Sunday, September 22, 2013

Does It Stamp? ~ Kleancolor warm tones, tints & shades

Hello Dahlings!
I recently bought a skiditch load of Kleancolor polishes on amazon. Many of da shimmers, crèmes, neons, mattes & metallic mattes passed my 'must stamp over black' test! You may already have some these economy priced polishes in your stash, but if you don't...buying them in sets on Amazon will save you on both the price per bottle & shipping. Kleancolor polish has a MSRP of $3.50 each. I think my haul averaged out to about $1 a bottle with no shipping. Here we go...this is pretty pic heavy!
Jewelry Red 76, Light Red 79 & Neon Fuchsia 21
Oh So Hot 257 & Lime Tickle 258
 Sangria Burst 250, Tangerine Burst 251 & Neon Orange 19
Mandarin Burst 249, Mango Burst 248 & Pastel Orange 144
 Pastel Yellow 143, Gold Bright 47 & Copper 45
 Americano 44, Sandstone 42 & Dessert 43
Be Wild With Class 271, Smile Now Cry Later 274, Oh So Teasing 273
& Life In Gold Castle 272
Cherry Mocha 264 & Mellow Khaki 259
The mattes did very well & look like crèmes when you add glossy top coat.
Next Sunday: Kleancolor greens & blues!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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