Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Adventures with Glequins!

Hello Dahlings!
We've all seen various kewl uses for glequins (as dubbed by Sammy da Nailasaurus to describe these bigger than glitter but smaller than sequins multi hued & shaped bits of nail art fun) & while I've had them in my art supplies for years & got more with da intent to use them for nail art...I hadn't yet. Then I pulled out a Halloween glitter topper & saw that I had glequins to match...
 Da line up: Black Heart Beauty Cursed & Feenix Halloween Party plus Orly Top2bottom (a base/top coat that I use to attach bling to my nails), 3 lil bottles of diamond glequins from a 48 bottle nail art set by Bundle Monster for $14 that I got on Amazon & a metal tool that used to have a sticky end opposite da point.
 This is 2 coats of Cursed.
I had forgotten how much this polish likes to stain my skin &
 nail beds where da base coat isn't, but I still luv da bottle.
 I applied 1 coat of Halloween Party to my pinkie, middle & index nails then did vertical rows of the diamonds by color on my ring & thumb nails. I applied da glequins by painting a stripe of T2B from cuticle to tip then dipping the pointy end of the metal tool into that polish & using it to pick up & place the diamonds where I wanted them one at a time for each color. I tried using my china white wax pencil, but couldn't get da tip fine enuf & thus couldn't see what I was doing when placing bits. I did da base color & glitter nails one night & the gleequins da next & I only tc's da glitter nails. I should have applied Seche Vite to the black nails too cuz the T2B made Cursed soft enuf to that some of the diamonds on my left ring nail got slightly covered with da black. It wasn't that noticeable, but it annoyed me. It took 2 coats of SV to mostly smooth out da glequins, but da results were worth all da hassle.
Look at all da pretty colors in Halloween Party! Alas, Feenix is pretty much defunct these days tho' their Etsy store is still there. Running a 'small' business from your home is very time consuming & can be very expensive to get going & keep going until you start making money. I'm sorry to see them close, but it happens. I actually got this polish in one of JennaFroggy's Mystery Blog Sales & a good score it was!
Obligatory Cirrus spam:
 Oh my friendly sun beam...I  love you so!
Too hot, never mind!
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~ Inky


  1. These are fabulous!! But I don't think I have enough patience for it. But I want the glequins!!

    1. Thanks! It didn't take all that long. Not much more than dotting all of one's nails would & glequins make great accent nails. Amazon had this set of 48 lil bottles from Bundle Monster that are almost twice the size of the usual nail art bling lil bottles.

  2. I love that whole thing, but I really love what you did with the diamond glitters. Amazing!! And in the first pic, Ciri looks like he's either being blessed from heaven or abducted by aliens, depending on your philosophical inclinations, lol!!

    1. Thanks! It was easier than I thought it would be, tho I'm glad I only did 4 out of 10 nails. It kinda reminded me of dragon scales.

      Oh he was definitely getting instructions from the mother ship! He is so persistently cute that it's very hard to stay miffed at him when he's naughty. He knows this & uses it to full advantage. LOL

  3. Your making me consider glitter placement

    1. Ha Ha! Insidious Inky strikes again. LOL


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