Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weird Wednesdays ~ Dark Red polish comparison

Hello Dahlings!

Wow, I haven't a Weird Wednesday post in what feels like forever!
For those of you who don't remember or are newer readers,
Weird Wednesday posts aren't a regular mani post.
They're often comparisons of polishes or nail art related products,
tho' sometimes I'll do a step by step tutorial of a new-to-me technique.

I may have gone a wee bit OCD in setting up how I would know
what color & finish of polish to compare next.
I set up a page in Excel with 12 color categories down the side
& 6 polish finish categories cross the top.
I use a lavender & white swirly marbled D6
that I 'borrowed' from Mr Inky
to decide what finish to do with that week's color.
I may or may not get one of these posts out weekly,
but I'm going to try!

My list starts with red & the D6 picked jelly/tint/sheer for the finish.
Um...yeah. Red isn't a big color with me so my choices were limited,
but I did find 3 dark reds that sorta worked.

 From the pinky up ~

Pinky ~ Essie Skirting the Issue
I would call this one a crelly leaning crème
as it's got a bit of the translucency one expects from a jelly,
but was nearly opaque in 2 coats.

ring ~ Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers Bloody Marie
It's not as dark a red as the others, but it is a lovely bloody red
crelly leaning crème that was opaque in 2 coats.

middle ~ Revlon Devilish
A crème, not crelly & much darker than the rest.
Also a bit of a skin stainer.
Does anybody know why Revlon polishes, especially the crèmes,
oxidize on swatch sticks if they aren't top coated?
Only the Revlons in my stash seem to do this.

index ~ Kleancolor Garnet
This one is a true jelly & stained my overlay on that finger.
Not so much my skin or nail bed, just the gel.
While it looks opaque in this pic, it showed a bit of VNL IRL.

 Da line up ~ Essie Skirting the Issue,
WnW Fantasy Makers Bloody Marie,
Revlon Devilish & Kleancolor Garnet.

Of the 3 dark reds, I think I prefer Essie Skirting the Issue,
because it has a bit of the squishiness of a jelly
without the staining & is a great vampy color.

I couldn't just leave my nails with just a skittle.
I just can't...

 I am LOVING this new stamper design from Creative Shop!
The only flaw is on my middle finger,
where a dimple got made from my pointy nails.
I massaged it out no prob & finished stamping my nails.
I coat of Seche Vite & I was done.

I hope you enjoyed the return of this type of post?
It's good for me to dig thru my stash
to remind me of what I have.

>^. .^<

I gonna get Paw's sweater monster this time!

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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