Friday, June 27, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Dirtiest Named Polish

Hello Dahlings!
If you don't like 'bad words' just stop reading right now
& go do something else today.
You're good?
Okey dokey, let's get this fuck fest on da road!
I use profanity,
but usually prefer to be more creative with my expletives.
sometimes cuss words do add a certain flair
to one's communication.
Sometimes offensive language is fucking hilarious!
Since most polish makers are trying to sell us their products,
they generally try to not offend da majority.
There are however, a few indie brands
that don't give a flying pig fuck if someone gets offended
& name their polish what ever they feel
works for them lil bottled bitches.
Hence my mani for today's prompt...
 My Dirtiest Named Untrieds are both scatter holos
that almost, but not quite, catch da linear rainbow.
I sponged on some funky French tips
with a back end French tip for accent.
& Pretty Bitch Cock top coat.
Both Cock & Balls are previously worn,
but how could I not use them for this mani?
(Alas, Cock is currently not available.)
 This is 2 yummy jelly squishy coats of I'm a Big Fucking Deal!
 I managed to find a bit of sun, for a few minutes.
Next up ~ NEON
(Do I have any untried neons left?
I guess we'll just have to wait & see!)
>^. .^<
On afternoon, a few weeks back,
I heard this thumping noise coming from da landing...
Ciri had a REAL mousie!
He was playing some weird version of cat volley ball with it
& was SO pleased with himself.
I don't know if he hunted then killed it
or just found it dead & brought it home.
I have a strict rule about not bringing 'presents' into the house.
(I also prefer that they not open my presents for me.)
So I picked it up by da tail & took it outside
while praising Ciri for being such a good kitty.
I know some peeps get all upset
when their cat kills something,
but guess what?
Even if they never get a single hunting lesson
 from their mom as a kitten,
they still have instinct to go by
& most cats will at least try to bring down prey.
If they don't get to go outside,
they'll 'hunt' toys & maybe any bug that gets in.
If they get to go outside,
they will endeavor to bring down
any small critter that they can find.
If they really love you,
they'll bring their kill home & give it to you.
(If I had 2 dead mice, I'd give you one!)
Getting mad at a cat for hunting
is like getting mad at a dog
for barking when a stranger comes to the door.
They can't help it,
it's part of their genetics to do these things.
If you really can't stand the thought of a cat hunting, 
maybe you should consider having a vegetarian pet?
A hamster or fish maybe?
Okey dokey, enuf of my fucking soap box.
Thanks for stopping by!
Now get off your arse's & go take a gander
at what naughty named polishes
da other Pirates have to show you.
~ Inky


  1. Gorgeous manicure. Well last week Tiggy brought home his very FIRST present. One of my moms precious blue tits she's been feeding for years. Freshly killed. I wasn't there, but she was apparently hysterical....because it was her blue tit. My sister was standing there praising him up. If it had been anything but the blue tit it would have been fine. BEST PART IS he never even bats an eye when we are in the garden and theres 7/9 eating.

    1. Thanks! GO TIGGY!!!! I used to get mad at Jimmy when he'd bring home baby bunnies, so I get why your mom was upset. Still, a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do.


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