Friday, August 30, 2013

Darling Diva Dirty Deeds & kitty pics!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have for you an indie I picked up during a recent polish ho shopping spree at Llarowe.
 Da line up: Darling Diva Dirty Deeds (done dirt cheap! lol)
 Look at all that glittery purple goodness!
...and that's it! I loved da play of colors so much I didn't even add nail art. I that weird for me or what?
But I don't want y'all to feel gypped, so I'm throwing in some kitty pics...
Meet Cirrus! My son rescued him last winter from under a bush in da pouring rain. He was maybe 8 weeks old at the time. My DIL didn't really want him, so we brought him home with us from Florida. (Those 'calming' herbal cat treats really work! Ciri spent nigh on 11 hours in his carrier since we had to fly from Pensacola to Atlanta to Seattle & the only time we could let him out was to be carried thru security. He was a perfect lil angel the whole way!) He's now 10 months old (give or take a couple of weeks since nobody knows when he was actually born) & full of spunky kitten goodness.
My fav pic of him to date! I chuckle every time I look at it. Mr Inky is now in Grand Paw mode & spoiling lil Ciri with bowls of cream & lots of lovin. Grand Meow (yours truly) is pretty liberal with da cat treats & lovins too. The other cats are a bit startled by this zippy kitty, but the hissing has stopped & with a lil more time Cirrus will have them playing tag with him...Mr Inky & I will have to be careful to not be trippin over sonic speed cats. It's hard to be glum with a kitten around!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky aka Grand Meow


  1. hahahaha that picture makes him look like a quilt!
    No nail art....o.O this feels trippy

    1. He tends to sprawl out flat a lot. LOL The other night he was sprawled flat & crawling across the floor as he stalked one of the big cats...hilarious!

    2. I love it when they crawl, and try to act sly.

  2. Oh this polish is YUMMY!! LOL! But really it's so gorgeous and it looks perfect on your nails! :) And I definitely lol'd when I saw Cirrus he looks like a lot of fun! ;)

    1. Isn't it! I still can't believe I didn't do funky French tips or anything over it. LOL Animals do make the heart lighter with unconditional love & laughter. <3


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