Friday, December 23, 2016

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Pastel Christmas

Hello Dahlings!

For our final mani of 2016,
the Tart's are showing you ideas for a Pastel Christmas!

I did this...

 ...and my editing software chopped my pic off. Blerg!
Anywho, I did a bottle brush gradient by applying each color
using the brush & overlapping them slightly to blend them.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite.

 Cotton Granny Panties white franken;
Boogie All Night Long, Feel The Funk,
Get Down Tonight & On The Flip Side;

Oh yeah, the Poptastic Remix glows in the dark!

>^. .^<

Ciri wishes you a relaxing holiday season!

Happy Holidays to All
& May Krampus not steal your children!
~ Inky

Friday, December 16, 2016

Swatch-a-rama time feat. Cuttin' Edge!

Hello Dahlings!

What? Wait! This isn't a Tart's challenge week?!?
Nope, it's my getting out a post
that I should have done months ago.

Sara at Cuttin' Edge released some fun polishes
during the height of the Pokémon Go! craze
& she sent me a few to swatch & review.

I got the swatching done in a timely manor,
now for the review...

 Pikachu is right on target!
This is 2 dabbed on coats over a retired CE polish (Hot Wheels)
& the red circles, black triangles & whiskers
plus the metallic gold lightening bolts & whiskery bits in clear base
with small gold holo circles & sheer iridescent flakies
totally reminded me of Pikachu.
Even if you aren't now or never were into Pokémon (like me)
this is a fun topper that would scream CHRISTMAS!!!
when applied over a dark green base color.
(I did this swatch over a liquid latex base coat
& topped it with Orly's fast dry top coat. No Gellish needed!)


 Aquaman is a gorgeous pearl blue green semi-sheer polish
with a green shimmer & fine gold flecks
that that needed 3 thin coats for opacity
& to minimize that pearl finish tendency to streak.
It's a tad bit persnickety in that you don't want to over stroke it
or you may get streaks, but paying attention will pay off big time
in giving you a beautiful mani!
(I did this swatch over my regular franken base coat
& topped it with Orly's fast dry top coat.)


Glameow is my fav of this trio!
One dabbed coat with it's small silver holo & black hexes, 
blue holo diamonds
& fine gold holo dust with silver whiskers in a clear base
it was a perfect pairing over Aqua-man.
I loved this combo so much that I wore it for a week!
(I added a coat of Seche Vite to protect the glittery goodness.
No Gellish needed!)

All 3 of these beauties are currently available
& I think Glameow would make an awesome New Year's mani!

>^. .^<

 Psst! Hey Ziggy!

 Who dat? I hears you, but can't sees you!

Did you calls me, Meowme?

Thanks for stopping by
& please visit Cuttin' Edge Nails
for some most  excellent polish!
~ Inky

Friday, December 9, 2016

CNT Presents ~ 26 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Christmas Preparations

Hello Dahlings!

It's December already!
My how time flies when one is crazy busy.

This time the Tarts are sharing mani ideas 
that represent getting ready for the holidays.

We don't do a big Christmas around the Inky house anymore,
just a smidge of decorations & stocking stuffers on Christmas morning.
But I do remember when we did a lot more
& one of my fav winter holiday traditions as a child
was decorating the tree while snow fell outside.

 I've been doing a bit of traveling of late
& wore this fun mani for over 2 weeks.
I used a piece of cosmetic sponge to do the angled gradient
& stamped using Creative Shop plate 36.

 I started with  my usual franken base coat
& then added one coat of Cotton Granny Panties franken white.
I used The Lady Varnishes Indigo, Stormy & Shy Violet.
For the stamping, I used Hit the Bottle My Suitor Wears Pewter.
To top it all off, I used a coat of Seche Vite.

Don't you just love the glow of holiday décor at night?

>^. .^<

Can I helps decorate this tree?
How about some birdy feathers & cat nip balls?

Thanks for stopping by
& please check out
what the other Tarts are up!
~ Inky