Sunday, July 6, 2014

Freakin' Weekly Challenge & Simples Nail Art ~ Black & Purple w/multi colored dots

Hello Dahlings!
Today da Freaks have black & purple holos to show you
& Simples have multi colored dots for you to see.
Here's what I did for my challenge homework...
 I've gone dotty!
I used 3 sizes of dotting tools to make my dots.
 Da line up ~ Smitten Cauldron of Rainbows,
I Love Nail Polish Indie Go,
Bear Pawlish Ultra Violet
& Vapid Lacquer Pegasus Poots.
 This is 2 coats of Cauldron of Rainbows.
>^. .^<
I apologize for da pic quality.
I had to work fast to even get these pics
& didn't have a chance to turn on da flash.
All I know,
is when I saw Ciri sitting on top of Jazz,
playing 'pounce on da moving thing under da rug'
I had to try.
 What's dis under da rug? MOVED!
Oh wait, it's only Jazz hiding from da booms.
Where you going Jazz?
What do you means I can't pounce on you anymore?
Thanks for stopping by!
Please go enter da
You could win $40us to go polish shopping
Why are you still here?
~ Inky


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! A heck of a lot more than Jazz likes fireworks. LOL


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