Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Weird Wednesdays Comparison ~ Yellow or Gold Glitter Toppers

Hello Dahlings!

This week's comparison color is yellow or gold.
This week's polish type is glitter toppers.
Yellow is my least favorite color & gold is my least fav metal.
This made this week's comparison a challenge
due to the lack of polishes in my stash meeting the criteria.
I could cheat & do something else, but that's the wussy way out.
So I went digging thru my glitter toppers
really, they're pretty much all in one boot box size plastic tote
and found these to share with you...

 Today I have 5 glitters from Kleancolor to compare.
I started with one coat of Silk Boxers
& added one coat of one topper per nail.

Thumb ~ 184 Golden Nirvana
Medium large gold holo hexes & the occasional gold holo diamond
with fine gold metallic glitters in an orange jelly base.
I didn't have to fish for the chunkier bits
& only dabbed a bit to break up a few clumps.
There are scads of fine glitter in there so coverage in coat was good.
The orange base makes this one look more old gold than yellow.
I'd wear it again.

Index ~ 291 Every Day is My Birthday
Medium & small gold metallic hexes with
small matte white hexes, mini bars & fine glitters in a clear base. 
No fishing required & very little dabbing to spread out the larger bits.
The glitter density looks good in the bottle,
but it's a bit thin with one coat.
Not really a me polish,
but not a bad buy for somebody who likes yellow.

Middle ~ 185 Gold Caviar
This version had lots of medium large & small gold holo hexes
& fine metallic glitter in a golden yellow jelly base.
No fishing required & only a lil dabbing
to get a nearly glitter bomb effect in one coat.
I did need to add thinner to this bottle
as it had thickened up quite a bit.
I'd wear it again, if I had to, 
but prefer the darker gold of Golden Nirvana.

Ring ~ 185 Gold Caviar
A rather sparse amount of medium large metallic gold hexes,
small gold holo hexes & a smattering if fine metallic gold glitters
in a yellow jelly base that required big fishing efforts
to get even one big hex out of the bottle.
If you don't like a lot of glitter on your nails, you might like this one.
It might be useful for a galaxy mani,
but the fishing effort makes it a dud for me.

Yes, thru batch buying on Amazon, I have 2 bottles with this label,
but they are not the same. Maybe KC reformulated it at some point?
I don't know.

Pinky ~ 132 24 Carat
Scattered old gold holo diamonds
with a butt-tonne of fine old gold holo glitters in a clear base.
Fishing for the random diamond isn't worth the effort,
but I like this one the best of the lot for its color
& easy to do glitter bomb effect.
2 coats & KAPOW!

The Line Up ~ Silk Boxers franken, Kleancolor 24 Carat, KC Gold Caviar,
KC Gold Caviar, KC Every Day is My Birthday & KC Golden Nirvana.

The best things about Kleancolor polishes
is their price ($2.99 or less),
their wide range of colors & finishes 
plus you can easily find them online.

The down side is they tend to have a rather stinky odor
& the quality can vary widely from bottle to bottle.

If you're into inexpensive polish, these are ok,
but there are better quality brands in the same price range
that are also easy to acquire out there.

>^. .^<

Um...have Jazz (on the left) & Ziggy (on the right)
morphed into one big black cat blob?
I don't know, but they sure are cute all snuggled up to each other.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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  1. The middle Caviar is my fav - and I adore these on BLACK.


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