Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weird Thursday? ~ My Summer 2014 Hair & Nails to Match!

Hello Dahlings!
What a slacker I've become of late!
I can only blame having both dentist & doctor appts this week
that left me too tired to do much else those days. 
Alas, this included typing up my post for yesterday.
My doctor says all is reasonably well.
My dentist? Not so good.
I had a back tooth break last week
& now it needs to get pulled.
Da good news is that its more achy than truly painful,
but getting a tooth pulled now
& knowing I'll have to get the one below it pulled
sooner than later...
On to happier things like my annual left over hair dye fest!
BTW...this post is pic heavy, so go potty
& get a beverage of choice before you start.
I'll wait...
This is what my hair looks like right now:
 I use both Ion Brights & Color Jam 2 brands of demi permanent
hair dye from Sally's Beauty Supply on my hair after bleaching.
I need 3oz of one color to dye all my hair.
Hair dye usually comes in 2oz & 4oz containers.
So I accumilate left overs.
Da good news is that this type of dye is stable
& can be stored in a cool dark place for a long time.
Once a year, Mr Inky & I use up most of my left overs in one go.
This year we used 7 different colors!
 This is da dark side of multi colored's messy to do!
We did well to get all this done in an hour & a half.
Then I left it in for about 2 hours before rinsing & sealing.
(My trick to getting my color to last longer
is to leave da sealer in over night.
It conditions da hair & I get up to 8 weeks of good color.)
I took 2 trips in July!
Da 1st one was with Mr Inky to Las Vegas, Nevada
& da 2nd was to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Both are hot, dry dessert places.
Not my fav environments.
I only had 3 days between trips &
know that traveling by plane & hefting luggage about
can be very hard on my nails.
So I knew I had to do a gel based mani
if I want my nails to look good da whole time!
1st I had to apply a nail tip to my short left pinky nail
so it would match da one on da right hand.
Egad! I haven't worn a false nail in nigh on 30 years!
But I managed to do a reasonable job of it
& just hoped it would last da 2 weeks.
I started my mani with an AcryGel base on all my nails.
I used this method to fill da gap between da back end of da tip
& my cuticle on my pinky
before adding a full layer over da whole nail.
Wanna see my vacation mani?
 I may have gone a wee bit over board, but I liked it!
 1st line up ~ Kiss French White soak off gel, 
Nabi Fuchsia, Purple & Blue gitd jellies
2nd line up ~ Ooh La Lacquers Hypnotize, Serum No5 Lights Out
& LynB Designs 2013 LE Frosty Snot Linear Holo Topper
 After doing da AcryGel base & added 1 coat of da French White.
I then painted overlapping stripes of da 3 Nabi's.
Da stripes needed 2-3 coats to get da intensity I wanted.
 I then added funky French tips using a sponge & Lights Out.
 Then came a coat of Hypnotize.
I followed this up with a coat of Frosty Snot
& then a coat of Seche Vite to seal it all in.
 Yep! They glowed.
I did matching toes (that I'm not going to show you)
& had great good fun with my built in night lights in da hotel rooms.
Lights Out also glows in da dark, but it takes longer to charge
than da Nabi's so it didn't glow in this pic.
It occurred to Mr Inky & I after we got home
that we'd been having so much fun we forgot to take pics!
I did get a couple...
 We stayed at South Point Hotel & Casino while in Las Vegas.
We were attend da TAM conference & it was in this hotel,
so for convenience sake we stayed here.
It was quite comfy & due to smoking being allowed on da casino floor
I went almost 3 days without having to go outside!
Considering it was in da low 100's & I don't do sun or high heat well,
not having to go outside was a good thing.
We did make one side trip while we were there...
 Mr Inky & I are big Penn & Teller Fans,
so we can't go to LV & not see da show!
This is Penn & Jonesie jamming before da show.
 I took this pic while in SLC.
Da wind was bringing smoke from da fires in eastern Oregon & Washington
down into da valley & making da sunset look all funky
plus da air got a lil hard to breathe on da last day we were there.
Did my fake nail last?
I was pulling laundry out of da hamper da day after I got home from SLC
& it popped off like da cheap fake it was.
Fortunately da damage to da nail bed is minimal.
Since this happened I've back filled da grow out on my other nails
& added da AcryGel base to this nail so it can continue to grow out.
I was rather please that after 2 weeks of travel & only one coat of SV
I only had some tip wear on da corners!
Granted I wasn't typing as much as usual,
but I was hauling luggage, pushing elevator buttons
& riding escalators.
If you're going to be traveling
& doing your nails while on da road isn't an option,
seriously consider doing an AcryGel base
or at least a standard gel base
under your regular polish nail art!
>^. .^<
Next time you has to take me wif you!
I no likey when you leave me home.
(Ciri is da only cat who immediately came out to greet us
when we got home from Vegas.
I'm not sure if da other 3 even noticed we were gone. LOL)
Today is da LAST DAY to enter da
So get your tushy in gear before it's too late!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, July 28, 2014

A polish of my very own ~ Paint Shop Polish Disco Paws!!!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have a special treat for y'all...
My very own custom CAT glitter polish
Out tale begins with Candi posting
a new LE cat glitter polishcalled Catfish on Facebook.
I asked if she had other colors available
& after bouncing a few ideas around we went with this:
Meet Disco Paws!
It has lavender metallic & matte black kitty heads,
black shredies & asst silver holo bits!!!
 This is how I'm wearing it as of today.
Today makes day 4!
Yeah, I like this polish...I like it a lot!!!
 Da line up ~ Ruby Kisses Blue Satin Sheets,
Polish Me To Go Voiletta &
Paint Shop Polish Disco Paws.
(normally I would link PMTG as well,
but due to a family emergency, their shop is closed)
 2 frosty coats of Blue Satin Sheets
 1 coat of Violetta smoothed out most of da streaks
 Violetta also does this!
 TA DA! I dabbed on 2 coats of Disco Paws
(like you do with chunky glitters)
then sealed in da goodness with a coat of Seche Vite.
Want some kitty glitter for your own paws?
You can't get Disco Paws,
(It's MINE all MINE...Mua-ha-ha-ha!!!)
but you can order any & all of da 5
Candi has available
or contact her to concoct your own custom polish.
>^. .^< want kitties on MY claws!
You still have a couple of days to enter da
You know you'll be kicking yourself
if you pass on da chance to win a $40US shopping spree.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Freakin Weekly Holo Challenge Combo ~ Orange & Purple

Hello Dahlings!
Today's mani is da last of da
Fingers Freakin Holo Freaks Weekly Combo Challenge!
Da group just didn't get into this one,
so we'll be starting a new challenge soon.
It's all good!
So for our last 2 color combo
may I present my picks for orange & purple holos...
 I did this mani at da same time I did last week's black & red mani
& since I knew I'd be going out in public
I opted to do da same nail art so at a distance,
in poor lighting, my hands would almost look like they match.
 Da Line Up ~ Jade Sunset & I Love Nail Polish Purple Plasma
Purple Plasma is from da 2014 Summer Collection.
>^. .^<
 Suck & kick!
Not sharing!
You have FOUR days left to enter da
You could win a $40US shopping spree at a favorite vendor!
What are you waiting for?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last of da Simples Catch Up posts ~ Saran Wrap

Hello Dahlings!
My bad! My mom is visiting & I got distracted.
So my Friday post didn't get done. Blerg.
So here is my last Simples catch up post...
Week 4 we learned how to do a Saran Wrap mani.
In theory it's simple enuf.
Use a piece of wadded up plastic wrap to move polish around
& create a mottled stone effect.
In practice there's a wee bit more to it.
Debbie Crumpet made a great tutorial with video!
Here's how my 1st attempt turned out...
 Hmmm...da polishes are gorgeous,
but my technique needs practice.
I went with da bubble wrap to do mine.
 Da Line Up ~ Anonymous Lacquer Moon Walking,
Ruby Baby We Miss You & Purple Rain-bow
All 3 performed brilliantly!
I just didn't let RBWMY & PRB dry enuf between splogings
so they blended together a bit too much.
This is 2 eye blinding coats of Moon Walking!
Mildred is a doll & just getting started,
but her polishes are FANTABULOUS!
(I just got her LE Summer Duo & can't wait to wear them!
I also just spotted You Had Me At Hello Kitty...
why oh why don't I have this yet?!?)
So go show Anonymous Lacquer some love!
>^. .^<
You gots new pretties?
Can I plays wif dem this time?
You still have a few days left to enter da
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Freakin Weekly Challenge ~ Black & Red

Hello Dahlings!
I'm starting to feel like I'm firing on all cylinders again!
This week's Freakin' color combo is black & red...
 I went with skinny funky French tips & Jade Holograficos.
 Da line up ~ Jade Magia & Vermehlo Surreal
Being Jades there were no issues in application
& da rainbows are WOW.
>^. .^<
Why you no share your Coldstone, Paw?
You no luvs me anymore?
I gives you da evil eye!
Ciri will be giving YOU da evil eye if you don't enter da
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, July 21, 2014

More Simples Catch up ~ Ombre

Hello Dahlings!
1st ~ Sorry about not posting yesterday!
I've been traveling da last 2 weeks & got home yesterday
from Salt Lake City & da Stampin' Up! annual convention. 
I was too pooped to even contemplate doing my nails.
I will have this week's Freaking Color Combo up for you on Wednesday. 
(I've worn da SAME mani for da last 2 WEEKS!
Fatigue is da only thing that can squash my craving
for something else on mah nails!!!)
2nd ~ Here I was thinking I was pretty much on top of scheduling manis...
then I realized that I hadn't done today's post ahead of time
so I wouldn't have to think today.
Oh well, at least I had all da prep work done for today's post. LOL
 Week 3 ~ Ombre
There was some debate as to what an ombre is:
a light to dark of da same color over 5 nails
light to dark of da same color on one nail
Da consensus was that it's a light to dark of 1 color over 5 nails.
To do it on 1 nail is a gradient.
 Da final line up ~ Orly Harmonious Mess (pinky),
L'Oreal Royalty Reinvented (ring),
Wet N' Wild On A Trip (middle),
Sation Super Nail-tural Powers (index),
China Glaze Queen B (thumb)
plus L.A. Colors Blue Paradise as a topper.
All of this was finished with a coat of Seche Vite.
Originally I used L.A. Colors Illusion on my ring finger,
but it was a dup for On A Trip.
They didn't look all that close in da bottle!
>^. .^<
You left me home? Really?

Egad! I forgot to add da link to da
Nail Polish Bloggers Connection GIVEAWAY!
Where was my brain?
Oh yeah, still sleeping off all da traveling.
My Bad!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Friday, July 18, 2014

Simples FB Group Catch Up!

Hello Dahlings!
Back in May, Debbie Crumpet
started a new nail art group on Facebook called:
Anyone can join & learn
how to create nifty kewl nail art on their own nails!
Debbie does a weekly blog post to teach us that week's lesson
& if needed, she also makes a video tutorial.
She 'splains it all in this post:
At da time this challenge started
I was waist deep in da Neverending Pile
doing 3 posts a week for that plus
Sundays were for posting da Weekly Freakin' Challenge.
Where da heck was I going to squeeze da Simples in
without adding another posting day or double posting?
I did finally manage to combine da Freaks with da Simples
when da Freaks challenge changed to doing 2 colors each week.
This took care of da four weeks of Simples dotting exercises.
What about da 4 Simples manis in da vault
that only got posted in da Simples group at da time?
I have 2 of them for you today!
Week 1 ~ Plain Accent Nail
I was pinched for time on this one
& was glad it was indeed a simple mani!
Da base color is 2 coats of Serum No5 Lights Out
with a coat of Seche Vite to seal in da goodness.
At da time, Aurora Austrailis was in da prototype phase
& Tami had sent me a mini to test drive for her.
This seemed like a good time to try it!
Lights out is a gitd polish,
but I didn't get a gitd pic at da time.
I sorry!
Here are da instructions & tips from Debbie:
Week 2 ~ Plain Skittle
I had a major wet my knickers squeee fest
when Sally Hansen released their new Color Foil line
about da same time as this lesson was due!
 From da left ~ thumb: Sterling Silver, index: Leaden Lilac,
middle: Cobalt Chrome, ring: Minted Metal & pinky: Liquid Gold
 Here's a better view of my thumb.
Da new version of SH's classic Chromes
are still a bit persnickety to apply
& prone to streaks & patching if over stroked,
but they do smooth out to a shinier finish than da originals.
You can find da Sally Hansen Color Foils
in various drugstores around da US.
I found 8 of da 10 colors available at Target
& another of da 2 I still needed at Fred Meyer.
(I WILL find da last one before they get retired!
I will! I will! I will!)
If you like to check out da Classic Chromes,
carries many of the 75 or so colors that were available...
many at LESS than they sold for in stores!
I'll post da other 2 Simples manis I have on Monday!
>^. .^<
I no want you to paint my claws!
Okay...maybe one paw with those shiny foils?
Do your stash a favor & go enter da
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weird Wednesdays ~ DIY Base Coat w/negative image nail art!

Hello Dahlings!
Today's mani & DIY base coat info
is from way back in early April,
before da Neverending Pile challenge.
Da Emily De Molly was a birthday pressie
from my Dahling Polish Daughter,
She scored on a Llarowe sale
when she went looking for polish pressies for me!
I had decided to give doing a negative space mani a try
& use one of my b-day polishes to do it!
I applied 2 coats of my custom DIY base coat
then painted a heart using a really tiny
(trimmed down) paint brush & Ana Carolina.
I then filled in with AC around da heart.
I then did French tips on my other nails. 
It took 2 coats to have reasonable opacity.
I went back with da tiny brush & da Shany to outline da heart
& add da line on da French tips.
(I call this a double line funky French
& it's kinda my signature mani
even tho I haven't done one in awhile.)
 Once all this was dry to da touch
I added a coat of Seche Vite to seal in da goodness.
Da line up ~ Emily De Molly Ana Carolina & Shany 15
plus my customer DIY base coat. (see below for deets)
 This is my go to base coat.
These are my nekkid nails
right after I removed da polish from da previous mani.
Yeah, I have a bit of yellowing from dark polish tho it's not too bad
& I have some ridges cuz that's what nails do as one gets older.
This is one coat of my DIY base.
Da current mix doesn't do much for da yellowing,
but it fills da ridges nicely.
It also keeps my polish from chipping or peeling
plus slows down tip wear.
While my color may wear off on da corners a bit from typing,
I rarely get tip wear down to da raw nail, even after a week.
It contains...
 Orly Nail Armor & Nail Defense
 L.A. Colors Calcium Builder & Strengthener
 Ruby Kisses Nail Strengthener w/calcium & wheat protein,
Nail Hardener & Nail Strengthener w/garlic & vitamin E
(Since I took these pics in April, I also added Orly Nailtrition,
Nail Tek Foundation 1 & Ruby Kisses Ultra Growth
& their blue tinted base coat.)
I usually top off the bottle when it gets halfway empty.
It looks pretty nifty as I add the various ingredients...
sorta like a lava lamp.
I usually pick up new base coats & treatments
when they're on sale or free with a promo
since it doesn't seem to matter what brands I use
as long as I use a ridge filler, strengthener & hardener.
Da colors of these products does matter
if you want your base to be sheer or nude.
I often use pink & blue products 
since they blend to a pale lavender that can help
lessen da appearance of da yellowing.
(when I remember to add them lol)
Why should you use base coat?
Base coat serves several purposes!
It helps your polish stick to your nails better,
thus potentially lessening chips, peeling & tip wear.
It can also help protect your nails from pigment staining.
Dark polish tends to leave a yellow stain on nails over time
plus some pigment colors like blue & green
in cheaper polish have a tendency to stain as well.
It helps smooth da surface of the nail
by filling in ridges & other imperfections,
so your polish looks better.
(ridge filler is my friend!)
It also helps to keep your nails from drying out.
Dry nails are more prone to cracking, peeling & breaking.
Many believe that using base coats containing
certain types of ingredients will help their nails grow better.
They're hoping for thicker, stronger nails
that crack, peel & break less.
I'm not a biologist or a cosmetic chemist,
so I don't really know how much we actually absorb
these ingredients into our nails.
Considering how often I see peeps change their base coat
cuz it isn't 'fixing' their nail health & polish issues,
I suspect that we don't absorb all that much
& that many, if not most,
claims nail treatments & base coats make
are more hype & sales pitch than reality.
From all I've read
a healthy diet & added moisture to your nails
thru using lotions, crèmes & oils
will do more for your nail health than spending
big bucks on products that promise more than they deliver.
So after stating all of the above,
why do I do mix all these treatments & base coats together?
If you read a lot of nail blogs,
you can't help but have noticed
that when peeps write about their base coat
they often love it...right up until it no longer works as desired.
They may be using several of a large number of available products
to strengthen, harden & help promote healthy nail growth.
Some of them may rotate several products
as they try to get da best results.
I started mixing everything together when I realized
that rotating thru all da various bottles
& trying to keep track of what I used
was going to be a major pita!
Plus I noticed that no one product
was giving me da results I wanted!
Once upon a time
I mixed a bunch of shampoos & conditioners
from samples, travel sizes & leftovers
into one bottle for convenience.
Know what?
It worked better than any of da individual products!
My Aunt (who owns 2 salons & did my hair at the time)
asked what I had been using
that had improved da condition of my hair
so much since da last trim a few months before.
When I told her, she paused a mo' then said she didn't know
of any reason why that should work but it obviously did
& to keep doing it.
So I decided to try blending
my assorted base coats & nail treatments.
I haven't had any cracking or peeling of my nails
since I started doing this & my polish stays on my nails
with no chipping or peeling off in chunks.
(I used to have both these issues pre-mixed bc.)
Does my bc mix make my nails stronger or healthier?
I know I no longer have many of da common issues with my nails,
but it may be my routine of lots of lube
has helped more than my base coat
other than to help seal in da moisture
& keep my polish on my nails.
This has worked for me for over a year & a half
with no negative side effects to date.
I can't give you any guarantees,
 but it might help you too, so give it a try!
>^. .^< 
Go away...I hunting bugs!

Have you entered the
Nail Polish Blogger Connection GIVEAWAY?
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Don't you like shopping for polish?
Well...get to it!!!
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