Friday, September 13, 2013

Fan Brush Grunge

Hello Dahlings!
Recently, Dionne showed us her 1st effort at doing a fan brush mani
& thought I'd give it a try too.
Da line up: Essence Peel Off base coat, Wet N' Wild Electricity, Joe Jet,
Nina Ultra Pro Punky Purple & Punky Pink plus my Essence fan brush.
I found this in a clearance basket at Fred Meyer's & thought I'd give it a try.
This is one coat, mostly dry. You know it's dry when it's all clear & shiny,
tho' it's still a bit tacky to da touch.
 3 coats of Electricity later I decided this one needed silver undies next time.
 Pre Seche Vite top coat. I started with da black then added da purple & lastly da pink.
I did each finger going in a different direction cuz I just can't do 'normal'.
Da silver glitter bomb  base color added an interesting visual texture to the effect.
 My lil Essence fan brush bristles had a tendency to clump, so I was using da pointy end of a stone picker to spread them back out after whisking off da excess polish & that helped a lot. Another thing that would have helped was choosing opaque polishes. Da pink & purple were too sheer & dulled da contrast. For da most part it looked like badly cleaned up horror movie blood. LOL
As for the Essence Peel Off base coat? Total FAIL!
I get a much better peel job when I use regular old Elmer's Glue.
At least I got it on clearance.
Here's your kitty pic...
Ha! Thought you were going to get another Cirrus pic, didn't ya?
This is my Ziggy Bear. He's 15lbs of kitty lovin' goodness.
Yes, his tail is short & kinky.
It has 3 zigs & a zag. 2 of da zigs form a hook on da end of his tail.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. LOL!! You always crack me up!! Thanks so much for the mention, and especially for the tips! I might, just might, be brave enough to try the fan technique again!

    I love your mani! I LOVE that it goes in different directions!! It makes it look all swirly!

  2. Thanks!
    Humor eggs are my specialty!
    No prob on the mention, since I got the motivation to do this from you. <3

  3. Ziggy looks displeased.
    I need to get me a fan brush don't I?
    first with the bright pinks, then the neons, and now with the fan brushes what are you trying to hook me onto next?

    1. Ciri had just tagged him & ran away. LOL

      Probably. The essence one is $3US & might be found with the nail art stuff in your local Essence display.

      IDK...let's find out, shall we? *evil snicker*


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