Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Dupes! Match an Untried with a Tried

Hello Dahlings!
We're in da homestretch now Glittah Pirate Fans!
Today's match up:
Sally Hansen 'Classic' Chromes
Sally Hansen Color Foils
 In this corner ~ 'Classic' Chromes in Aqua Chrome 06,
Blue Sapphire 56, Royal Purple Chrome 10,
Orchid Sapphire 55 & Crystal Chrome 17
 And in the opposite corner ~ Color Foils in Cobalt Chrome 430,
Leaden Lilac 480, Purple Alloy 410,
Titanium Flush 440 & Sterling Silver 490
Polishicle comparisons from left to right ~
Cobalt Chrome vs Aqua Chrome
Leaden Lilac vs Blue Sapphire
Purple Alloy vs Royal Purple Chrome
Titanium Flush vs Orchid Sapphire
Sterling Silver vs Crystal Chrome
(also shown is da Essence skinny stripper I used for da art part)
 2 coats each of da Color Foils.
Da new Color Foils are a big improvement over da classics,
but da same application recommendations still apply:
Chromes are streaky by nature.
Shaking da polish well before use helps
& slow smooth strokes are da way to go.
They dry fast, so if you try to go back & 'fix' a spot
all you'll do is drag da polish & make a bald spot.
Da foils do self level & this eliminates most of da streakiness.
Da classic chrome's streakiness does lessen
as they dry & with top coat, but they tend to be streaky.
It just is the way it is.
To compare them side by side,
I added skinny stripes of da Chromes over da Foils.
Da only really noticeable contrast
was between da Cobalt & da Aqua on my pinky
even tho' they looked really close on da polishicles.
Da rest are close enuf in color to make never no mind
tho da difference in finishes is obvious IRL.
Da foils are closer to OPI Push & Shove in reflectiveness,
while da chromes are more of a brushed stainless steel finish.
(think brushed steel kitchen appliances)
Da Classic Chromes may be long retired from drugstore shelves,
but you can still get many of da colors at
for less money than they originally sold for!
Yeah, some rare colors are listed at premium collector pricing,
but most are under $5US.
Da Color Foils are currently available at both Target & Fred Meyer
(that's where I found 9 of da 10 colors released)
plus other dept drugstores in da US.
Last up ~ The Ugly Duckling in a Set.
>^. .^<
 Oh noes!
It's da sock monster come to steal my cuteness!
 Mustn't let it tickle my tummy!
I channels da power of da Cute-I-tude!
I will chomp you into submission!
Thanks for stopping by!
then go visit da other Pirates!


  1. i'm shocked they didn't just re release them

    1. The new formula is less streaky, self levels & dries shinier than the originals, so even tho the colors are close...the formulas are not. I can live with this. LOL


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