Friday, November 24, 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Presents ~ Reciprocal Gradients

Happy Back Friday, Dahlings!

This go-around, we're showing you ideas for doing reciprocal gradients.
This technique is an up-scaled version of a basic gradient.
It does take longer to do, but the results are worth the time!

 The trick is to let all polish layers dry thoroughly,
then adding a quick dry top coat,
then letting that dry thoroughly as well,
before applying the vinyl stencils.

I did not follow my own advice.
I ended up taking way too long to do this mani,
swearing a blue streak pretty much the whole time
& being very grateful for Mildred's Magik
cuz it hides a multitude of sins under holo rainbows.

If I can't be a good example, I'll settle for being a horrible warning.

NK Nails Really White
(I got this at an independent beauty supply store.)

Not shown, but very important ~

I chose these colors to match my newly dyed hair.

As usual, my nails look better with the lights off. LOL

>^. .^<

Ciri & Diva are getting along better,
but we know who's in charge.
Speak to my tiny paw! LOL

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, November 10, 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Presents ~ Animal Print inthe Wrong Colours

Howdy Dahlings!

Today I have for you a mani featuring
an animal print in the wrong colors!

 I went with neon tiger.

I didn't get a line up photo, but I do know what I used
& where you can get it for yourself.

This is a lovely, soft gray linear holo that is both
a solar color changing polish AND it glows in the dark.
I did need 3 coats for opacity, but it was worth it.

These new neon stamping polishes are wonderfully opaque
over both dark & light polishes.
They do, however, dry faster than the other HTB stamping polishes.
Using 2 colors meant I wasn't moving fast enough
to get complete images,
but since tiger stripes aren't always continuous, I think it works.
I will need to practice moving faster when using these,
but they're worth it!

Bundle Monster plates BM-S151BM-XL08

 We've entered the wet season here, no sun to speak of,
so I used Del Sol's trick of putting my nails
under UV light to see the change.
Intelligence turns blue in the sun...

 ...and blue in the dark!
I'm not a Harry Potter fan,
but I am a HUGE fan of Kirsten's glow-in-the-dark polishes!

>^. .^<

We have a new baby! 
A neighbor found her wandering about last week
& as she's way too young (about 8 weeks old) to be on her own outside,
I took her in with the thought that she's better off indoors,
in a cat friendly environment, until her human shows up.
Good thing I did cuz it snowed that night
& she would have been hard pressed to survive.
It's been a week & nobody has been looking or put up posters.
I'm keeping her.
I've named her Diva cuz she acts like one.
She a snuggler that likes to play & just too cute.
Ciri's still not sure what to think of his new lil sis,
but I saw them touch noses & they've been playing tag.
Luna, Ziggy & Jazz don't mind.
They accepted Ciri & they've accepted Diva.

Thanks for stopping by
& please check out the mani ideas
the others have for you!
~ Inky