Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Stamped Magnetic DIY Decals

Hello Dahlings!
I decided to give magnetic decals another try, but this time do a few things differently. Let's see what happened...
 Da line up: China Glaze Instant Chemistry & Drawn To You,
Essence Magic Wand & China Glaze Attraction
 I only use one layer of polish (with wrapped tips) for base color when doing decals
cuz da decals add a thickish layer.
P & T ~ Instant Chemistry 
R & I ~ Drawn To You
M ~ Magic Wand
 I started by making a base of clear polish on my template cuz last time the magnetic polishes didn't want to peel off in one piece. Then I stamped da barbed wired image from Bundle Monster plate 323 using Attraction. (yes, most magnetic polishes can also be used for stamping!) I then added a layer of magnetic polish over the stamping (one decal at a time) & placed the magnet of choice (I used da China Glaze Magnetix II) under the template. I didn't do da decals in finger order, but by which ones were getting which polish. I would suggest not doing da fingers in order when using only one polish, cuz until da polish cures a bit, using da magnet on da next door decal can fudge up da design you just did.
(If I can't be a good example, I'll settle for being a horrible warning!)
 Da China Glaze decals worked! Da Essence magnetic polish sucked!
I don't know if it's just a bad magnetic polish or if da lighter color just didn't have enuf magnetic contrast to show a design. Whatever. I won't use this polish with magnets again cuz it doesn't work. At least it can be used for stamping & isn't a total waste. My stamping only shows in a so-so manner cuz da contrast between polishes isn't strong enuf. 
My theory on making magnetic decals being easier than using magnets over curved nails proved true. 
I'm happy about that.
This my left thumb. 
It came out pretty good on both da stamping & da magnetic image.
Here's your Cirrus pic!
Where is my Grand Paw? 
Why are you playing with all these lil pebble things that would make good cat toys? 
Why won't you let me play with them?
(I was testing Kleancolor matte polishes when Ciri came to visit me...up close.)
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. He's like " why don't you love me enough to give me pebbles?!"

    1. We've learned that if we give him something once (i.e. milk) ...he thinks it's his forever & always. So nuh uh! He can't have my polish testing pebbles! LOL


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