Friday, May 30, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Solar/Thermal

Hello Dahlings!
Today da Glittah Pirates
are showing off their solar/thermal untrieds.
Uh yeah, I have both living on Mt Neverending Pile.
I don't know why I bother buying solar polish
cuz we don't get all that much sun where I live.
Not kidding!
Western Washington gets maybe 55 full sun,
no clouds to be seen, sunny days a year.
Most of those fall between July 5th
(da start of our dry season lol)
& mid August.
(If I hadn't gotten an LED lamp
I'd rarely get good pics of my holo polishes.) 
So knowing da weather might thwart any attempts at
solar polish pics, I went with thermals.
 4 of them!
This is 2 coats each commando!
Index ~ The Lady Varnishes Boring Biggs
(alas, this one is from da now defunct Big Cartel site
& no longer available)
if you like a subtle color shift, this one is that
a one coat foil that might stamp,
tho I prefer not to use my indies for stamping
would make a good topper with its clear base
& asst chunky black & silver holo glitter
a fine silver scatter holo gives this one a kick in da booty!
 Da line up ~ Black Cat Lacquer Chivalry is Dead,
Polish Me To Go Unorthodox (previously worn) & Phenomenon,
The Lady Varnishes Boring Biggs
 My nails after a hot bath...
 ...& after a cold shower.
 I had forgotten that Unorthodox is also a gitd
until I went for my post Seche Vite potty visit.
Next up ~ What Was I Thinking, Buying This?
>^. .^<
Cirrus, His Royal Tininess of Cute-i-tude is back!
 Ciri loves to sprawl on Mr Inky's tummy.
What? I in my happy place.
Thanks for stopping by!
Hopefully some of da other Pirates have some solar fun
to share along with more thermals!
~ Inky

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Polish Trend That Died Before I Could Wear It

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is a mouthful!
I knew what I wanted to wear for it tho...
Spotted polish.
This trend sparked a flurry of DIY in da blogosphere
cuz OPI only released their Black Spotted in France.
I have OPI Black Spotted that I got on Amazon,
but I've already worn it HERE
There were rumors that other colors might be released
and that they might even make it to the US.
Nope. Hasn't happened yet.
However, Fing'rs did release their version
which I missed in the stores
but picked up at a blog sale.
I don't think she'd ever worn it,
but if she had,
I can totally see why she didn't want to keep it!
(I in no way blame her for da epic fail of this mani!
Da polish sucks & that's all there is to it. LOL)
I applied one thin coat & got more cracks than spots.
Da only hope I have for this polish
is that it might come in handy
for a grunge mani of some sort.
Da minis that came with it worked great!
Da blue was almost a one coater
& da pink, while needing 2+ coats
has a nice shimmer to it.
I used da bottle brushes to add dots of color.
I sealed this horrific mani in with a coat of Seche Vite
then ignored it until I could take it off last night.
(I had my Simples skittle of SH Color Foils on da other hand,
so I had something good to look at too.)
 These came in a boxed set & none of them have names or numbers.
I wonder of this fail is typical of Fing'rs polishes or just this one?
I'm not sure I want to waste my $ finding out. LOL
Next up ~ Solar/Thermal
More beach pics!
 On Saturday we went to Cape Disappointment
Mr Inky was in da Coast Guard once upon a time
and even tho' they sent him to most of da CG bases in WA/OR
to fix their computers, he'd never been to Cape D.
This is Cape Disappointment & if you look closely,
you can see da light house on da tip of da head 
on da right side of da pic.
It was a bit of a hike to get to that one,
so Mr Inky & I opted to visit da North Head Lighthouse instead.
 We stopped at da North Jetty on da way.
This is da North Head Lighthouse as seen from da jetty.
(it's in da center of da pic)
 Standing on da jetty, looking out to sea...
 ...and looking back towards land.
Yeah, that sucker is like a mile long.
It serves a good purpose tho as it blocks da worst of da waves
coming in from da north west.
Storms & even just strong winds coming down from Alaska
used to wreak havoc with boats 
in da mouth of da Columbia River.
Da jetty eliminated a lot of da swells to da point that
da water on da south side of it was almost glass smooth,
while da waves crashed against da north side.
 This is Benson Beach as seen from North Head.
It lies between North Jetty & North Head.
Da jetty is in da middle of da pic, just below da horizon.
 North Head Lighthouse.
It's not very big as light houses go,
but it sits on a high cliff & does da job.
This is da head land just north of North Head.
There's a creek that comes down between da 2 heads,
and there's pretty much no beach below,
except maybe at low tide.
Long Beach starts on da other side of this head.
I think I'm done with vaca pic torture.
(Hey, at least I didn't subject y'all to a slide show!)
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Now please go check out what da trends
da other Pirates missed
or rather don't miss!
~ Inky

Monday, May 26, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Untried Stamping Plate

Hello Dahlings!
I wanted my hands to match when Mr Inky & I went to da beach,
but I also needed to get my Freakin Holo Freaks white holo nails done
as well as da Untried Stamping Plate mani for da Glittah Pirates
& I wanted to try da Stained Glass/Lead Lighting technique.
So what's a lil ol' blogger to do?
Multi-mani time!
 Since I was headed to da beach, I wanted beachy themed nails!
 I used da same plate for all da funky frenchies,
but my ring fingers & thumbs all had something different on them.
My painting inside da lines technique needs work,
but overall I really enjoyed these nails!
(next time methinks I'll try DIY decals so da painting looks tidier)
Da Mentality Glazes were easy to use.
Much better than da slightly drippy Sally Hansen Triple Shines.
 Da line up of untrieds ~ Vapid Lacquer Holo-er Thank Thou
plus Aqua, Blue, Purple & Red-Purple from
 This is one coat of Holo-er Than Thou over white unders.
2 coats would bring out da rainbows better in this WHITE HOLO,
but I had other plans...
 I used 4 of da 5 images on da upper row of this untried plate from
MoYou London Sailor Collection - 05
 I used this image from untried Red Angel plate RA - 101 for my funky frenchies.
 I used my franken I'll Take Mine To Glow, Please? for my undies
& da silver Republic Nail for my stamping.
Why did I choose these 2 previously worn polishes?
 Cuz they GLOW IN DA DARK!
 Not da best pics, but da designs showed up pretty well
as they lit da way to da potty at 3 am in our hotel room.
 I used a holo base color, so I had to get a natural sun pic.
I just happened to catch 5 minutes of sun
while at da beach on Saturday.
You'd like to know what Mr. Inky is eating in da background?
 Yeah, we found us a chocolate covered twinkie to share 
in a bakery on da main street of Long Beach, WA.
Yeah, they're as redonkulously good as you think they'd be.
 On Friday afternoon we fed da seagulls.
We gathered quite a crowd of hungry feathered beach rats.
 Several managed to hover just over my head in da sea breeze
while they caught bits of bread we tossed to them.
Kinda like tossing biscuits to a dog.
 Next up ~ Polish Trend Than Died Before You Could Wear it
Ciri is taking a break while I post my beach pics.
He'll be back soon.  >^. .^<
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go check out da unused stamping plates
da other Pirates dug up!
~ Inky

Freakin Weekly Challenge ~ White Holo!

Hello Dahlings!
Sorry this post is a day late!
I'll 'splain why after I show you my white holo polish.
True white holos are on da list of holographic holy grails.
Cuz Spectraflair is silver
& is prone to shifting the color of the pigments
used to make nail polish.
This makes if very difficult to make a true white holo
with a strong rainbow cuz they tend to lean silver/gray.
This is one coat over white undies.
While it looks grayish in da bottle,
it goes on about as white as a holo can!
2 coats would have brought out da rainbows better,
but it would have messed up da nail art I had planned.
More about da undies & da nail art I did in da next post.
Oh yeah...why is this post late?
I was at da beach!
Long Beach, WA to be exact!
This pic is facing south on da beach next to Long Beach, WA... 
 ...and this is facing north.
Da Long Beach Peninsula is da longest continuous beach in da US!
It's 28 miles of drivable flat sand.
Da mapping stops at da edge of da grassy dunes,
so driving on da beach really messes with our 10 year old GPS!
Long Beach, WA is da most touristy of da lil towns up
& down da peninsula with lots of fun stuff to do most of da year.
Da peninsula is one of da biggest producers of
oysters & razor clams in da world!
They also grow cranberries & have lots of other small farm businesses.
Basically this means lots of yummy noms!
Thanks for stopping by!
Please go see what white & silver holos da other Freaks are wearing!
~ Inky

Friday, May 23, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Untried Nail Art Supply

Hello Dahlings!
Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks)
where nothing goes horribly wrong
but nothing goes particularly well either?
I can't say this week has been horrible.
I did manage to score Smitten Polish Radiant Orchid
as well as OohLaLacquer's new neon holos,
a bunch of Sally Hansen retired previously unavailable Chromes
and 8 out of 10 of SH's new Color Foils.
(Sally Hansen released NEW chromes!!!!!)
Plus She Sells Seashells had kitty charms &
The Devil Wears Polish had an early Memorial Weekend sale.
So it wasn't a bad week at all!
I did however lean towards minor suckage in da nail art department.
 I decided to try applying craft foil to my nails.
I started with a coat of Sally Hansen Slick Black.
I sponged on 2 coats of foil glue,
letting the glue 'dry' between coats.
(This type of glue 'dries' sticky so da foil can be applied.)
I then lay da printed mylar over one nail at a time
& gently rubbed it with da flat end of a cutie stick
until da foil was on my nail rather than da mylar.
I've seen other's posts on this technique
& they all agree that tc tends to crinkle da foil.
However, not using tc guarantees that da foil will rub off.
So I added a coat of Seche Vite & it didn't crinkle it too badly.
 I don't like my powder room lighting for pics,
but it does show da pattern of da foil.
 I almost like how my thumb turned out.
I may or may not try this again...I never say never.
Next up ~ Untried Stamping Plate
(I have high hopes for this one, but we'll see what happens. LOL)
>^. .^<
 I thinks I likes here, in your yarn basket, under da table... long as you let me pretend you don't know I'm here.
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~ Inky

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Gradient

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is Gradient & I wanted to do something different
than just grab a bit of sponge in my tweezers & have at it.
For the life of me I can't remember where I saw this done,
but I did not invent da concept.
 Ta da. My brushed gradient mani.
It wasn't hard to do,
but I really should have used 2 coats of da white base color
cuz I have panty lines showing. Blerg.
All I did was layer da tints using the bottle brush,
making each layer shorter than da one before it,
so the color built up as I worked my way down da nail.
Da last coat was full nail to smooth da demarcation lines out.
A coat of Seche Vite & I was done.
Here's da nail by nail scoop:
Da shimmer is from da base of Sally Hansen Great White.
thumb ~ Vitamin D-light
(It looks orange in da bottle, but is really more of a coral pink.)
index ~ Water Melon
middle ~ Jell-ous?
ring ~ Grape Jelly
pinky ~ Ice Tint
(This one looks sapphire blue in da bottle,
but looks aqua on da nail til da layers built up enuf at da tip
where it started to look more blue than green.)
These polishes were all on da thin side,
thin to da point of nearly flooding my cuties,
but they are so sheer that it won't really show
if you miss some while cleaning up.
These are less expensive & easier to get than da OPI tints,
plus they should work well for da Stained Glass/Lead Lighting technique
that has been popping up all over da polish web-o-sphere
since da OPIs were released.
 Da line up ~ Sally Hansen Great White (previously worn), Ice Tint,
Grape Jelly, Jell-ous?, Water Melon & Vitamin D-light
Next up ~ Untried Nail Art Supply
>^. .^<
I is in my happy Paws arms!
Thanks for stopping by!
Please go visit da other Glittah Pirates & their Gradient nails!
~ Inky

Monday, May 19, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Skittles

Hello Dahlings!
Today da Glittah Pirates are showing off their skittles!
What are skittles in reference to nail art, you ask?
It's when all 5 nails on one hand are different,
but may co-ordinate.
Maybe they're different colors
with da same nail art or polish finish.
They could also be different nail art
using da same colors.
(a Kitchen Sink Mani is an example of skittles)
Skittles are a more random look than ombre nails.
Ombre is when each nail is a different shade or tint
of the same color in order from light to dark
or dark to light.
I painted these on Saturday night after
 my post work nap, so they're simple
cuz I have no brains left after work.
Bet'cha didn't know I could do simple?
5 colors of The Devil Wears Polish linear holographic polish
= simple...
 ...but lots of rainbow FUN!
thumb ~ Glammed Up Gray
index ~ My Precious
middle ~ Linear Lavender
ring ~ A Bottle of Badassery
pinky ~ Elf Kiss
 Da line up ~ The Devil Wears Polish Elf Kiss, A Bottle of Badassery,
Linear Lavender, My Precious & Glammed Up Gray.
Guess what? You can get these fantabulous holos at 20% off today!
(Alas, Elf Kiss was LE as part of da 2013 Holiday Trio
and is no long available)
and $20+ in fab polish in your cart
(don't forget the Georgia Peach Cutie Oil!)
then put CELEBRATE in the coupon box to get your discount.
Now that da sun is coming out to play a lil,
its a great time to be wearing da holos!
Next up ~ Gradient
>^. .^<
Where are my freeze dried,
real meat, cat treats from da specialty pet store, Paw?
My cuteness demands I get some NOW!
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~ Inky