Friday, August 30, 2013

Darling Diva Dirty Deeds & kitty pics!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have for you an indie I picked up during a recent polish ho shopping spree at Llarowe.
 Da line up: Darling Diva Dirty Deeds (done dirt cheap! lol)
 Look at all that glittery purple goodness!
...and that's it! I loved da play of colors so much I didn't even add nail art. I that weird for me or what?
But I don't want y'all to feel gypped, so I'm throwing in some kitty pics...
Meet Cirrus! My son rescued him last winter from under a bush in da pouring rain. He was maybe 8 weeks old at the time. My DIL didn't really want him, so we brought him home with us from Florida. (Those 'calming' herbal cat treats really work! Ciri spent nigh on 11 hours in his carrier since we had to fly from Pensacola to Atlanta to Seattle & the only time we could let him out was to be carried thru security. He was a perfect lil angel the whole way!) He's now 10 months old (give or take a couple of weeks since nobody knows when he was actually born) & full of spunky kitten goodness.
My fav pic of him to date! I chuckle every time I look at it. Mr Inky is now in Grand Paw mode & spoiling lil Ciri with bowls of cream & lots of lovin. Grand Meow (yours truly) is pretty liberal with da cat treats & lovins too. The other cats are a bit startled by this zippy kitty, but the hissing has stopped & with a lil more time Cirrus will have them playing tag with him...Mr Inky & I will have to be careful to not be trippin over sonic speed cats. It's hard to be glum with a kitten around!
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~ Inky aka Grand Meow

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Blue Holo Comparison

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have for you a comparison of 4 blue linear holographic polishes!
 Line up #1: Color Club Blue Heaven, Layla Ocean Rush, Color Club Over The Moon
& Born Pretty Store #8
 2 coats each of: pinky & thumb ~ Blue Heaven; ring ~ Ocean Rush; middle ~ Over The Moon; & 3 coats of BSP #8 on index. BSP holos need 3 coats or undies & while they are very pretty & holo-y, they're only worth buying when on sale cuz they come in really small 6ml bottles. Ocean Rush is till a pita to apply, even after adding thinner. I love the color, but it's close enuf to Over The Moon to not warrant replacing when it runs out. I won't be buying any more Layla's. The 2 Color Clubs went on like the happy dreams all of the Halo Hues are known to be.
 Line up #2: Revlon Powder Puff Matte Suede (it has a very subtle blue shimmer to it), Sally Hansen Lick-o-rich textured polish & dotting tool
I applied a coat of Seche Vite to all nails & noticed that Ocean Rush's holo-ness disappeared until the SV cured. I did the white spots using the larger end of the dotter with Powder Puff then added the black rings & mini dots using the small end of the dotter & Lick-o-rich. I didn't add more SV cuz I liked the contrast between the glossy holo rainbows, the white matte dots & the black textured bits.
I had to give y'all a sun pic!
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~ Inky

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Quickie ~ Whimsical Ideas by Pam, Persian Violets

Hello Dahlings!
Just a quick mani from earlier this month for you today. Da 1st Indie brand I bought from was Whimsical Ideas by Pam cuz she offers glitter combos I'd not seen from da big brands or other indie makers. While it may be a wee bit boring for my readers, I like to limit da nail art when I wear one of Pam's Whimsies to a simple Double Line Funky French that uses colors from the polish...
 Da line up: Finger Paints Spun Sugar, Whimsical Ideas by Pam Persian Violets, Sephora by OPI Henna-thing Is Possible & a silver foil striper polish from Stripe Rite
 2 coats of Spun Sugar. Went on easily with no muss or fuss.
1 coat of Persian Violets. I did have to fish & dap a bit to limit da glitter on da tips cuz I knew I'd be covering it with other polish.
Ta Da! I added da Double Line Funky Double using da bottle brush with Henna-thing Is Possible & da silver foil from Stripe Rite. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite.
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~ Inky

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sometimes life goes to surreal places...

Hello Dahlings
I'm sorry I just disappeared on you, but when Mr Inky I were told on August 10th that our son & only child had died the night before, nails & blogging dropped on my list of priorities. I do plan on returning to blogging & I have been doing my nails (if not as often, tho it is a comforting process & good distraction)...I just need some more time to adjust. Oh yeah, plus plan & pull off a memorial when I'd rather crawl under my rock until it stops hurting. Some times life sucks & all one can do is just keep moving forward...
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~ Inky

Friday, August 9, 2013

Neon Clouds

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have more fun for you in da guise of a neon cloud mani!
 Da line up: China Glaze Shocking Pink, Finger Paints Warhol Wannabe, Color Club All That Razz, Nina Ultra Pro Violet It Ride & Finger Paints Pop Art Purple
Pinky ~ 3 coats of Shocking Pink, Ring ~ 2 coats Warhol Wannabe, Middle ~ 2 coats of All That Razz, Index ~ 2 coats of Violet It Ride, Thumb ~ Pop Art Purple
Why? Oh Why, do cameras have such a hard time photographing neons? I used my largest dotting tool to make my 2 color eye explodingly bright clouds cuz Nina UP polishes have a really wide brush that's great for applying base color, but not so good for even simple nail art. The rest of the bottle brushes were of varying widths that would have worked & given me potentially wonky clouds. I'd rather do something the 'hard' way than not be happy with da results. I sealed all da neon goodness in with a coat of Seche Vite.
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~ Inky

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weird Wednesdays ~ Essence Paper Print

Hello Dahlings!
Today's adventure into da weird is da Essence Paper Print Manicure. I've seen various bloggers do image transfers using printed newspaper & alcohol (both rubbing & vodka), but hadn't done it myself. Mostly cuz we don't get the paper & I'd rather not wear grocery store adds on my nails.
Da line up: back row ~ China Glaze White on White, Essence Paper Print Transfer Solution, Kleancolor Holo Pink; front row ~ Essence Paper Print box & the unfolded sheet of transfer patterns plus a dotting tool. The solution & printed images are sold separately. Here's what Essence has to say about these products: Essence Paper Print
The directions for using the transfers are pretty simple, but I think I managed to fudge it up anyway. I started with 2 coats of White on White. I applied one coat of Seche Vite to the accent nails & 2 coats of Holo Pink to the rest & applied SV to them as well. Then I ate dinner. After I washed my hands, I followed the least I thought I did. Here's what Essence says to do (verbatim) & what I did:
1) apply two light coats of any essence nail polish in a light (white or nude) to medium shade and let dry completely. nails need to be fully dry before proceeding. (Check, but I also added tc to dry them that da problem?)
2) cut a piece of the paper print paper close to the size of your nail (one for each nail) and brush the transfer solution generously on the printed paper side. (Check, I held one corner with tweezers, applied da solution on da printed side until da paper was soaked, but not drippy.)
3) place and press paper printed side facing down on your nail and press firmly without moving for appr 15 seconds with a cotton pad against paper. (Check, I pressed a cotton ball over da nail & counted to 15.)
4) carefully remove paper strip and you will see the ink imprint. repeat process on each nail. do not use the same paper twice. wait for two minutes to be certain the print design is fully dry. finally, seal with any essence top coat. done! (Sorta check? When I 1st started to peel da paper back, there was very little of da black to be seen & no pink. So I added more solution to da back of da now dry paper & pressed da cotton ball over it again. I got more black, but only a lil pink in patches. Me being me, I couldn't just leave it there...
I used da dotting tool & Holo Pink to add color to da centers of the leopard spots so da transfer nails coordinated with the rest. For all da effort, I could have painted leopard spots faster & had them turn out better. Will I try these again to see if I can do it right? Yep! I'm too stubborn not to figure it out. The Print Papers & Transfer Solution are $2.99 each at Fred Meyer, so at least I'm not out all that much if I can't get it to work. Maybe the solution will work on other printed papers? Hmmm...I'll have to try it & see!
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~ Inky

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Quickie ~ Born Pretty Store Holo Polishes!

Hello Dahlings!
I don't often get big lemmings, but when I do...look out! I just had to get ALL of da Born Pretty Store's Holographic collection. Aside from my disappointment in da small bottles, these polishes are pretty decent quality & lots of fun to play with...
 Da line up: Born Pretty Holographic #1, #11 & #9 with my Essence skinny striper
 This is 2 coats of #1. It needs 3, maybe even 4 coats for opacity, but I recommend wearing it with white undies to save on polish. I really like how this silver is so light it's almost white.
 Skinny stripes round 1 done with #11
 Skinny stripes round 2 done with #9
Ta Da! How could I do a mani with holo polish & NOT give you a sun pic?
Now you see why I can live with the price & lack of opacity...blingy heaven!!!
If these polishes are calling to you, do yourself a favor
& head over to Born Pretty Store right now cuz they're on SALE!!! 
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Does It Stamp? ~ Round & orange

Hello Dahings!
I've been an absolute polish ho lately & have lots of new polishes to test & share with you! Let get started, shall we?
 Dark reds ~ Sally Hansen Iris 02, Lily 04, Hibiscus 03 & Shining 07
 Ruby Kisses Date Night, Sinful Colors Dancing Nails & Sally Hansen Sparkling 03
 Reds ~ Sally Hansen Poppy 03, Dazzling 03 & Glistening 02
Sally Hansen Twinkling 01, Radiant 01 & Beaming 01
Oranges ~ Ruby Kisses Spicy Apricot, BK 14 & Sally Hansen Blush Diamond (holo)
Basically, pretty much any of the vintage Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine polishes will work for stamping. I get mine at Cassie Cosmetics They carry my beloved SH Chromes & Nail Prisms as well along with many of those hard to find retired drugstore brands & most are available at less than retail! There are some uber rare polishes that sell for collector's prices, but you can get lots of great polish for $3-$5 per bottle & when you order $75+ you get free shipping too! I did notice while testing that Sally Hansen appears to have recycled some colors back when these polishes were in stores. One line has flower names, one appears to have been Christmas themed & some have adjective/adverb-ish names like Beaming. I may have to do some on nail comparisons...
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~ Inky

Friday, August 2, 2013

First Friday Franken ~ Did Somebody Say DIY Neon?

Hello Dahlings!
It's da 1st Friday of August & I have 3 more franken polishes I've made to show you. Making your own polish or modifying store polish isn't all that difficult. It just takes a few things from da craft store, some patients & room to store all da 'new' polishes you'll make. Frankening is a wee bit addictive! 
 Da line up: Pure Ice Platinum (this is da 'magic' base coat they sold with their Art In Motion dual color crackle polishes last year), Sunrise, Fiery & Morning frankens made by me, a roll of sting tape & one of da sponge bits I used for this mani.
 I made all 3 frankens using clear polish (not fast dry top coat, regular top coat or clear polish) & mica powders from Lindy's Stamp Gang. I used the Sunset Blaze collection. This brand of craft grade mica powders aren't da cheapest around, but they are so beautiful & come in a decent sized pots. I use them for both frankening & paper crafting. You only need a small amount of pigment to franken, so a small pot goes a long way. You can also use PearlEx & Perfect Pearls mica pigment powders, both are available at JoAnne's & Michael's craft stores as well as online. (Don't forget your coupons!)
I know these frankens are on da sheer side, so I needed white undies. This is 2 coats of Platinum & what a pita it was to apply! It streaked & patched on da 1st coat & da 2nd coat didn't want to level out & give me a smooth base for sponging. You can see some of da ridges on my ring & middle fingers. If you have this polish in your stash to use with one of Pure Ice's Art In Motion crackles...use it for frankening or chuck if you don't want to go the effort of trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear. This polish sucks & da 'special' crackles work over any white polish, not just this one. I know cuz I tested it.
 I used a bit of sponge with Morning & Sunrise to apply da gradient. I had to go back & dab a bit more Morning on around my cuticles to cover da white, then sponge a bit more to blend it in, but da effort was worth it! Look at that neon POP!
 Morning has a slight purple shimmer to it & it's SO YUMMY that I think I just became a Morning person! Nah! Not really, but I do love this polish baby of mine.
 Sunrise has a bit of gold sparkle. I'm not a yellow person at all, but I wanted to create a tequila sunrise effect & needed a yellow to go with da others.
After da 1st gradient was totally dry (thanks to Mr' Inky calling dinner time, my nails got lots of dry time without my sitting there fussing) I applied striping tape & sponged white over da 1st gradient then sponged da 2nd gradient using Morning & Fiery. Ooops! My bad. I made a wee bit of a mess trying to get da polish in da gap between my cuticles & da curve of my nails.
 Fiery is not totally orange, but it isn't gold or copper either. It has a nice shimmer to it & play nicely with Sunrise & Morning.
Ta 1st reciprocal gradient! When I pulled da tape off I saw that da double sponging had left lil white lines between da stripes & after clean up, I had some white show around my cuticles. I think this bit o' out lining defines da stripes & makes da colors POP even more than if no white showed. Me likey!
If you haven't tried frankening yet, why not? It's not all that hard & you can start with da easiest method of mixing polishes you already have that are cheap dups or you just don't like them & make them into something you love & will wear with pride cuz YOU made it!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky