Sunday, August 4, 2013

Does It Stamp? ~ Round & orange

Hello Dahings!
I've been an absolute polish ho lately & have lots of new polishes to test & share with you! Let get started, shall we?
 Dark reds ~ Sally Hansen Iris 02, Lily 04, Hibiscus 03 & Shining 07
 Ruby Kisses Date Night, Sinful Colors Dancing Nails & Sally Hansen Sparkling 03
 Reds ~ Sally Hansen Poppy 03, Dazzling 03 & Glistening 02
Sally Hansen Twinkling 01, Radiant 01 & Beaming 01
Oranges ~ Ruby Kisses Spicy Apricot, BK 14 & Sally Hansen Blush Diamond (holo)
Basically, pretty much any of the vintage Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine polishes will work for stamping. I get mine at Cassie Cosmetics They carry my beloved SH Chromes & Nail Prisms as well along with many of those hard to find retired drugstore brands & most are available at less than retail! There are some uber rare polishes that sell for collector's prices, but you can get lots of great polish for $3-$5 per bottle & when you order $75+ you get free shipping too! I did notice while testing that Sally Hansen appears to have recycled some colors back when these polishes were in stores. One line has flower names, one appears to have been Christmas themed & some have adjective/adverb-ish names like Beaming. I may have to do some on nail comparisons...
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. My eyes are sleepy so all the SH look the same in the bottles lol

    1. It's not your eyes. LOL As far as I can tell by the names & swatchsicles, SH did 3 lines of Lacquer Shine over the years it was sold in drugstores. Many of the reds are very similar in the bottle & may also be dupes on the nail. Comparisons coming soon!


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