Sunday, September 8, 2013

Does It Stamp? ~ more yellow, brown, green, teal & blue

Hello Dahlings!
I would have started posting for this series again last weekend, but it was mine & Mr Inky's 23 wedding anniversary. We spent Sunday in downtown Seattle & I was too pooped to post. We rode the new waterfront Ferris wheel (da things I do for that man cuz I don't do heights well lol) & totally pigged out at da Crab Pot. We got one of da big bowls of nommy seafood that had snow crab legs & claws, Dungeness crab legs & claws, large shrimp, clams, mussels plus potatoes, corn & Seattle Sourdough bread. We chunky dunked in that pile o' seafood goodness until stuffed! We dove in so fast that I didn't even get any pics. So I didn't post. My bad...not!
I do have more polishes that stamp to show you...
 Ruby Kisses Sunflower, Sally Hansen Lotus 01 & Ruby Kisses Chocolate Romance
Sally Hansen Vivid 08 & Glimmering 04
Maybelline Mystic Green (Maybelline blew it with this line! They're calling them Holographic, but they're really duo chromes.), Orly Pretty Ugly, Ruby Kisses Tinkerbell Teal & Blues Gone Wild
You can acquire the vintage Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine polishes at
Many of the retired beauty products they carry are available for less than what they sold for in stores!
I've been a serious polish buying ho of late,
so I know I'll have more polishes to test & share with you!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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