Monday, December 29, 2014

CNT 52 week Pick & Mix ~ Dots & 3 Shades of Purple

Hello Dahlings!
This week's Tarts mani was a fav of mine so far!
 These are da final nails with blobby blurple dots
done with Anne Kathleen Holiday Lights Nehara
Anne Kathleen Nehara plus da large dotter I used.
 2 shimmer coats of J&JOM! in cold mode.
It's a thermal with pink & purple micro shimmer bits
that give this polish a lil something extra
no matter what temp you're running.
 Da pink shows up when you're a bit warmer.
 I did dots of Party Hearty 1st & then da gitd dots using Nehara.
I ran into da not-enuf-surface-area-to-glow issue with this mani.
Da dots glowed IRL, but not enuf to get a pic of it. Blerg.
 Party Hearty is part of da newest polish rage
of color shifting metallic flakie toppers. 
Me likey da colors & it dotted well!
>^. .^<
Ciri & Ziggy having a bit of a wrestle...
 Tag, you're it Ciri!
 Nuh uh,'re it!
 You're it, Ciri!
No, Ziggy, you're it!
 I'se gonna bop you one Ziggy...
Fine, be dat way. I outta here, Ziggy-bear.
Got ya' last, Ciri!
Thanks for stopping by
& please check out da other Tart's
dots & 3 purple manis!
~ Inky


  1. This is such a fun manicure, and I love how you've used the flakies!

  2. I like the design you did, but I am really liking your nail shape :D

  3. Very cool mani and I love your cats pics!

    1. Thanks! The furbabies are great entertainment. <3

  4. wow I love the purple effect :)
    This manicure looks great <3

  5. You picked beautiful colors to do this with. Good eye!

    1. This is what can happen when I grab from the pile of polishes waiting to get their data entered. LOL


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