Friday, January 29, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Films

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are doing manis to the prompt of Films!

I did this...

 Can you guess what film these fandom polishes from
The Lady Varnishes are representing?
Come can do it!

 The line up may give you a few clues ~ Cotton Granny Panties franken,
TLV I Am The Gatekeeper, Stay Puft & I Am the Keymaster
plus a prototype red stamping polish from Cuttin' Edge Nails

 I used this Vivid Lacquer plate VL003 plate
with the red prototype stamping polish
& my still beloved Original Creative Shop Stamper.

All 3 of The Lady Varnishes polishes I used gitd too!
Kirsten usually has several gitds available in various collections
& offers the option to ADD gitd & other finishes to select polishes.
You have to click on a polish to see if it has the add-on option
as it doesn't show from the listing page.

Have you figured out what my film is?
Ok, I'll spill...GHOSTBUSTERS!!!
I saw this movie as an adult in its original theater run.
Yep, I'm THAT old. LOL

>^. .^<

 Was dat?

 Must be nothing.
I'll just keep chowing n the pile o' nip.

 I know dere's something lurking in dose shadows!

Who you gonna call, Meowmy?

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Crumpet Nail Tarts!
~ Inky

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Weird Wednesdays Comparison ~ Yellow or Gold Glitter Toppers

Hello Dahlings!

This week's comparison color is yellow or gold.
This week's polish type is glitter toppers.
Yellow is my least favorite color & gold is my least fav metal.
This made this week's comparison a challenge
due to the lack of polishes in my stash meeting the criteria.
I could cheat & do something else, but that's the wussy way out.
So I went digging thru my glitter toppers
really, they're pretty much all in one boot box size plastic tote
and found these to share with you...

 Today I have 5 glitters from Kleancolor to compare.
I started with one coat of Silk Boxers
& added one coat of one topper per nail.

Thumb ~ 184 Golden Nirvana
Medium large gold holo hexes & the occasional gold holo diamond
with fine gold metallic glitters in an orange jelly base.
I didn't have to fish for the chunkier bits
& only dabbed a bit to break up a few clumps.
There are scads of fine glitter in there so coverage in coat was good.
The orange base makes this one look more old gold than yellow.
I'd wear it again.

Index ~ 291 Every Day is My Birthday
Medium & small gold metallic hexes with
small matte white hexes, mini bars & fine glitters in a clear base. 
No fishing required & very little dabbing to spread out the larger bits.
The glitter density looks good in the bottle,
but it's a bit thin with one coat.
Not really a me polish,
but not a bad buy for somebody who likes yellow.

Middle ~ 185 Gold Caviar
This version had lots of medium large & small gold holo hexes
& fine metallic glitter in a golden yellow jelly base.
No fishing required & only a lil dabbing
to get a nearly glitter bomb effect in one coat.
I did need to add thinner to this bottle
as it had thickened up quite a bit.
I'd wear it again, if I had to, 
but prefer the darker gold of Golden Nirvana.

Ring ~ 185 Gold Caviar
A rather sparse amount of medium large metallic gold hexes,
small gold holo hexes & a smattering if fine metallic gold glitters
in a yellow jelly base that required big fishing efforts
to get even one big hex out of the bottle.
If you don't like a lot of glitter on your nails, you might like this one.
It might be useful for a galaxy mani,
but the fishing effort makes it a dud for me.

Yes, thru batch buying on Amazon, I have 2 bottles with this label,
but they are not the same. Maybe KC reformulated it at some point?
I don't know.

Pinky ~ 132 24 Carat
Scattered old gold holo diamonds
with a butt-tonne of fine old gold holo glitters in a clear base.
Fishing for the random diamond isn't worth the effort,
but I like this one the best of the lot for its color
& easy to do glitter bomb effect.
2 coats & KAPOW!

The Line Up ~ Silk Boxers franken, Kleancolor 24 Carat, KC Gold Caviar,
KC Gold Caviar, KC Every Day is My Birthday & KC Golden Nirvana.

The best things about Kleancolor polishes
is their price ($2.99 or less),
their wide range of colors & finishes 
plus you can easily find them online.

The down side is they tend to have a rather stinky odor
& the quality can vary widely from bottle to bottle.

If you're into inexpensive polish, these are ok,
but there are better quality brands in the same price range
that are also easy to acquire out there.

>^. .^<

Um...have Jazz (on the left) & Ziggy (on the right)
morphed into one big black cat blob?
I don't know, but they sure are cute all snuggled up to each other.

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~ Inky

Monday, January 25, 2016

HPB Presents ~ Gradients

Hello Dahlings!

This month the Hobby Polish Bloggers are doing gradient manis.

I did this...

 I was feeling the need for a ME mani.
Paint Uranus Pink & Bad Faerie
plus Esmaltes da Kelly Penguino stamping polish.

 I did the gradient using a .25" x .5" piece of cosmetic sponge
held in a pair of reverse grip tweezers.
I then added a coat of CNC Fast Dry Top Coat 

I stamped using Penguino, Sugar Bubbles plate SB009
& my still beloved Original Creative Shop Stamper 

While the Penguino didn't bleed under the Seche Vite top coat
I usually seal my nail art with, (like the Joss I recently used did)
it didn't transfer the image very well & looks a bit smooshed.

Emily released the Inspiration Collection last Friday!
This is the MOST EXCELLENT collex
& My Nurse Has Sparkles are from.
So go get yours NOW!

>^. .^<

What? I'se pretendin' to be a wild thing.
Go away, Meowmy! You be funkin' my shui.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ 3 Shades of Purple

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are doing manis featuring 3 shades of purple
plus whatever each blogger's technique for this week may be.

Alas, I have needle drag for my technique.
This is one of my nemesis techniques
along with true water marbling.

That said, I didn't do too badly...

 I didn't say I'd done well! LOL

 The Line Up ~ Cotton Granny Panties franken,
Princessa #540-08 & #540-17

 I started with 2 coats of CGP on all nails.
I then made a couple of decals on my Uber Chic mat
cuz every attempt to do needle drag on my nails has been an epic failure
& Cheyenne from cdbnails made it looks so easy
when she used this method for her Digital Dozen day 5 New & Improved mani.
Um...yeah. See that white line on my ring finger nail?
That's where I pressed too hard with my pointy tool
& created a mini canyon where the base color shows thru the polish.

While my semi fail decals were drying,
I added 2 coats each of the Emori & Princessas
to my pinky (Purple Light), middle (#540-08) & index (#540-17).
I then added a coat of Magik
& realized that maybe I should have waited
until after I took a pic of those 3 polishes without holo top coat.
Oh well, you can see the colors in the decal.

 I added Magik to both needle drag decal accent nails.
I may have been a wee bit heavy handed with the Magik.

I really pressed too hard on this decal,
but Magik makes everything better
or at least more tolerable, right?

I did get a discernable pattern this time,
which is more than I've managed in the past.

 Doing nail art with glow in the dark polishes also makes any mani better!
The Emori didn't glow as strongly as the other 2,
but that set has slightly different colors, so it's a good thing.

 Even my messed up, stubby thumb nails looks better in the dark! LOL
I did this mani last Sunday & I still have gitd polish on my cuties.
Yes, I've washed & lubed my hands since then.
Go figure.

>^. .^<

 Luna loves her some cat nip!

 She'll roll back & forth for quite a while
when there's nip on the floor.

Silly glow in the dark kitty!

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~ Inky

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weird Wednesday ~ Orange Holos

Hello Dahlings!

This week
YES, 2 weeks in a row!
I have a group of 5 orange linear holos from
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics to compare for you!

 Nope, not a dupe in the bunch!
Each polish has its own unique characteristics
that set it apart from its sisters.

This creamy bright orange is packed with multi shifting metallic flakies.
It's from the M For Home collection.

Looking for a warm pumpkiny orange with gold metallic flakies?
This is your polish!
One of 2 yummy oranges from the I Come From The Forest Collection.

Middle ~ Canyon Copper 
This one looks orange in some lights,
but has a definite copper metallic shift with slight pink undertones. 
This is the other must have orange from
the I Come From The Forest Collection.

Ring ~ Gorgeous Gourd Holo
This is a holo'd up re-release from Emily's 1st CNC collection.
A lush dark copper orange sure to warm your cockles.

Pinky ~ Literary Lady.
Why did I include a pink in this comparison?
This is why...

Literary Lady is an old rose to copper shifting polish
of beauty & sophistication.

Not all of these gorgeous oranges are currently available,
but if you have either of the ones not currently for sale
& wondered if getting the others would be adding dupes to your stash,
I can confidently say NOPE, no dupes here!
Each of these polishes stands in its own spotlight
& I can't pick a fav cuz they're all MOST EXCELLENT!

 The line up ~ Joss White, CNC Literary Lady, Gorgeous Gourd Holo,

Me being me, I couldn't just leave my nails as is.
So what does one do with 5 orange nails?

I turned them into butterfly wings!

 I stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM-XL14,
Joss Black & my beloved Original Creative Shop Stamper.

A for a word or 3 on the Joss Stamping Polishes...they suck!
This is the 3 time I've used the black
& I waited over half an hour before adding fast dry top coat
Seche Vite this time
It's also the 3rd time it's smeared.
I used Joss White with a fine tipped dotter to make the dots
& they smeared too, even after a long wait.
You can see the smearing best on my index nail.
I have zero hope for the Lilac Shimmer
& can't recommend this brand for stamping or other nail art.
I don't blame the US stockist I bought them from
as she didn't make the polish
& probable stocked them based on somebody's recommendation.
This is why I haven't linked the Joss to her site.

>^. .^<

Why you use sucky stampy polish over those claw pretties?
Dumb hooman.
Thanks Jazz! I know better now. LOL

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& don't forget that the
Inspiration Collection
debuts this Friday!
~ Inky

Monday, January 18, 2016

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics ~ My Nurse Has Sparkles

Hello Dahlings!

Today I have another beauty from
the Carpe Noctem Cosmetics new Inspired Collection!
This is the same line the fantabulous Because She Danced To Space Jam
& both of these must have polishes,
plus the other 5 you will want when you see them,
will be available starting this Friday, January 22nd at 5pm EST.

 This is 2 uber luscious coats of
My Nurse Has Sparkles
with a lil fun stamping.
This blue violet linear holo jelly
is packed with assorted sizes & colors of glitter!

 I added the smiley face using Bundle Monster plate BM-304,
& my new love, the Creative Shop Space Stamper.
I sealed the fun in with a coat of Seche Vite.

This collection is based on 7 peeps from the polish world
that have had a positive impact on Emily
& she wanted to honor them with polishes
that reflect who they are & what they mean to her.
Mission Accomplished!

If you'd like to get in on sneak peeks, swatch pics
& the occasional group LE's & sale codes join

>^. .^<

 I love it when Ciri smiles in his sleep!
Is he dreaming of mice?

Thanks for stopping by
& do yourself a favor by visiting
this Friday the 22nd
& getting your paws on the
Inspired Collection!
~ Inky

Friday, January 15, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Things That Fly

Hello Dahlings!

This week the Tarts are doing manis showing things that fly.

I did this...

 Time. Time flies. Blink & it's gone.

David Bowie said it so well...

Rest in Peace, wise man of infinite realities.

 The line up ~ Joss Black Stamping polish,

This is 2 sparkilicious coats of Time Slip.
It a deep plum jelly packed with metallic shimmer
& color shifting metallic flakies in blue & purple. 
I was so thrilled when Kirsten came out with a
Rocky Horror Picture Show collection for the 40th anniversary!

 I made my decal using Bundle Monster plate BM-609,
Joss Black & my still beloved Original Creative Shop Stamper

A word on the Joss Black Stamping Polish ~
I didn't link it to where I bought it because
this is the second time I've used it for stamped decals
& have been less than satisfied due to minor smearing.
It's either a case of not drying long enough,
even though I waited 15 minutes this time,
before adding fast dry top coat
it's reacting to both the Sally Hansen Dries Instantly
& the Ruby Kisses fast dry polishes.
I've used both of these fdtcs to make decals
with other brands of stamping polish
& had no issues with smearing.
I also have their white & a metallic lavender that I haven't used yet.
I'm not optimistic at this point, but I will try them to see how they do
as well as trying the black with straight to the nail stamping.

Oh! Oh! Oh!
The NEW Creative Shop Space Stampers have arrived at Beautometry!!!
So if you pre-ordered yours, they'll be shipping asap.
They do need to be sorted, inspected & wrapped for shipping.
If you haven't order a set yet...Why the heck not?
I'll still use my Original CSS heads when making decals,
but for fast stamping on my nails, the Space stamper is my new crush!

 Alas, my new Samsung G6 phone camera
has decided to be a tard about taking gitd pics in focus.
I may have changed a setting while trying to take pics
of the lunar eclipse blood moon a few months ago
& now it refuses to focus in low light.
I'm going to have to dig around in the pro settings
to see what I messed up.

>^. .^<

I can fly!
Wanna see?

Thanks for stopping by
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with the other Tarts!
~ Inky

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weird Wednesdays ~ Dark Red polish comparison

Hello Dahlings!

Wow, I haven't a Weird Wednesday post in what feels like forever!
For those of you who don't remember or are newer readers,
Weird Wednesday posts aren't a regular mani post.
They're often comparisons of polishes or nail art related products,
tho' sometimes I'll do a step by step tutorial of a new-to-me technique.

I may have gone a wee bit OCD in setting up how I would know
what color & finish of polish to compare next.
I set up a page in Excel with 12 color categories down the side
& 6 polish finish categories cross the top.
I use a lavender & white swirly marbled D6
that I 'borrowed' from Mr Inky
to decide what finish to do with that week's color.
I may or may not get one of these posts out weekly,
but I'm going to try!

My list starts with red & the D6 picked jelly/tint/sheer for the finish.
Um...yeah. Red isn't a big color with me so my choices were limited,
but I did find 3 dark reds that sorta worked.

 From the pinky up ~

Pinky ~ Essie Skirting the Issue
I would call this one a crelly leaning crème
as it's got a bit of the translucency one expects from a jelly,
but was nearly opaque in 2 coats.

ring ~ Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers Bloody Marie
It's not as dark a red as the others, but it is a lovely bloody red
crelly leaning crème that was opaque in 2 coats.

middle ~ Revlon Devilish
A crème, not crelly & much darker than the rest.
Also a bit of a skin stainer.
Does anybody know why Revlon polishes, especially the crèmes,
oxidize on swatch sticks if they aren't top coated?
Only the Revlons in my stash seem to do this.

index ~ Kleancolor Garnet
This one is a true jelly & stained my overlay on that finger.
Not so much my skin or nail bed, just the gel.
While it looks opaque in this pic, it showed a bit of VNL IRL.

 Da line up ~ Essie Skirting the Issue,
WnW Fantasy Makers Bloody Marie,
Revlon Devilish & Kleancolor Garnet.

Of the 3 dark reds, I think I prefer Essie Skirting the Issue,
because it has a bit of the squishiness of a jelly
without the staining & is a great vampy color.

I couldn't just leave my nails with just a skittle.
I just can't...

 I am LOVING this new stamper design from Creative Shop!
The only flaw is on my middle finger,
where a dimple got made from my pointy nails.
I massaged it out no prob & finished stamping my nails.
I coat of Seche Vite & I was done.

I hope you enjoyed the return of this type of post?
It's good for me to dig thru my stash
to remind me of what I have.

>^. .^<

I gonna get Paw's sweater monster this time!

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky