Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Polish Whose Name You Can't Pronounce

Hello Dahlings!
This prompt turned out to be such a challenge
I had to go buy polish to do it.
I'm not kidding!
The one polish I had
that I wasn't sure of how to pronounce the name
has already been worn.
So off to da discount beauty supply store
that I know sells off brand polishes from other countries
that might use words in languages I don't know enuf about
to be able to say them out loud
without sounding like a total git.  
Turns out my extensive vocabulary worked against me.
(I learned to read when I was 3 yrs old & have never stopped.)
So I picked 3 polishes that while I can pronounce their names,
might give most peeps pause.
I ended up only using 2 of them cuz the base color I got
was too close to one of the other polishes when I swatched them
even tho they didn't look that close at all in da bottle.
So here's da fall out...
 I went with a crack polish over white with an iridescent topper.
 Da line up ~ Orly Pointe Blanche,
Cherimoya Pontius Pilate & Fresh Cover Eau Mineral
 This is PP before I added da topper.
Da 2012 line of crack polishes are still available. 
They crack really well 
plus they come in dozens of colors & finishes!
Next up ~ Free Polish
>^. .^<
It's Ziggy time!
 This is my bear of a cat named Ziggy.
He weighs about 15 lbs
& loves to sprawl out like a beached otter.
 He also likes to occupy my chair when he can.
 Now that da weather has warmed up a bit,
Ziggy has taken to beaching his furry self on da deck.
I know, he looks dead or something. 
He's only napping...I promise!
What? I was sleepin here!
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go get a language lesson on words
that shouldn't be used for polish names
cuz nobody can pronounce them
by visiting da other Pirates!
~ Inky


  1. What a nice pick: the brand name Cherimonya is quite weird O_o
    haha your Ziggy is so lovely, looks like a plush!!!

    1. Thanks! He is a plush & so is his mother, Luna. LOL They both like a good cuddle too.

  2. I have one of those Cherimonya crackles still sitting in my untrieds. May have to pull it out. I had the same problem, finding one I couldn't pronounce that wasn't untried. I think it is because the unusually named ones are indies, and those get worn first around here! I love your pet seal! Wait....What?

    1. My prob was more along the lines of I read a lot. LOL

      He is such a cuddle bear! Plush as a stuffy & he purrs w/o no batteries required. <3


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