Monday, October 21, 2013

Recycled Mani Fun!

Hello Dahlings!
Sorry I was MIA on Friday. My son's memorial was Saturday, followed by his wake last night. I is one pooped Inky! I did manage to find time to recycle my failed nail wrap mani that I posted last Wednesday. The directions for removing Kiss wraps say to just peel them off. I was worried that da layer of Seche Vite that fudged up my mani might make removal a pita, but I was pleasantly surprised. I just nudged da flat end of my jumbo cuticle stick under da edges where da wraps were wrinkliest & pulled. I did have to rub some adhesive goobers off around da edges, but my L.A. Colors Energy Source & Sinful Colors GITD base was in good shape, so I left it on & did this...
Da line up: Del Sol Trick-or-Treat
& Sinful Colors Black Magic 
Da weather report for da week was no rain
& thinking that might mean actual sun,
I decided to try this color shifting polish from Mt I-haven't-used-it-yet.
 This is 2 coats of Trick-or-Treat over Energy Source
& Sinful Colors GITD.
It's rather sheer, but does have fine orange
& spunky scatter holo glittery bits.
 I added Black Magic French tips & was glad to see that da fine orange glitter in this polish matched da orange glitter in T-o-T.
Ta Da! I found just enuf sun walking between da car & da mall to make T-o-T shift colors. Alas, 'no rain' around here doesn't necessarily mean no clouds & we were socked in with pea soup fog more often or not all week. This was an easy to do mani recycle with a Halloween flair...and yes, it still glowed in the dark under T-o-T. I just didn't get a pic of it with what all was going on.
Our poor lil Cirrus! When my DIL stopped by with her dad last week, Ciri flipped out at just hearing her voice. He hid so well we couldn't find him & he didn't come out for 6 hours, even tho she was only here for a lil while. It made me & Mr Inky that much more glad we'd brought him home from Florida & not left him with her after our son died.
He loved this lil cat & she clearly did not!
Awwww! Ain't he just 6 lbs of too cute?
I do have 2 more nifty things to share with you!
Miss K's Let's Celebrate Multi Blogger Give-a-way is still going on &...
I've joined da Polish Passionistas Facebook group run by da fantabulous Missy of Gnarly Gnails! Missy is planning a 28 day nail art challenge due to run thru February 2014 & one has to join da group to join da challenge & get da deets. Her prompts for this are really dif from what I've seen done for other month long challenges & I'm really looking forward to not only doing it, but sharing it with y'all. If you're interested in joining da fun, pop da Gnarly Gnails link & check it out!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky (aka Zombie Demo lol)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Friday. I hope you're doing okay. :(

    1. Thanks. Some days OK is as good as it gets & I'll take it. <3

  2. Hope it went ok and she didn't play up. How's you and Mr Claus doing? He did the right thing running and hiding from Her!

    1. Over all it went well tho' she did play up & Mr Inky dang near took her out during the reception after the lovely service my Mom did. You don't poke da bear unless you want to get eaten! LOL


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