Monday, June 30, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Neon

Hello Dahlings!
So da question I had for myself
when planning for today's prompt was...
Do I have ANY untried neons left?
 This is 2 coats of eye blinding Ruby Kisses Pink Flamingo
(It really is this bright!)
over 1 coat of Orly Pointe Blanche w/o top coat.
I have yet to have any issues with any Ruby Kisses polish! 
This brand is a bit obscure in da US,
but if you check ethnic beauty supply stores
you might get lucky.
Da Orly is a new color recently released & um...
in it's favor, it's nearly a one coater,
but it was also a bit streaky at the same time.
How can a polish be a bit thickish
& a cuticle flooder at da same time?
 Da line up ~ Orly Pointe Blanche & Ruby Kisses Pink Flamingo
 Me being me I could just leave my mani 'plain.
So I added a coat of I Love Nail Polish My Private Rainbow (L).
It's been worn & thus doesn't count as an untried.
Next up ~ Polish Whose Name You Can't Pronounce
>^. .^<
WTF? Dogs? 
Every once in a while
I watch my neighbor's special needs daughter after school.
One of the perks is getting to play with their dog Rosie!
She's a Setter/Dalmatian mix
& has been my doggy buddy for years.
Awroo? Who's this?
Meet Rueger!
My neighbor's son's fiancée found this lil guy earlier in da week.
I saw a 'before' pick & he was a matted black mop of misery.
So they shaved him, bathed him & discovered he's a mini Rosie.
I do mean mini cuz her shoulder comes to just above my knee (I'm 5' 3")
& he can walk under her belly without ducking much. 
He's a bit shy but once he got used to me he wanted lots of lovies
when he wasn't playing with Rosie.
Thanks for stopping by!
Now please go get blinded by da neons
da other Pirates have you y'all!
~ Inky


  1. Rosies legs are adorable! I've never seen this mix of breeds before

    1. I love her polka dotted legs & fluffy toes! She's not a recognized mix but rather a mutt thru & thru plus an alpha bitch besides. He looks more like a mixed terrier breed, but how cute are those polka dots on his chest & toes? She's decided she like him, which is rare cuz she usually ignores lil dogs.


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