Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Blue

Hello Dahlings!
I've been wearing a dif design & color on each hand
more often than not this year.
This is really weird for me
cuz I was downright anal
about having my hands match
before I started blogging.
When I started doing challenges.
I realized that doing da same design
on both hands wouldn't be efficient 
& I'd have to paint my nails every night to keep up.
So now I'm used to having dif colors &/or designs on my hands
unless I'll be going somewhere special.
I'll paint my nails da same for a special occasion.
Now just because my hands rarely match anymore
doesn't mean I don't care if they coordinate
cuz my OCD does still care!
So today's Blue mani is similar
but different from Monday's purple mani.
 This one worked better than da purple mani
in that I could actually see the cracks.
I used da same crappy CG white tho
cuz I did both these manis at da same time.
So 2 coats of crappy white,
2 coats of Different Dimension Light It Up Blue,
& 1 coat of sparkly blue crack with a chaser of Seche Vite.
 Da line up ~ CG Snow, Different Dimension Light It Up Blue
& Sally Hansen Wave Break.
Alas, Light It Up Blues is retired...
 ...but it sure glows well!
I've been scaring Mr Inky every night
with my blue glowing teeth monster.
Next up ~ Green
>^. .^<
Me likey da back yard!
 Tanks for getting rid of da yucky weeds so I'se can play out here!
Should I swat dat bug or just sit here looking fabulous?
Tuff choice!
Thanks for stopping by!
Got da blues?
Well da other Pirates can fix that!
~ Inky


  1. Light It Up Blue was my first indie polish, so it holds a special place in my heart. Plus the blue glow! And that it benefited autism many reasons to love one polish!

    1. Oh yeah, LIUB has a mighty powerful glow! It's was worth getting for sure. <3


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