Friday, September 1, 2017

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Dotting Tools, But Not Just Dots

Hello Dahlings!

Can you believe we're down to the last 3 prompts?
Where the hell as the year gone?
Anywho, for this round we're doing dotting tools,
but not just dots.
I did this...

 Where are the dots?
I didn't make any.
I use my dotters most often
to color in stamped DIY decals
or reverse stamping.
I find it easier than using a tiny brush.

 Cotton Granny Panties franken undies
Nabi Rose Pink #23, Fuchsia #06* & Sky Blue #16
Not Shown ~

*I had a fading issue with both
the Nabi Fuchsia #06 used in this mani
& the Princessa #540-08 neon purple I used last time.
They applied normally, but within a few days
started fading in a rather tie dyed manner. 
I don't know if this was due to sun exposure
(they didn't do this in the past)
or the pigment breaking down with age.
I've had the Nabi gitds for almost 5 years
& the Princessas for over 4 years.
The other colors used didn't have this issue,
but I thought y'all should be aware that this happened.

 They still glowed mighty fine!

>^. .^<

Meowmy's lil helper!

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~ Inky

Friday, August 18, 2017

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ End of Summer

Hello Dahlings!

Life in the Inky household is finally settling down!
At least enough for me to do my nails
without stressing over what isn't getting done,
cuz I'm taking time for myself to paint my nails.

This time the Tarts have mani ideas featuring the End of Summer.
I did this...

 Western Washington spent several very hot weeks
breathing the smokey air from eastern British Columbia, Canada.
I chose to do a stylized version of our sunsets
during this time for this mani.

 Over a million acres burned & breathing crunchy air really sucked,
but all the particulates in the air did fascinating things for our sunsets.
This is an actual photograph of a sunset, not a moon rise!
I'm just so glad that the fires are out or at least under control
& that the winds have shifted & cleaned the air.

Why did I choose the colors I did?

 To match my new hair colors, of course! LOL

 From left to right ~
Cotton Granny Panties franken
Princessa #540-08
not shown ~

 You had to know by now that this pic was coming! LOL

>^. .^<

Dat crunchy air no tasted good, Meowmy.
Me likes dis catnip toy from da Crazy Cat Lady box much better!

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~ Inky

Saturday, August 5, 2017

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Colour Explosion


I'm only a day behind on blogging now, sorta. LOL

For Colour Explosion, I did this...

 Somebody in the Stamping 101 Facebook group
posted about the new Sinful Colors LE Hypnotic Transforming top coats
that are part of the Punk Yourself collection.
The reminded me of OPI Spotted, only in colors.
and Mr Inky drove me to 3 different Walgreens so I could get all 10.
Yeah, I'm spoiled...but not rotten.

 The non-existent directions are to apply a thick layer of base color
(any brand will do) & then while the polish is still wet,
apply a just right thin layer of the topper.
If the topper layer is too thick, not much happens. (pinky)
If it's too thin, you may get a dry brushed look. (ring & thumb)
If the base color dries too much, nothing happens
beyond sorta coving the base color. (middle)
If you manage to get it just right...
you should get an effect similar to oil on water
as the 2 polishes sorta repel each other. (index)
Don't over stroke it or the base color could get patchy & pull up.
I think these will be fun to play with
once I practice the technique some more.

pinky ~ base Yolo Yellow/topper Redrum
ring ~ base Mint Apple/topper Rebel Rebel
middle ~ base 24/7 /topper Purpunk
index ~ base Energetic Red/topper Concrete Jungle
thumb ~ base Navy I Do/topper Punk the Town
(mine is an older version without the blue tint)
Creative Shop plate 11.

 Because I can. LOL

>^. .^<

Ooooh yeah...dat's da spot!

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~ Inky

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Ari Ideas ~ Sunshine

Hello Dahlings!

My life hasn't really been  my own to command of late,
so while I did get this mani done on time,
the blog post is a wee bit late. Oh well.

So for the sunshine prompt I did this...

 Sunshine on water

Nail art plates used What's Up Nails A019 Beach Mode

Cuz glow in the dark!

>^. .^<

What? Dis not my throne?
Me thinks it is!

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~ Inky

Friday, July 7, 2017

CNT Presents ~ Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Beach or Animal Silhouettes

Hello Dahlings!

This time, the Tarts are sharing manis featuring
animal or beach silhouettes.
I'm giving you a 2fer as this mani was also my 4th of July mani.

 Party Animals in silhouette!

 Bonita red from the 2016 Halloween set
Polish Me To Go Snow Glow
Blue Cross blue pumpkin from 2015?
not shown

A note about the Big Bling...THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!
Not only does it easily accommodate my claws (when I have them),
it picked up those tiny details & made placement very easy.
I started with using the Bundle Monster clear stamper,
since my nails are currently short,
but it had trouble picking up the image,
I couldn't easily see where I was placing said image
& it didn't want to release the polish to my nail.
I highly recommend this stamper to anyone
who has had issues with other stampers!
Just because I can!

>^. .^<


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~ Inky

Friday, June 23, 2017

CNT Presents ~ Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Going on Holiday

Hello Dahlings!

This time the Tarts have manis for you
featuring the concept of Going on Holiday!
This was an easy one for me
as I went to Vancouver B.C., Canada last week with Mr Inky.
He went to a work related conference
& I endeavored to enhance Canada's economy with my tourism.

Here's are my nails...

 Canada is 150 years old, eh?

 Um editing software decide to go bonkers on me
& create this unwanted collage of my nails.
At least you can see how strong Pure Glow Getter is in the dark.
That you can easily tell I stamped with red
is totally due to the bright glow,
not from any special editing on my part.
All I tried to do is crop the damn pic.

>^. .^<

Le Sigh!
Ciri has managed to get himself injured again & has a Popeye leg.
The good news is that he licked it until it drained.
I clipped the fur & have been helping him clean it.
It is getting better & we avoided going to the vet this time.
Oh & he's totally grounded. 
I don't let injured or ill cats go outside to play.

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~ Inky

Friday, June 9, 2017

CNT Presents ~ Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Water

Hello Dahlings!

This go around, the Tarts have manis featuring water for y'all
& this is great cuz I now has MERMAID HAIR!!!
Sometimes, life just works.

 And sometimes it doesn't.
Yes, I'm sporting shorties due to a nail line break. Blerg!
Who cares? Not me when I have nail art like this!

The Lady Varnishes Buddy Blue, Moonglow & Murky Dismal
from the 2016 Color Kids collection.
with Creative Shop plates 51 & 52 .
While it was quite opaque & mostly did just fine,
the Moyra No 07 tended to be a wee bit liquidy 
& the stamping blurred due to smooshing on a couple of nails.

 See? Mermaid Hair with nails to match!
I needed a break from my usual pink, purple & blue.
Also, Mr Inky found me a hair salon,
so he doesn't have to help me do my hair!
Amber at Salon Smitten did a fab job bleaching
& dying my mop of fine hair.
I will be going back in August!

 Did you really think I'd forgo the glow? LOL

>^. .^<

I has glows too, Meowmy!

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& please check out what water mani ideas 
the other Tarts have concocted for y'all!
~ Inky