Monday, June 9, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ 2 Cremes

Hello Dahlings!
2 crèmes seems a bit anticlimactic
after some of the prompts we've done in this challenge.
That's OK, a mini brain vaca is a good thing!
 I went with base color & simple stamping.
Da best part of this mani for me
is that da LASplash came in a set
I picked up cheap at Ross
& I had wondered if they would stamp...
this one does.
Da rest are as opaque & on da thick side
so I have hope for them as stamping polishes.
Da worst part?
Da CG base color.
Not only did it give me fits,
it got a hair stuck in it
& I couldn't get it off without redoing da nail.
Ain't nobody got time for that!
 Da line up ~ China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle,
Bundle Monster plate BM-316 & LASplash Garden Jade.
I do have to let y'all know
that da formula on this China Glaze SUCKED!
It went on patchy & streaky
to da point I almost needed 3 coats.
Then, when I took it off,
it stained my acrygel overlay. Blerg.
My what?
 I've been doing an acrylic powder & nail glue undercoating
on my nails for over a year
& it really helped to eliminate tip & corner breaks.
However, when I do break a nail,
it tends to be at the nail line
when da undercoat is grown out, thin 
 needing to be back filled.
Can I get an OUCH from y'all?
I thought so.
Anywho, with both pinkies getting uber nubbinized in a month,
I have da rest chopped back to just past my finger tips
& will keep them there until da pinky nails catch up.
This length is too short for my undercoating,
but I don't want to risk more breaks.
So I'm trying an AcryGel overlay to see if that works
as well if not better than my under coat
without being too much of a hassle.
Traditional overlays using acrylic monomer & powder
can help protect your natural nails
until you want to take them off.
They have to be sanded down.
If this doesn't damage your nails,
they sometimes separate from da nail
& this also damages da nail.
(I wont get into da whole bacteria issue.)
Gel nails are much easier on da nail,
especially da soak off type.
What I'm doing is pretty easy
if you've done uv/led gel manis at home.
I prep my nails & apply clear gel base coat
After tidying da gel around da edges 
I pour clear acrylic powder over da wet gel 
check again to make sure no gel is on my skin
cure for 1 minute.
At this point I can repeat for a 2nd coat
or just add another coat of base to smooth it out.
I didn't add da 2nd coat of base this time.
I'm trying dif things each week
to see what layering combo & brand work best for me.
Not adding the 2nd base coat was an oops.
Da whole thing pretty much came off when I took of this mani.
I'll up date you as I go.
  Next up ~ Pink
>^. .^<
 I likes dis big cat TV.
I can sees da whole neighbor from da comfort & safety of home!
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go check out da other 2 crème manis, if you please?
~ Inky


  1. Can I use acetone on acrylics? My nails suck n are always sooo short cause as soon as they get a tad long they bend n break...I have hardners n always wear base coat.....I thought about fake nails but I assumed I couldnt use acetone on them! N nice mani lady!!!

    1. Thanks! You're better off using non-acetone polish remover with full acrylic nails & overlays as well as with gel over lays since they can be damaged by it. I'm using polish remover with acetone & it sucks for removing polish, but worked great for removing the soak off gel base. LOL I've done gel manis before & found I could leave the gel base on when removing my polish using acetone. I just have to pay attention to stop soaking as soon as the color is gone from my nails. With the lower acetone in the remover I'm using, I have to soak too long to get the polish off & it's totally messing with my cuticles. I'm going back to acetone & sticking with it!

  2. I HATE when fur gets stuck on my nail!!

    But love your mani Darlin'!

    1. Yep, fur on the nails sucks. LOL
      Thanks, but it's so not me. <3


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