Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My NYE Mani feat. Bear Pawlish & the BEST Stamper EVER!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have for y'all my New Year's mani that I put on last night
& will be wearing until at least Saturday night, if not Sunday.
It's not my best mani ever, but it's good 'nuf
plus I 'discovered' a couple of most excellent things
that I just gotta share with y'all!
Here be mah nails...
 Lookee...REAL SUN!!!
 Da line up ~ I'll Take Mine To Glow franken;
pic taken in REAL SUN!
 ITMTGP is a white glows violet franken I created.
I used one coat as unders.
It glows much brighter than this in RL.
 I then stamped using plate Pueen 80
from the Stamping Buffet Leisure Collection
available on Amazon.
This is the Creative Stamper made by Ksenija Budjuga.
She lives in Kyiv, Ukraine,
where she manufactures this must have nail art tool.
The head is 1 1/2" (3.5cm) in diameter & uber squishy!
It comes with a metal holder that can double as a shot glass.
My 2 biggest fail issues when it comes to stamping on my nails
are stampers not picking up da whole design
& so called XL stampers (even da rectangle ones)
not being quite big enough to stamp da full image
onto my longer than average nails.
With no stress, I was able to stamp most of my nails in ONE try!
Yeah, I still need a butt-tonne of practice,
but I foresee my stamping skills improving greatly in 2015.
I credit this awesome score to XOXO, Jen
(who became my #1 nail enabler in 2014)
when she turned me on to da Creative Stampers FB ordering group.
Alas, thanks to a few peeps who just couldn't follow
da very simple instructions, this group is now closed
& not doing da group orders anymore.
Do not despair!
Ksenija has found 4 distributors 
& is working on getting us more
international access to her stamper!
All of these e-tailers ship internationally
& carry other nail related products.
 I also added some black & silver kitty stickers.
I think these are either from Amazon or Born Pretty Store?
I did 2 coats of Seche Vite
& think I may need another to fully seal these to my nails.
While they seem to be stuck down well,
I can easily feel da silver spots & da edges of da stickers
& don't want them to peel off while Mr Inky & I
are at da beach or da wedding we're going to this weekend.
That would suck.
 I think all da tc is messing with da gitd polish
getting enough light to glow well enough for me
to get a decent pic...
or my gitd pic mojo needs a recharge.
Something else to work on in 2015!
Last, but certainly far from least...
 I tried a new cutie product & I LOVE IT!!!
Emily has come up with a FANTABULOUS formula
that works very well for not only cuticles,
but any other skin that needs lubing.
She calls it her 'Everything Balm'
& it contains a blend of 13 organic moisturizing
ingredients that absorb into da skin quickly,
leaving it soft & non-lizardy.
It is a wee bit greasy when applying it,
but that goes away as it absorbs.
While it is officially unscented,
it does have a slight fragrance from da cocoa butter in it.
This sweet, rich, vaguely chocolaty scent is very subtle,
like I have to stick my fingers right under my nose to smell it
and doesn't linger, so don't think of it as a scented product.
It's also very reasonably priced for da 10g jar
& methinks I'll be ordering more soon
so I can have them easily accessible.
So go get yourself these MUST have products
so you can start 2015 right!
>^. .^<
 Oh hai!
rolled over for more stretching & napping
Please have a safe & most excellent New Year's Eve
& thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, December 29, 2014

CNT 52 week Pick & Mix ~ Dots & 3 Shades of Purple

Hello Dahlings!
This week's Tarts mani was a fav of mine so far!
 These are da final nails with blobby blurple dots
done with Anne Kathleen Holiday Lights Nehara
Anne Kathleen Nehara plus da large dotter I used.
 2 shimmer coats of J&JOM! in cold mode.
It's a thermal with pink & purple micro shimmer bits
that give this polish a lil something extra
no matter what temp you're running.
 Da pink shows up when you're a bit warmer.
 I did dots of Party Hearty 1st & then da gitd dots using Nehara.
I ran into da not-enuf-surface-area-to-glow issue with this mani.
Da dots glowed IRL, but not enuf to get a pic of it. Blerg.
 Party Hearty is part of da newest polish rage
of color shifting metallic flakie toppers. 
Me likey da colors & it dotted well!
>^. .^<
Ciri & Ziggy having a bit of a wrestle...
 Tag, you're it Ciri!
 Nuh uh,'re it!
 You're it, Ciri!
No, Ziggy, you're it!
 I'se gonna bop you one Ziggy...
Fine, be dat way. I outta here, Ziggy-bear.
Got ya' last, Ciri!
Thanks for stopping by
& please check out da other Tart's
dots & 3 purple manis!
~ Inky

Friday, December 26, 2014

NOTW ~ My Xmas mani!

Hello Dahlings!
Was Santa good to you?
My bestest gift is always time with my mom!
I wanted something fun on mah nails this week,
so I did this...
 A whimsical Rudolph!
I left my thumb & pinky undecorated beyond da fun
of da glitter polish.
 Da line up ~ SH OMGhost (undies),
 For da reindeer bits
I swear, all I did with this pic is crop it.
Snow Glo-be is a nuclear bright RED gitd!
Go gets yours RIGHT NOW!!!
>^. .^<
Many peeps decorate an evergreen tree for da holidays.
We have a 4' faux tree that I put up on Sunday
then left bare overnight to give Ciri a chance to check it out
& maybe knock over, before I decorated it.
 Nope! This is as close as he's gotten to it all week.
He's never seen a tree like this before
& he's not too sure he likes it either.
 Happy Halloweeniemas!
Please tell me you aren't surprised by this?
Y'all gotta know by now that I don't do normal.
 There are a dozen of these lil dangly skeletons
hanging about da tree plus a few other skellie buds
& da Big Cheese Skeleton as da topper.
 I also strung spooky face lights
& spider webbing across da window.
 This is my fav bit!
One of my besties got me this
Jack Skelington ornie for xmas this year.
I fit perfectly in da center of da purple spider web lights.
I do hope y'all had a lovely holiday!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Nails feat ~ The Little Lacquer Bean!

Hello Dahlings!
As of last Monday, my tree isn't finished,
my stocking stuffers aren't wrapped
& my mom is due to arrive in 2 hours & her room isn't ready.
In my defense, da mattress cover for da guest bed is in da laundry
& da cloth for da table da tree sits on in in da same load.
So while I'm waiting... 
...I decided to write up today's post.
 So I did this.
It's soft & Christmassy without being in da face about it.
 I started with 2 easy peasy coats
It's both a thermal & a holo!
 When my paws are warm it's pink...
 ...and when they're cold, its a gray leaning sage green.
I know it doesn't look very green here,
but I think it's more due to my skin tone & da lighting.
 I then used these Holly Stencils from She Sells Seashells
with Republic Nail silver foil gitd.
I sealed in da goodness with a coat of Seche Vite.
You had to know I'd find a way
to add gitd to a thermal holo mani, right?
Did you notice anything different about mah nails?
If you like a tutorial post about how I did it,
please let me know in da comments?
>^. .^<
Missy? You comes for da xmas treats?
Oh Happy Day!
Have a Most Excellent Holiday Ladies & Gents!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Monday, December 22, 2014

CNT 52 week Pick N' Mix ~ Gray & Distressed

Hello Dahlings!
Everybody ready for da Holidays?
Yeah right.
Da only thing with holiday cheer around my house are mah nails!
This week's Tart prompts are gray & distressed...
 I decided I needed me some candy canes.
from The Little Lacquer Bean &
da Candy Cane Stencil from She Sells Seashells.
Da polishes...
 2 eye blinding, blingtastic coats of Silver Bells
from The Devil Wears Polish.
 It's a silver holo & metallic silver glitter bomb!
I added one coat of Nightmare Before Christmas
da polish on da right side of da group pic
from The Devil Wears Polish
to my rings & thumbs for an accent
of pitted, decaying silver.
 This polish really is anything but fugly!
It's chock full of lil red, green, black & silver sparkly bits! purple sparkle snuck in to photobomb da pic
I used Anne Kathleen Alumina with da stencils
cuz I wanted gitd candy canes but alas,
even tho' da bottle is generously loaded with da gitd pigment
da small surface area I applied da polish to didn't allow for much glow.
They glowed in real life, just not enuf to capture da glow on da nail.
A full nail application will glow just dandy fine!
>^. .^<
Jazz, Luna & Ciri in da same pic & no food is present?
What is da world coming to? LOL
Thanks for stopping by
& please go visit da other Tarts!
~ Inky

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mani for a Cuban Style Pig Roast!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have the mani I wore to a Cubanesque Pig Roast
da weekend after Turkey Day.
Mr Inky & a friend came up with da idea
& then da boys & da wives got busy.
I wanted fun nails, so I did this...

 Holographic, gitd & thermal nails!

I used Jaded Nail Co. A Little Spark of Madness on my ring & index
& Doctor Lacquer Royal Luxury on my pinky & middle.
 Most thermals will sit in either their warm or cold state in da bottle.
We keep our house on da cool side,
so I thought da colors showing in da bottles were da cold state
& I would get an interesting alternating color, reverse gradient effect.
RL was a wee bit on da thick side,
but both polishes worked just fine...

 ...except for da part where
they were both purple when cold & blue when warm.
I couldn't get a good warm color pic
cuz even after putting my paws under hot water
my cold fingers started shifting da colors back.
RL is a holo thermal that shifts from light blue when warm to lavender.
LSofM is a thermal gitd jelly with fine pink, purple & turquoise glitters.
It goes from a rich purple when cold to a vivid turquoise when warm.

I slapped on a coat of SH Dries Quickly then applied these
vinyl bits to make my alternating stripes.
This variety pack has 3 widths of stripes for you to play with
& I used da skinny ones on my pinkies,
da middle ones on my ring/middle/index
& da wide ones on my thumbs.
I find da vinyl so much easier than striping tape to use!

 I sealed da goodness in with a coat of Seche Vite
then went to play in da water.
These are my nail when mostly warm...
See? My cold hands would not warm up!

 ...and when cold.
Tho' my idea didn't work out quite how I had envisioned it,
I really liked these nails & was rather gratified
when a lady at da party grabbed my hand exclaiming
"Let me look at those nails!"
^.      .^
Da pics below are from da party.
If you tend to be a wee bit squeamish,
now would be da time to go do something else!

This is Mr Castro. He's hosting da festivities.
Da fire in front of him is da roasting box.
Kinda like a fire pit on wheels.

 This is da 60lb pig before it got itself roasted.
I got to see a new side of Mr Inky that night.
Imagine Santa massaging spice rub into those piggy butt cheeks...
got that image firmly entrenched into your brain?
Welcome to my world.
He did say it felt weird to be wearing gloves & massaging cold skin.
Uh huh. It took me 24 years to find out I had married a pork pervert.

Dinner is served.
My Inky brought home da head
& tried to make head cheese last Sunday.
You can thank me now for not taking pics of that process!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky