Monday, July 7, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Your Best 'Granny' Color

Hello Dahlings!
Today da Pirates are sharing their best Granny colors.
You know, those colors you see mostly older woman wearing.
For me this means earthy pinks
or anything I saw my Grammy wear.
My pick for this prompt has been worn before,
but not since I started blogging... over 10 years ago.
(Does this make it a born again virgin untried?)
 This is 2 frosty coats of Mary Kay Strike-a-Pose Rose.
I even have da matching lippy!
It may be a 'Granny' color, but I still like it & think it's pretty.
Alas, Mary Kay doesn't carry polish in their core line anymore
tho' my Mary Kay Lady tells me they occasionally offer them LE.
Next up ~ Dupes! Match an Untried with a Tried
>^. .^<
I have no idea what he's staring at...a bug maybe?
Thanks for stopping by!
Have you entered da Nail Polish Blogger Connection GIVEAWAY yet?
Why not?
Please go do so
on your way to check out da Granny polishes
da other Pirates are sporting!
~ Inky

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