Monday, May 5, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Vampy!

Hello Dahlings!
The word Vampy brings to my mind all kinds of dark campy fun...
think Elvira, think The Rocky Horror Picture Show...
With that thought in mind, this is what I did for today's mani...
 The Lady Varnishes Antici...
Both are from da RHPS Collection that has since sold out & been retired.
(Sorry! This is bound to happen when digging up
from da bottom of da Never Ending Pile.)
 Da line up ~ Nabi Metallic Wine Red 143,
TLV Antici... & ...Pation
& Nabi Metallic Black.
 2 coats of the Nabis as undies.
I could have gone with 1 coat,
but I prefer to use 2 just so everything is even & smooth.
I got these 2 as part of a 30 bottle set on Amazon for cheap!
($1.36 per bottle including s/h!)
27 out of the 30 passed my Does It Stamp? test
& I've putzed with da 3 that didn't pass
enuf that they stamp now too.
(I just added some silver foil polish to 1 of them
& gold foil to da other 2 to make them more opaque.) 
 After adding 2 coats of Antici... & ...Pation to my nails, 
I added a coat of Seche Vite then stamped using da Metallic Black
using this image from Bunny Nails HD - D plate...
to create what turned out to be invisible nail art!
 If you look very, very, closely at da reddish nail on da right...
you just might be able to see da eye holes of a skull.
Oh well. All da polishes performed very well,
(Except da black wanted to stain my skin a lil,
but it stamped so well & didn't smear that I forgive it.)
my idea just didn't have enuf contrast to work.
Next up ~ Holo!
>^. .^<
Ciri Spam!
 I want that mousie, Paw!
 No, really! I want it!
 Fine, I'll just chew on dis Velcro cable binder then.
 Can I help you type?
I'll just lie here & be cute
if you won't let me help you reformat dis 'puter.
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go check out all da Vampy Pirate manis!
~ Inky


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    1. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't take the pics. LOL


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