Friday, August 2, 2013

First Friday Franken ~ Did Somebody Say DIY Neon?

Hello Dahlings!
It's da 1st Friday of August & I have 3 more franken polishes I've made to show you. Making your own polish or modifying store polish isn't all that difficult. It just takes a few things from da craft store, some patients & room to store all da 'new' polishes you'll make. Frankening is a wee bit addictive! 
 Da line up: Pure Ice Platinum (this is da 'magic' base coat they sold with their Art In Motion dual color crackle polishes last year), Sunrise, Fiery & Morning frankens made by me, a roll of sting tape & one of da sponge bits I used for this mani.
 I made all 3 frankens using clear polish (not fast dry top coat, regular top coat or clear polish) & mica powders from Lindy's Stamp Gang. I used the Sunset Blaze collection. This brand of craft grade mica powders aren't da cheapest around, but they are so beautiful & come in a decent sized pots. I use them for both frankening & paper crafting. You only need a small amount of pigment to franken, so a small pot goes a long way. You can also use PearlEx & Perfect Pearls mica pigment powders, both are available at JoAnne's & Michael's craft stores as well as online. (Don't forget your coupons!)
I know these frankens are on da sheer side, so I needed white undies. This is 2 coats of Platinum & what a pita it was to apply! It streaked & patched on da 1st coat & da 2nd coat didn't want to level out & give me a smooth base for sponging. You can see some of da ridges on my ring & middle fingers. If you have this polish in your stash to use with one of Pure Ice's Art In Motion crackles...use it for frankening or chuck if you don't want to go the effort of trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear. This polish sucks & da 'special' crackles work over any white polish, not just this one. I know cuz I tested it.
 I used a bit of sponge with Morning & Sunrise to apply da gradient. I had to go back & dab a bit more Morning on around my cuticles to cover da white, then sponge a bit more to blend it in, but da effort was worth it! Look at that neon POP!
 Morning has a slight purple shimmer to it & it's SO YUMMY that I think I just became a Morning person! Nah! Not really, but I do love this polish baby of mine.
 Sunrise has a bit of gold sparkle. I'm not a yellow person at all, but I wanted to create a tequila sunrise effect & needed a yellow to go with da others.
After da 1st gradient was totally dry (thanks to Mr' Inky calling dinner time, my nails got lots of dry time without my sitting there fussing) I applied striping tape & sponged white over da 1st gradient then sponged da 2nd gradient using Morning & Fiery. Ooops! My bad. I made a wee bit of a mess trying to get da polish in da gap between my cuticles & da curve of my nails.
 Fiery is not totally orange, but it isn't gold or copper either. It has a nice shimmer to it & play nicely with Sunrise & Morning.
Ta 1st reciprocal gradient! When I pulled da tape off I saw that da double sponging had left lil white lines between da stripes & after clean up, I had some white show around my cuticles. I think this bit o' out lining defines da stripes & makes da colors POP even more than if no white showed. Me likey!
If you haven't tried frankening yet, why not? It's not all that hard & you can start with da easiest method of mixing polishes you already have that are cheap dups or you just don't like them & make them into something you love & will wear with pride cuz YOU made it!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. i really like the white bits showing! it makes it look distressed!

    1. It does look a bit acid washed, doesn't it? It was great fun to wear!


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