Friday, July 11, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Ugly Ducking in a Set

Hello Dahlings!
Do you know what today's mani means?
Now don't get me wrong,
I've had a great good time using as many untried polishes
as possible over da last 3 months or so.
I not only managed to meet all da 42 prompts ON TIME,
I've used 205 previously unworn polishes!
However, this meant not getting to wear very many 'me' manis.
Da Freaks Weekly Challenge has given me da chance
to wear several of my gorgeous holos,
but that leaves legion amounts
of regular, neon, thermal & gitd polishes
languishing in da dark corners of my
Mt. Never Ending Pile of Untrieds.
(I swear, I go into with drawl if I go too long without gitd nails!)
So yeah, I'm glad this part of da adventure is over,
but I'm already looking forward
to da next round that starts September 1st.
So what did I dig up to meet today's challenge?
 This is 2 coats of Mauve Glaze.
It was in a set of 6 L.A. Colors polishes I picked up for cheap at Ross.
I figured it would either be useful or give me lobster or corpse hands.
Who'd a thunk it would work so well for manikin nails on me?
2 coats is still a bit sheer when da light hits it wrong,
but for undies or other occasions,
where a flesh toned neutral is needed
it will be high on my list of go to polishes!
Next up ~ nothing, nada, zip...we are DONE! 
>^. .^<
I've been saving these pics as a reward for y'all
cuz you stuck with me
thru this Neverending Pile Challenge!
 You sure gots a lots of pretties for your claws!
 I wanna plays wif dem...
...I wishes I has opposable thumbs!
I likes dis one so much...I gonna take it.
I don't know how your pretty stick
got all da way out into da hall?
Thanks for stopping by!
Don't forget to enter da
then go visit da last of da other Pirates Ugly Duckling manis!
~ Inky


  1. I feel like these are imposter nails!! ahaha

    1. IKR! Mannequin hands belonging to somebody else on my blog. LOL

  2. Lol! I picked up that polish at the dollar store. When I saw what a great nude it was, ran back to the dollar store, and picked up another. Gotta love awesome cheap polish.

    1. L.A. Colors is surprisingly good for the price! I didn't think I'd ever find a nude that work with my skin either, so this was a double bonus for my ugly duckling. LOL


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