Friday, March 16, 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Presents ~ French with a Twist!

Hello Dahlings!

This time we have ideas for French manis, but with a twist!
Let's be realz here...French manis can be very...shall I say...dull?
The traditional pink & white have been done to death,
so we decided that new ideas were needed.

I did this...

 This is a funky French mani using magnetic gel polish!
You can do this same concept using regular magnetic polish too.

Apply your base coat to all 5 nails & let dry.
Apply the 1st coat of magnetic polish to all 5 nails
& cure for 1 minute in LED.
(follow the instructions if you use a different brand)
Apply the 2nd coat of polish to just one nail,
then hold the magnet over just your free edge for 45 seconds or so 
then pop that finger under the LED lamp for a minute.
Do the rest of the nails on that hand the same way.
Apply no wipe top coat, cure for 30 seconds.
Do your other hand the same way & you're done!

 I used Madam Glam gel polish products
& a magnet from a set off Amazon.

 While I like Madam Glam products in general,
I'm not as impressed with their glow in the dark toppers.
Methinks I'll be using my usual polish toppers for the most glow.
(Yes, you can use regular polish over gel polish.)

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Look...Diva with a twist!
He's discovered the gas fireplace this winter & he LURVS it!
When it's on, it's a cat sedation device. LOL

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Presents ~ Using a Mat or Plastic for Nail Art!

Hello Dahlings!

This time we have ideas for you on
how to use a mat or plastic to create nail art!

I had an idea I wanted to try, so I did this...

 I've never seen glitter polish used to water marble.
I would think the glitters would sink & defeat the purpose.
I also realized that I've never seen glitter polish used to dry marble.
It works!
It's not as defined a pattern as when using crème or shimmer polish
& you may want to use undies if the polishes aren't tinted
or glitter bombs.

 Mr Inky brought these Chinese polishes home to me
from Taipei, Taiwan recently.
They aren't readily available in the US & only have numbers.

Solone 08 (pink) & 74 (lavender)
Magic Shop 115 (chunky & fine silver holo in a bright blue base)
I did 3 coats of each.

You can use any fine glitter or glitter in a tinted base
to do the drag marble on your nail art mat or a plastic lid or bag.
I painted a layer of clear polish first, let it dry,
then painted 3 rows of each color so they alternated.
I then lightly dragged a pointed dotting tool
through the polish to make the design.
(don't let the tip of the tool touch the mat
or you'll make grooves in the polish)
Let it dry until you can peel it off without it tearing,
but don't let it sit so long it dries out & becomes brittle.
Apply a thin coat of the clear polish
& while it's wet, stick the decal to your nail.
Gently press the decal to firmly adhere it & remove any bubbles.
Smooth it to the edges of your nail & trim with small scissors.
Use a clean up brush dipped in acetone
to bond the edges of the decal to your nail
& remove any excess polish.
Finish with a glossy or matte top coat.

This is the half of the decal I made that I didn't use.
In the upper left area,
you can see where I let the tip of the dotting tool drag on the mat.
Don't do this. LOL

While it did work, dry marbling with glitters is a more subtle look
than when opaque polishes are used.
The glitters spread into each other a wee bit & defuse the pattern.
Give it a try!

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What do you mean I'm not allowed on the table?
Define "on"?

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