Friday, May 16, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Discontinued Polish

Hello Dahlings!
Between hunting down discontinued polish
& buying Limited Edition polish...
I have a lot of discontinued polish!
(OK...I have a lot of polish period. LMBBO)
This plethora of options didn't phase me a bit
when I pondered what to do for this prompt.
My all time fav discontinued polish line is
that I get from
They also sell on Amazon,
but they have more to chose from on eBay.
(When you're looking at the eBay listings in da store,
be aware that they sell in singles & lots of 8.
Most of da singles are priced at less than they
were when they were still in stores over a decade ago!)
So which of what I think are the best chromes ever made
did I choose for today?
 I went for an earthy Kitchen Sink Mani!
I haven't done one for awhile
& I think I should be doing more of them.
 Da line up ~ Sally Hansen Peach Crystal 67, Topaz Chrome 18,
Copper Chrome 03, Bronze Chrome 33, Amber Chrome 27
& Cinnamon Diamond Chrome 52
(Topaz is da one without a label on front,
but it still has da ID sticker on da top of da cap.)
 Shown are 2 coats each of:
Crystal Peach on pinky
I added a 3rd coat to get rid of the VNL
Topaz on ring
Why is this green? Da bottle is light brown.
The swatch I did on da front
to show da true color looks light brownish.
Why is this green?
Copper on middle
Bronze on index
Amber on thumb
I used Cinnamon on each finger as part of the nail art,
along with my Essence skinny striper
& a dotting tool with the smallest heads
& some French tip chevron sticker forms.
A coat of Seche Vite & I was all set.
  Next up ~ Skittles!
>^. .^<
These are da last of my Lil Miss Dee pics from Mom's visit.
 I no like you on my ledge...I run away!
 What I do?
What did you do?
You gots bigger than me!
You used to be smaller & smell yummers.
Thanks for stopping by!
Please go show ur feels to da other Glittah Pirates!
~ Inky


  1. Hey Inky, I used the same discontinued!!

  2. Sigh...I could kick myself for throwing out my bottle of Sally Hansen Chrome...It was years ago, before the polish mania set in, and before I knew how to deal with the flaws on my nails. The chrome would show the flaws, and I gave up. Now I understand it wasn't the polish's fault, I just never used basecoat back then!

    1. I know what you mean! I've had Titanium Chrome since it was in stores & almost chucked it several times over the years cuz I didn't know how to make it look right. I'm glad I didn't & I'm glad I could get so many more. Harry must have found a secret stash of chromes somewhere cuz he had several colors listed last week that weren't there last time I ho'd at Cassie Cosmetics.


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