Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ Waaa! I broke a nail!

Hello Dahlings!
Yep, I did one of da most dreaded things a nail blogger can do to themselves...
I broke a nail!
I'm not sure what da heck happened. I was reaching to pull a piece of laundry off da drying rack & barely bumped my finger into da wood &...BAMN! Using Orly's Nail Mender kit as an undercoating really helps to limit da number of brakes I get each year,
but it doesn't prevent this type of break:  
 I didn't think to take pics until after I has applied da 1st & 2nd layer of da patching process. You can see da break that runs 2/3 of da way across my pinkie nail under da rough coat of ONM. There is a layer of ONM on da underside,
but you can see that won't stop a break below da nail line.
 This is da acrylic powder that comes with da ONM kit, Kiss brush on nail glue (da bottle that came with da kit glued itself shut, like they do), Sally Hansen's Kwik-Aid bonding glue & one of da fiber patches that come with da bonding glue. I don't know if SH still sell their nail patching kit, but I really like da thin felted fiber style of patch over da woven silk patches more commonly found in da fix it aisle.
This stuff is o-l-d...da bonding glue used to be clear.
 After applying da 1st & 2nd layers of ONM over da break, I added a 3rd layer over da whole nail. Once that cured, I buffed da nail surface so there weren't any big lumps. Then I applied da bonding glue & let that dry for a few mo's. I then applied da fiber patch & another layer of glue & let that dry for 10 minutes. I then added another layer of ONM. Once everything was hard to da touch, I buffed it smooth while taking care to not remove too much of the patch on da edge where da break starts. I used acetone to remove any glue/powder bits that touched my skin.
 I then re-did da nail art. I did better with da waterfall da 1st time around. LOL To me this looked all kinds of lumpy wonked, but I doubt anybody noticed that I'd patched da bejeebers out of my pinkie nail but me.
I trimmed my nails back when I took off da mani I was wearing when da break happened & I'd hoped to get at least 2 weeks to grow da break out before I'd have to chop my nails...alas, I only got 5 days, but it was enuf that da break had grown out to da nail line. It's a major nubbin for sure (NO free edge!) , but I didn't bleed, so it's tolerable. Da rest of my nails got chopped back to near finger tip length to wait for da nubbin to grown out to meet the rest. Friday's mani is da one I was wearing when this all happened & after that post y'all will get to see my shorties for a while.

Ciri is bummed about my broken nail too!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. No. No no no no no no...I feel your pain, and weep for your pinky...::sobs::

    1. Thanks! This happened 2 weeks ago, so I have a wee bit of free edge now. Nails do grow back!

  2. He's in attack mode hunting for that piece of wood

    1. The drying rack is much bigger than he best he could climb it or chew on it. LOL


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