2" just yesterday!!! Reality check: I live on a big ridge (not near the edge) & will be fine. If my house gets flooded by Mom Nature, the world will have bigger probs than Mr Inky, the cats & I getting wet going on.
Oh, You want to see how I mucked up my mani?
 Da line up" Finger Paints Paper Mache', Sally Hansen Lime Lights,
Butter London Knackered & Pure Ice Busted
 2 coats of Paper Mache' undies & 3 coats of Knackered that showed thin at da edges, even with wrapping da tips & it bubbled all over da place.
(plus my botched nail art, but more about that below)
Maybe gray undies next time to lessen the sheerness of Knackered?
 See da pretty holo bits?
 See da pinky purple side of da color shift?
This polish has such a strong pink/green shift in da bottle,
but it didn't really show on da nail.
I picked da pink & green polishes to match da colors of da shift, but both were so sheer that I thought white dots under da double dots would didn't.
I had such high hopes for this lemming!
Oh well. Here are some Cirrus pics to cheer me up!
 I know there's milk in that bowl.
I want that milk. What do you mean I can't have it?
I really want it! (I just luv da paws on da belly! LOL)
Victory is mine! (Grand Paw is spoiling Ciri something awful!)
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~ Inky

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let's Celebrate with a Multi-Blogger Give-a-way!

Hello Dahlings!
The most dahling Miss Kristine from Pink & Polished is celebrating her blog's 1st birthday with a big ol' multi-blogger give-a-way & I'm joining da fun! When I 1st came across her blog, she'd only been blogging a few weeks, maybe a month. I was stunned at the fantabulous art she does on her beautiful, well kept nails! So help Miss K & her dahling pups celebrate by entering da give-a-way! Here's da scoop:
Yes I HAD to use this amazing picture of my pups on Leana's 3'rd birthday ;) 

Alright here we go!
-6-piece China Glaze Glitz Bitz 'n Pieces collection
-OPI Euro Central 4-piece mini set
-2 Layla holographic polishes in Ocean Rush and Coral Glam
-4 'caviar bead' set (red, blue, lavender, gold)
-2 tubes of small hex glitter (pink, teal)
-4 mini flocking powder pots (blue, lavender, white, pink)
-6 pots of medium hex glitter (orange, purple, pink, silver holo, blue, yellow)
-penguin files
-2 piece striping tape
(yep, I'm giving away some goodies too!)
-KleanColor Holo Chrome (scatter holo)
-Wet N' Wild On A Trip (creme)
-Sinful Colors Queen of Deco (glitter)
-Booty Babe Skinny Dip (duo topper)
-KleanColor Madly Matte (matte top coat)
-Essence It's Purplicious (glitter)
-KleanColor Pastel Pink (creme)
Ruby Kisses Purple Fever (shimmer)
-Essence Nail Art Designer Set (striper brush & 3 gradient sponges)
-Shany mini glass file
-Cassie Cosmetics bag

-12 nail foils (in makeup bag)
-Julep Freedom Top Coat
-2 Salon Effects
-1 Kiss Nail Dress
-5 Misc Polishes

-4 Wet n Wild Megalast Polishes in fall colors (purple, nude, red, darker red)

-Winner's Choice: Two Full Sized Bottles from new All Holo's Eve collection

-3 New Fall Polishes (handmade) in Golden Fall, Hocus Pocus, Frankie

-Herome Amsterdam
-Hema Teal Shimmer Polish
Darling Diva in Shameena and Ermehgerd
-2 Applepiepieces accessories
-Handmade Ring and Pendant

-$25 Gift Certificate to Ninja Polish

-5 Spoiled Polishes 
-Wet n' Wild in Bijou Blue
-SinfulShine in Slick
-OPI Liquid Sand in Tiffany Case

-Two Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers in Deepest Inquisitions and Watch the Walls
-Candy and fun extras!

And some wonderful ladies have come together to offer a "mystery amount"
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Sassy Shelly
Polish Obsession
Plump & Polished
Midnight Manicures
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Lydia's Nails

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You're still here? Thanks for stopping go enter!
~ Inky

Friday, September 27, 2013

Whimsical Ideas by Pam ~ Georgia Peach Fuzz Waterfall mani

Hello Dahlings!
I was in da mood for something completely different in color from what I usually do on my nails...a palette cleanser, if you will.
 Da line up: Whimsical Ideas by Pam Georgia Peach Fuzz, Ruby Kisses Solid Copper, Nail Fetish Penny & Ruby Kisses Sunflower plus my trusty skinny striper
 3 coats of GPF & it's not quite opaque on all nails.
It needs undies to conserve da Whimsie goodness.
 Copper hexies! This is a good nudie polish for me. The only flaw is da glitter sinking so I need to shake da beejeebers out of it before & during application.
I used da other polishes with da skinny striper to add a waterfall.
I like it! It's refreshing after my gluttonous neon & holo summer manis.
Ciri likes Paw's yogurt!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Stamped Magnetic DIY Decals

Hello Dahlings!
I decided to give magnetic decals another try, but this time do a few things differently. Let's see what happened...
 Da line up: China Glaze Instant Chemistry & Drawn To You,
Essence Magic Wand & China Glaze Attraction
 I only use one layer of polish (with wrapped tips) for base color when doing decals
cuz da decals add a thickish layer.
P & T ~ Instant Chemistry 
R & I ~ Drawn To You
M ~ Magic Wand
 I started by making a base of clear polish on my template cuz last time the magnetic polishes didn't want to peel off in one piece. Then I stamped da barbed wired image from Bundle Monster plate 323 using Attraction. (yes, most magnetic polishes can also be used for stamping!) I then added a layer of magnetic polish over the stamping (one decal at a time) & placed the magnet of choice (I used da China Glaze Magnetix II) under the template. I didn't do da decals in finger order, but by which ones were getting which polish. I would suggest not doing da fingers in order when using only one polish, cuz until da polish cures a bit, using da magnet on da next door decal can fudge up da design you just did.
(If I can't be a good example, I'll settle for being a horrible warning!)
 Da China Glaze decals worked! Da Essence magnetic polish sucked!
I don't know if it's just a bad magnetic polish or if da lighter color just didn't have enuf magnetic contrast to show a design. Whatever. I won't use this polish with magnets again cuz it doesn't work. At least it can be used for stamping & isn't a total waste. My stamping only shows in a so-so manner cuz da contrast between polishes isn't strong enuf. 
My theory on making magnetic decals being easier than using magnets over curved nails proved true. 
I'm happy about that.
This my left thumb. 
It came out pretty good on both da stamping & da magnetic image.
Here's your Cirrus pic!
Where is my Grand Paw? 
Why are you playing with all these lil pebble things that would make good cat toys? 
Why won't you let me play with them?
(I was testing Kleancolor matte polishes when Ciri came to visit me...up close.)
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, September 23, 2013

LynB Designs Mind Palace KSM

Hello Dahlings!
Your Monday quickies is a kitchen sink mani featuring one of my top fav indie brands: LynB Designs 
 Da line up: LynB Designs Mind Palace, Nicole by OPI You're S-Teal the One,
Orly Dayglow & Wet N' Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer plus my smallest dotter.
(da one with a tiny ball on one end & a point on da other)
 I did 2 dabbled coats of Mind Palace on r & t.
I then did mini leopard spot combos with da dotter on da other fingers 
using each solid polish as a base with da other 2 for da spots.
I finished up with a coat of Seche Vite.
 This is a FUN polish from Jenna's Baker Street line.
This is often da view under my desk when Mr Inky isn't home.
Ciri misses his Grand Paw!
(Yeah, I know...I really need to vacuum the carpet in my office. LOL)
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Does It Stamp? ~ Kleancolor warm tones, tints & shades

Hello Dahlings!
I recently bought a skiditch load of Kleancolor polishes on amazon. Many of da shimmers, crèmes, neons, mattes & metallic mattes passed my 'must stamp over black' test! You may already have some these economy priced polishes in your stash, but if you don't...buying them in sets on Amazon will save you on both the price per bottle & shipping. Kleancolor polish has a MSRP of $3.50 each. I think my haul averaged out to about $1 a bottle with no shipping. Here we go...this is pretty pic heavy!
Jewelry Red 76, Light Red 79 & Neon Fuchsia 21
Oh So Hot 257 & Lime Tickle 258
 Sangria Burst 250, Tangerine Burst 251 & Neon Orange 19
Mandarin Burst 249, Mango Burst 248 & Pastel Orange 144
 Pastel Yellow 143, Gold Bright 47 & Copper 45
 Americano 44, Sandstone 42 & Dessert 43
Be Wild With Class 271, Smile Now Cry Later 274, Oh So Teasing 273
& Life In Gold Castle 272
Cherry Mocha 264 & Mellow Khaki 259
The mattes did very well & look like crèmes when you add glossy top coat.
Next Sunday: Kleancolor greens & blues!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, September 20, 2013

Different Dimensions KSM

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have for you da last long nail mani I'll be showing for a while.
The day after I did this I broke da pinky nail on my left hand below da nail line.
I repaired it, redid the nail art & kept da broken nail for 5 days...
then it came off while removing polish from another mani.
Oh well, it happens. I really liked this mani
& hope to do another like it again someday...
Da line up: Sinful Colors Charmed, Different Dimensions Another Brick In The Wall, Color Club All That Razz, Ruby Kisses Black Utopia & Whiter Than White, China Glaze Fairy Dust plus a large dotter, small detail brush, skinny striper brush & bit of sponge
2 coats of Charmed. While its hard to see in pics, this polish has fine light pink glitter mingling with da silver. I had it on my toes for a month with no chips! (no feet pics!) When I handed my pedi tech da bottle, she went to find silver undies for it & was surprised when I told her it was opaque in 2 coats. They love it when I bring my own polishes cuz they get to see something new & see how well it works with out having to buy it first. They also get bummed when I visit cuz they don't get to do my mani's cuz of da nail art, tho' they do enjoy seeing what's on my nails. LOL When I went to get my toes done, I was wearing this mani & they went bonkers over it.
Gotta love it when you can impress da pros with your nails!
 2 coats of Another Brick In The Wall over Charmed. Major love affair...
went on like a dream with no fishing or blobbing to get good coverage!!!
 Here's a blurry close up of all da wonderfulness that is ABITW...looky, holo bits jumbled in with all da chunky black, white & hot pink glittery goodness!
P ~ waterfall using skinny striper with Black Utopia, Whiter Than White & All That Razz
R & T ~ Another Brick In The Wall
M ~ drips using larger dotter with All That Razz, outline & highlights using small detail brush with Black Utopia & Whiter Than White with a coat of Fairy Dust
I ~ I sponged a swath of All That Razz using da bit of sponge then added black & white leopard spots with da dotter. I added dots of Fairy Dust to da center of da white spots
Other than breaking my pinky nail on da other hand & having to redo da waterfall, this was a PERFECT mani IMHO. I tend to be rather critical of my artistic efforts, so if I love something I've done, you know I did it very well indeed. LOL
Lil Ciri guarding Mr Inky aka Grand Paw from da camera monster.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky