Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last of da Simples Catch Up posts ~ Saran Wrap

Hello Dahlings!
My bad! My mom is visiting & I got distracted.
So my Friday post didn't get done. Blerg.
So here is my last Simples catch up post...
Week 4 we learned how to do a Saran Wrap mani.
In theory it's simple enuf.
Use a piece of wadded up plastic wrap to move polish around
& create a mottled stone effect.
In practice there's a wee bit more to it.
Debbie Crumpet made a great tutorial with video!
Here's how my 1st attempt turned out...
 Hmmm...da polishes are gorgeous,
but my technique needs practice.
I went with da bubble wrap to do mine.
 Da Line Up ~ Anonymous Lacquer Moon Walking,
Ruby Baby We Miss You & Purple Rain-bow
All 3 performed brilliantly!
I just didn't let RBWMY & PRB dry enuf between splogings
so they blended together a bit too much.
This is 2 eye blinding coats of Moon Walking!
Mildred is a doll & just getting started,
but her polishes are FANTABULOUS!
(I just got her LE Summer Duo & can't wait to wear them!
I also just spotted You Had Me At Hello Kitty...
why oh why don't I have this yet?!?)
So go show Anonymous Lacquer some love!
>^. .^<
You gots new pretties?
Can I plays wif dem this time?
You still have a few days left to enter da
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. He's on the look out for the postman ahaha. I've never seen a saran holo manicure before.

    1. Probably cuz it doesn't work very well. LOL


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