Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! ~ Not What I Had In Mind Nail Art Fail

Hello Dahlings!
2016 is here & I'm looking forward to getting my blogging groove back!
Normally, Fridays are for posting da Crumpet's NEW Nail Tarts
40 Great Nail Art Ideas, but this week we're taking a break.
So for this Friday, I have a mani I did for da challenge
that didn't get used cuz it didn't quite turn out how I wanted.
 Um yeah.
You're supposed to see pink & purple fireworks
against da thermal shifting base color.
This pic is taken under my usual LED lamp
& at best one might see a bit of holo shimmer.
 This one is with flash...nope, still can't easily see da stamping.
 Da line up ~ Polished by KPT Molybdenum,
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 This is 2 buttery coats of Molybdenum
with a coat of Milky Way
& sealed for stamping with CNC QDTC.
 I stamped using da Color Clubs, Sugar Bubbles plate SBS 09
& my beloved Creative Shop Stamper
 Cold water shows da charcoal side of Molybdenum's thermal nature
& da stamped fireworks are making a wee bit of a cameo.
 My crappy powder room lighting shows da stamping da best.
 Warm temps (pic with flash) bring out da silvery taupey gray shift
& da fireworks go back into hiding.
 Yep, they're gone.
They don't even show up in da dark!
Most stamping shows in silhouette in da dark.
So while da 2015 Halo Hues are beautiful linear holo duochromes
& they do stamp, you need to pick your base color carefully.
They just don't have da POP of da earlier strong holo collections.
>^. .^<
Me no likey nail fails!
Thanks for stopping by
& may 2016 be a FABULOUS year for us all!
~ Inky

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