Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween's Over? Never!

Hello Dahlings!
For some, Halloween is an annual event that may last the whole month of October...for others, everyday is Halloween. So due to life happening last Sunday & my not painting my nails, I gave you my Weird Wednesday post on Monday. Being Wednesday now, I have the mani I wanted to  do for Monday for you...with changes cuz my inky lil brain is always popping with ideas. When my order of Bunnynails plates A, B, C & D arrived Monday afternoon my previous idea was shelved for another time.
So here's what all did happen Monday night:
 Da line up: I Love Nail Polish Cygnus Loop & Sally Hansen Sparkling
 2 coats of Cygnus Loop multi chrome perfection.
 I love how this polish shifts from blue violet to purple to red
with hints of gold around da edges!
 I made DIY decals with my trusty Milani Glosse' & this flame image from Bunnynails plate C using Sparkling. I had a few flame tips & bald spots that needed touching up with a small detail brush.
 Ta da! I originally planned on doing bloody drips with Sparkling, but the flame image just cried out to be used for some uber funky French tips.
Note to self: don't trim off da excess clear polish from da decals or you will be able to see da edges even with a coat of Seche Vite.
As an added bonus, when I hold my hand just right,
the flames blend in with da red shift & disappear!  
Need a Ciri fix? Keep scrolling down for cuteness overload!
Is that unguarded milk I see?
 Almost there!
Victory is mine!
(I don't know what da heck happened to this pic. LOL)
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~ Inky

Monday, October 28, 2013

Out of Sync with My Self

Hello Dahlings!
I normally love October & all the Halloweeny fun, but this month has been odd to say da least & 2013 can't end soon enuf! I had a mani in mind for today that I was going to do last night, but between Cirrus going after Meyer (again) & fatigue...I'm typing with totally nekkid nails. Blerg. So instead y'all are getting da mani I was going to post on Wednesday. It's a rather long post for me & chock full of pics.
 Da line up part 1: Kleancolor Neon Green 17, Neon Purple 16, Neon Orange 19, Black 5, White 4 & Sinful Colors Glow-in-the-Dark plus my largest & 2nd largest dotting tools.
 Da line up part 2: Nabi Jade 05, Violet 12 & Beige 08 Glow-in-the-Darks
 2 coats of da neons. Da purple has a slight shimmer to it that is nice.
3 coats or undies needed for full opacity with da green.
 Da neons under black light.
Hmmm...da orange & green are black light responsive.
These 2 colors would be fun for clubbing or parties!
 I added 1 coat of da color coordinating Nabi gitd polishes.
There doesn't seem to be an appreciable difference between just da neons
& adding da Nabi gitds under black light. Hmmm...2 coats of these gitds next time?
Now I'm wondering if my Wake mani glowed under black light cuz of da Mandarin Burst neon or cuz of da Nabi Beige gitd?
Methinks I need to do some more gitd comparisons...
 I really wanted me some gitd nails,
so I added a coat of my gitd topper comparison winner by Sinful Colors.
 Looky how da Sinful Colors gitd glows with nuclear power under black light!
Now that's how I like it!
 Da black light also charged da SC up enuf that when I moved my hand out of da black light (into da sink) I could get a reasonable pic of it with out changing my camera settings. (auto focus & no flash for nails) If you blog & are tired of da photographic gymnastics needed to take pics of gitd HAVE to get yourself a true black light! Check your local Halloween store this week thru next weekend for possible clearance sales!
 Ta da! I used da largest dotter with Black to make da base circles for my goofy eyes. Then I used da 2nd largest dotter with White to make da next layer of circles & dotted over them with da SC gitd so they'd glow too. I added pupils with da small end of 1 of da dotters with Black & finished off with Seche Vite.
Fun, fun, fun!
I love glow-in-the-dark polish & methinks I may need to wear it more often. 
Not just in October.
Now for an explanation of Ciri's one flaw:
Ciri is 6 lbs of dang near perfect cat! He's playful, sweet & too cute...except for his obsession with my 7 lb, 17 yr old tabby girl, Frau Meyer.
He just can't leave her alone! His approach is usually playful, but she really doesn't like other cats coming near her & starts to growl da minute she sees him. He then goes from playful to aggressive & zooms in on her all fluffed up & paws a'swinging. Her response is a banshee shriek that I can not only hear from any where in da house but from da porch too & she smacks him hard which only seems to spur him on. She's da equivalent of an 85 year old human lil old lady & deaf to boot. He's equal to a 16 year old human male. We got him neutered, but it only slowed him down for about a day & a half. It's harassment that borders on stalking! Sometimes he does back off with just a verbal warning or even walks by her with out going into hunting mode, but last night he cornered her in our bathroom & by da time me & Mr Inky got there da brown fur was literally wafting about in lil tumble weeds. I grabbed her while Mr Inky chewed out Ciri. Thankfully no physical damage was done to either cat & Meyer started purring as soon as I picked her up cuz I'm her safe place. However, once Mr Inky had gone to bed, Ciri went looking for Meyer. She tried to make a dash under a table, but I scooped her up so fast & tucked her in next to me in my chair that he didn't find her for a minute or 2. At that point I was ready to lock him in a box or something to keep him away from her. So I fed her in da powder room while holding da door closed (most of our interior doors don't latch properly) then put her in da laundry room (this door does shut tight) with a clean litter box, water & a blanket near the heating vent. She wasn't thrilled, but she does understand that this is for her protection, not a punishment. Ciri plastered his furry self to da floor in front of da door when he realized he couldn't open it like he can da powder room.
It was a quiet least until Mr Inky forgot to turn off da house alarm on his way to work. I got to da panel with seconds to spare. Not my fav way to start da day.
He's not like this with da other 3 cats we have & he wasn't like this with my mom's kittens last week. We don't know why he's fixated on her & just hope he out grows it cuz keeping them separate is a pita. He's still a cute lil critter tho...
What? I'se a Kitler & I rules da wif it!
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~ Inky

Friday, October 25, 2013

Wake Mani

Hello Dahlings!
My son's wake was last Sunday. After dealing with various family melodramas all week, Mr Inky & I needed some fun. For me that means fun nails. (Just my luck! Kansas Dust In The Wind just came up on  my play list as I'm typing. Blerg. LOL) My mom & I had swung thru Wally World last Friday to pick up a few last minute things for Saturday's memorial service & we spotted some fun Halloween clothes. I found a Keep Calm & Carry On  RUN! Zombies are coming! black t-shirt for Mr Inky & for me a gitd Normal People Scare Me! black t-shirt. Then mom found a pair of fleecy jammie pants that I just HAD to have! I decided to wear my new pants to da wake with matching nails...
 Da line up: Kleancolor Mandarin Burst 249, Nabi GITD Beige 08, Kleancolor Neon Yellow 18 & Black 5 (not pictured: small detail brush & smallest dotting tool - the one with a point on one end & a tiny ball on da other)
 2 coats of Mandarin Burst. Kleancolor polishes tend to have a wee bit of knock your socks off odor, but the price & performance help make up for this.
 I added a coat of the gitd then used da small ball end of da dotter to add Neon Yellow dots to my pinky, middle & index nails. Next came da Black leopard spots & squiggles using da pointy end of da dotter. I used da small brush to copy da skull & cross bones from my pants. Wanna see my co-ordinated mani pants?
 Ta da! I think I did a bang up job of color & pattern matching.
If you've ever tried to take gitd pics you know what a pita it is to get one good pic. Mr Inky & I were at the Spirit Halloween store Monday night & I told him about seeing gitd nails photographed using black light. He said I'd need a true black light & not a cheap painted bulb, so we got this one . Mr Inky had an unused spring clamp lamp in da garage I could use. Our less than romantic nights of putzing with camera settings in da dark, cold garage while saying lots of bad words are over!
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Oh? You want some Ciri spam? How about some other kitteh pics?
My mom fostered this Bill the Cat looking momma kitty & her 2 week old kittens earlier this year. When the kittens were weaned, momma went back to her hooman & my mom kept da kids. They're 6 month's old now & she brought them with her last week.
 This is Lil Miss D curled up in my lap. Isn't she a pretty lil girl?
Da kids were getting bored & thus getting into stuff, so I gave them a couple of furry mice to play with & did they go bonkers! Lil Miss D is batting da beejeebers out of her blue mousie & her brother, Mickey da Ginger Cat Man, is just hanging out watching da show with his peachy mouse.
Cirrus didn't know what to make of these tag team kitties that just wanted to run, jump & play with him every waking moment. He was fussed for a couple of days then decided playing with them might be fun, maybe, if he was in charge. Da irony of his getting heckled incessantly whether he was in the mood or not was hilarious & we hoped he'd have an epiphany & leave Meyer alone. Nah! He's still pouncing on her as da mood takes him & she's still shrieking at him while trying to box his ears.
He just can't help himself! LOL
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~ Inky

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Adventures with Glequins!

Hello Dahlings!
We've all seen various kewl uses for glequins (as dubbed by Sammy da Nailasaurus to describe these bigger than glitter but smaller than sequins multi hued & shaped bits of nail art fun) & while I've had them in my art supplies for years & got more with da intent to use them for nail art...I hadn't yet. Then I pulled out a Halloween glitter topper & saw that I had glequins to match...
 Da line up: Black Heart Beauty Cursed & Feenix Halloween Party plus Orly Top2bottom (a base/top coat that I use to attach bling to my nails), 3 lil bottles of diamond glequins from a 48 bottle nail art set by Bundle Monster for $14 that I got on Amazon & a metal tool that used to have a sticky end opposite da point.
 This is 2 coats of Cursed.
I had forgotten how much this polish likes to stain my skin &
 nail beds where da base coat isn't, but I still luv da bottle.
 I applied 1 coat of Halloween Party to my pinkie, middle & index nails then did vertical rows of the diamonds by color on my ring & thumb nails. I applied da glequins by painting a stripe of T2B from cuticle to tip then dipping the pointy end of the metal tool into that polish & using it to pick up & place the diamonds where I wanted them one at a time for each color. I tried using my china white wax pencil, but couldn't get da tip fine enuf & thus couldn't see what I was doing when placing bits. I did da base color & glitter nails one night & the gleequins da next & I only tc's da glitter nails. I should have applied Seche Vite to the black nails too cuz the T2B made Cursed soft enuf to that some of the diamonds on my left ring nail got slightly covered with da black. It wasn't that noticeable, but it annoyed me. It took 2 coats of SV to mostly smooth out da glequins, but da results were worth all da hassle.
Look at all da pretty colors in Halloween Party! Alas, Feenix is pretty much defunct these days tho' their Etsy store is still there. Running a 'small' business from your home is very time consuming & can be very expensive to get going & keep going until you start making money. I'm sorry to see them close, but it happens. I actually got this polish in one of JennaFroggy's Mystery Blog Sales & a good score it was!
Obligatory Cirrus spam:
 Oh my friendly sun beam...I  love you so!
Too hot, never mind!
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~ Inky

Monday, October 21, 2013

Recycled Mani Fun!

Hello Dahlings!
Sorry I was MIA on Friday. My son's memorial was Saturday, followed by his wake last night. I is one pooped Inky! I did manage to find time to recycle my failed nail wrap mani that I posted last Wednesday. The directions for removing Kiss wraps say to just peel them off. I was worried that da layer of Seche Vite that fudged up my mani might make removal a pita, but I was pleasantly surprised. I just nudged da flat end of my jumbo cuticle stick under da edges where da wraps were wrinkliest & pulled. I did have to rub some adhesive goobers off around da edges, but my L.A. Colors Energy Source & Sinful Colors GITD base was in good shape, so I left it on & did this...
Da line up: Del Sol Trick-or-Treat
& Sinful Colors Black Magic 
Da weather report for da week was no rain
& thinking that might mean actual sun,
I decided to try this color shifting polish from Mt I-haven't-used-it-yet.
 This is 2 coats of Trick-or-Treat over Energy Source
& Sinful Colors GITD.
It's rather sheer, but does have fine orange
& spunky scatter holo glittery bits.
 I added Black Magic French tips & was glad to see that da fine orange glitter in this polish matched da orange glitter in T-o-T.
Ta Da! I found just enuf sun walking between da car & da mall to make T-o-T shift colors. Alas, 'no rain' around here doesn't necessarily mean no clouds & we were socked in with pea soup fog more often or not all week. This was an easy to do mani recycle with a Halloween flair...and yes, it still glowed in the dark under T-o-T. I just didn't get a pic of it with what all was going on.
Our poor lil Cirrus! When my DIL stopped by with her dad last week, Ciri flipped out at just hearing her voice. He hid so well we couldn't find him & he didn't come out for 6 hours, even tho she was only here for a lil while. It made me & Mr Inky that much more glad we'd brought him home from Florida & not left him with her after our son died.
He loved this lil cat & she clearly did not!
Awwww! Ain't he just 6 lbs of too cute?
I do have 2 more nifty things to share with you!
Miss K's Let's Celebrate Multi Blogger Give-a-way is still going on &...
I've joined da Polish Passionistas Facebook group run by da fantabulous Missy of Gnarly Gnails! Missy is planning a 28 day nail art challenge due to run thru February 2014 & one has to join da group to join da challenge & get da deets. Her prompts for this are really dif from what I've seen done for other month long challenges & I'm really looking forward to not only doing it, but sharing it with y'all. If you're interested in joining da fun, pop da Gnarly Gnails link & check it out!
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~ Inky (aka Zombie Demo lol)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Nail Wrap Fail

Hello Dahlings!
So with this crazy family filled week I thought doing some nail wraps would be good for a quick mani change & with all da cute Halloween sets available,
da biggest prob should have been picking which one I wanted to wear.
I should have known it wouldn't be that easy. LOL
 Da line up: L.A. Colors Energy Source 656 & Sinful Colors Glow In The Dark
 Plus these cute nail wraps from Kiss! Each pack comes with 28 wraps in diff sizes...that's enuf for a mani/pedi or 2 manis with leftovers for accent nails for only $7. (I was just in Walgreen's today & da Halloween wraps are now 25% off!)
 This is 2 coats of Energy Source. This is a pretty decent white polish for only $1.99 (or $1 if you have L.A. Colors at your local Dollar Tree!) & it stamps too.
Please pardon my fried cuticles! I love October for da cooler weather & Halloween fun, but my nails & skin hate the weather change. Last year I got lucky & survived October without any breaks. Not this year. Blerg. My nails have finally grown out from a pinkie nubbin on my left hand  (I trimmed them all back until da shorty grew out) & now I have a patched peelie chunk on da corner of my left thumb & a patched diagonal crack on my right ring. I miss my long nails & will now have to wait even longer to get them back. Waaaa!!!!
 OK, enuf whinging. LOL After I applied da Energy Source I added a coat of da Sinful Colors GITD, then da wraps. So far so good...until I added a coat of Seche Vite! I had a few lil wrinkles around da edges of da wraps, but no big deal. My beloved SV caused those lil wrinkles to become worse & gave da whole mani an antiqued crinkle look that wasn't noticeable from a distance but just felt wrong to da touch. Not what I wanted!
At least the GITD under the see thru cats & stars on da wraps worked. 
Note to self: next time, no top coat!
I know that's your hand under there Paw & I will chomp it!
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Quickie ~ I Spotted a Ginger!

Hello Dahlings!
Holy Freakin' Guacamole! How da heck did I forget to post last Friday? Why didn't anybody say anything? I can only blame my son's memorial coming up this next Saturday & having to get a bazillion things done before then. I want to keep up on my posting this week, but if that doesn't happen, at least y'all know why. Some semblance of sanity should return next week, sometime, I hope, maybe?
Anywho, I do have a fun lil Monday mani for y'all.
 Da line up: LynB Designs Am I Ginger? from her Dr. Who line & yes, that is a bottle of OPI Black Spotted! Thanks to Dionne from Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes I found out that peeps in da US can get hold of this most lusted after lemming on Amazon for about $15 & that includes shipping. I can wait until you get back from ordering yours...
 Got that taken care of? Good! This is da yummy Am I Ginger?
It was a bit thick (nothing a lil thinner won't fix),
but it was easily opaque in 2 coats
& full of linear holographic pumpkin goodness.
Once Am I Ginger? dried I added a very thin coat of Black Spotted. By thin I mean I wiped most of da polish off da brush then lightly whisked it across da nail. Then I sat back & watched da magic happen! A coat of Seche Vite finished it off. One of da many cool things about this polish, besides the way it looks & fast dry time, is that if you get too much in one spot, you can go back & pull some of it off with da brush while its still wet without ruining da effect. You can't really do that with crackle polish! I didn't notice that my nails looked a lot like da pic on da lil tag until I was taking pics of it.
I must have done it right!
It was bound to happen...Cirrus figured out where his Grand Paw keeps da elixir of life hidden. Yes, he's jumped into da fridge & does this every time Mr. Inky has da door open for more than a few seconds. We've never had a cat climb into da fridge before.
Da Dishwasher...yes. Da fridge is a new thrill in pet parenthood.
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~ Inky