Friday, December 16, 2016

Swatch-a-rama time feat. Cuttin' Edge!

Hello Dahlings!

What? Wait! This isn't a Tart's challenge week?!?
Nope, it's my getting out a post
that I should have done months ago.

Sara at Cuttin' Edge released some fun polishes
during the height of the Pokémon Go! craze
& she sent me a few to swatch & review.

I got the swatching done in a timely manor,
now for the review...

 Pikachu is right on target!
This is 2 dabbed on coats over a retired CE polish (Hot Wheels)
& the red circles, black triangles & whiskers
plus the metallic gold lightening bolts & whiskery bits in clear base
with small gold holo circles & sheer iridescent flakies
totally reminded me of Pikachu.
Even if you aren't now or never were into Pokémon (like me)
this is a fun topper that would scream CHRISTMAS!!!
when applied over a dark green base color.
(I did this swatch over a liquid latex base coat
& topped it with Orly's fast dry top coat. No Gellish needed!)


 Aquaman is a gorgeous pearl blue green semi-sheer polish
with a green shimmer & fine gold flecks
that that needed 3 thin coats for opacity
& to minimize that pearl finish tendency to streak.
It's a tad bit persnickety in that you don't want to over stroke it
or you may get streaks, but paying attention will pay off big time
in giving you a beautiful mani!
(I did this swatch over my regular franken base coat
& topped it with Orly's fast dry top coat.)


Glameow is my fav of this trio!
One dabbed coat with it's small silver holo & black hexes, 
blue holo diamonds
& fine gold holo dust with silver whiskers in a clear base
it was a perfect pairing over Aqua-man.
I loved this combo so much that I wore it for a week!
(I added a coat of Seche Vite to protect the glittery goodness.
No Gellish needed!)

All 3 of these beauties are currently available
& I think Glameow would make an awesome New Year's mani!

>^. .^<

 Psst! Hey Ziggy!

 Who dat? I hears you, but can't sees you!

Did you calls me, Meowme?

Thanks for stopping by
& please visit Cuttin' Edge Nails
for some most  excellent polish!
~ Inky

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