Friday, March 30, 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Presents ~ Pond Manis!

Hello Dahlings!

This time we have ideas for Pond Manis.
What's a pond mani, you ask?
It's when you layer stamping or other nail art
between coats of translucent colored polish.
It's supposed to give an illusion of depth to your nails.

I did this...

 See how the stamped image is darker near the cuticle
& each band of stamping is a bit lighter than the one before?
That's how it works.
I'll 'splain...

 After my base coat dried, I added a thin coat of OPI Indigo Motif.
(We're just going to assume that I let each polish layer dry
before moving to the next step. K?)
Next came a coat of 365 Days of Color After All This Time.
(Sunny's Body Products is still open,
she just doesn't make polish anymore.)
Then I stamped the design using Hit the Bottle Holo There Beautiful!
I used a clear stamper for easy placement.
Next came a thin coat of OPI Turquoise Aesthetic.
Then I stamped the 2nd row & added a 2nd thin coat of OPI TA.
I repeated this a 3rd time.
For the 4th row, I just stamped the image at the tip of my nails
& then applied fdtc to the whole nail.

You can stamp or other wise create an all over image
or random small ones. Your choice!
I went with the bands of stamping as random is hard for me to do well
& all over images can get visually confusing as you add layers.

You want a translucent polish that you can easily see thru.
OPI Color Paints are what I used.
Some other brands are Sally Hansen Triple Shine
& Esmaltes Da Kelly Sugar Bubbles.

Your looking for a tinted polish,
like you would use for the lead lighting technique,
or a rather sheer jelly polish.
You don't want a sheer polish with a lot of shimmer or flakies/glitter.
These tend to build opacity with each layer
& could obscure your design.
Why did I add the layer of After All This Time?

 Duh! LOL
I was impressed that it showed this well
thru 3 layers of tinted polish & stamping.

>^. .^<

What? I wasn't going to dive bomb Luna...Honest!

Thanks for stopping by &
Please visit the others
to see the ideas they have for you!
~ Inky

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