Sunday, June 1, 2014

Freakin Weekly Challenge ~ Brown

Hello Dahlings!
Today da Freaks are sporting Brown holo polish!
I don't wear own brown clothing or accessories.
(OK I have ONE brown long sleeve t-shirt
hat I wear to work in the garden,
but I don't leave home wearing it.
I got it for $5 at a time when finding long sleeve t's
was proving problematic.)
I do have brown polish & even a few brown holo polishes
cuz I'm a polish ho & must have ALL the colors!
Here's da brown holo I choose for today...
 Literary Lacquers Laters, Baby
This is 2 coats of blackened choco jelly yumminess!
Yeah, that's my uber nubbin pinky.
I have NO free edge at all.
*le sigh*
At least it will grow back...eventually.
With this dark brown polish on it,
it looks like a lil choco chip.
>^. .^<
 Keeping my white fur pristine is hard work...hey!
Who's tickling my belly?
 Fine, Paw, I'll clean you cuz I luvs you.
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go drool over da other Freaks nails!
~ Inky


  1. I love brown polish! You must check out G-gal Belgium Chocolate! You can find my swatches (along with a gif) on my blog. It is the most stuntastic holo I own....well, maybe it ties with two or three others :)

    1. I know you do! LOL I don't know if I'm ready to embrace earth tones as much as you & Fingers do...yet. <3


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