Friday, December 26, 2014

NOTW ~ My Xmas mani!

Hello Dahlings!
Was Santa good to you?
My bestest gift is always time with my mom!
I wanted something fun on mah nails this week,
so I did this...
 A whimsical Rudolph!
I left my thumb & pinky undecorated beyond da fun
of da glitter polish.
 Da line up ~ SH OMGhost (undies),
 For da reindeer bits
I swear, all I did with this pic is crop it.
Snow Glo-be is a nuclear bright RED gitd!
Go gets yours RIGHT NOW!!!
>^. .^<
Many peeps decorate an evergreen tree for da holidays.
We have a 4' faux tree that I put up on Sunday
then left bare overnight to give Ciri a chance to check it out
& maybe knock over, before I decorated it.
 Nope! This is as close as he's gotten to it all week.
He's never seen a tree like this before
& he's not too sure he likes it either.
 Happy Halloweeniemas!
Please tell me you aren't surprised by this?
Y'all gotta know by now that I don't do normal.
 There are a dozen of these lil dangly skeletons
hanging about da tree plus a few other skellie buds
& da Big Cheese Skeleton as da topper.
 I also strung spooky face lights
& spider webbing across da window.
 This is my fav bit!
One of my besties got me this
Jack Skelington ornie for xmas this year.
I fit perfectly in da center of da purple spider web lights.
I do hope y'all had a lovely holiday!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Such a fun manicure, I love it!

  2. The Jack Skellington ornament is awesome, as is the whole tree. I don't think I could convince hubby to do the main one this way, but maybe I can talk him into a smaller one in the bedroom, lol. Oh, and, I love the stylized Rudolph mani! You rock.

    1. It's been several years since I put up any kind of tree, so Mr Inky was cool about it. He knows me well enuf that if it was looking like crap I would have taken it down & done something else. My mom even liked it! LOL


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