Monday, May 26, 2014

Freakin Weekly Challenge ~ White Holo!

Hello Dahlings!
Sorry this post is a day late!
I'll 'splain why after I show you my white holo polish.
True white holos are on da list of holographic holy grails.
Cuz Spectraflair is silver
& is prone to shifting the color of the pigments
used to make nail polish.
This makes if very difficult to make a true white holo
with a strong rainbow cuz they tend to lean silver/gray.
This is one coat over white undies.
While it looks grayish in da bottle,
it goes on about as white as a holo can!
2 coats would have brought out da rainbows better,
but it would have messed up da nail art I had planned.
More about da undies & da nail art I did in da next post.
Oh yeah...why is this post late?
I was at da beach!
Long Beach, WA to be exact!
This pic is facing south on da beach next to Long Beach, WA... 
 ...and this is facing north.
Da Long Beach Peninsula is da longest continuous beach in da US!
It's 28 miles of drivable flat sand.
Da mapping stops at da edge of da grassy dunes,
so driving on da beach really messes with our 10 year old GPS!
Long Beach, WA is da most touristy of da lil towns up
& down da peninsula with lots of fun stuff to do most of da year.
Da peninsula is one of da biggest producers of
oysters & razor clams in da world!
They also grow cranberries & have lots of other small farm businesses.
Basically this means lots of yummy noms!
Thanks for stopping by!
Please go see what white & silver holos da other Freaks are wearing!
~ Inky

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