Friday, January 8, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas ~ Pale Blue Base

Hello Dahlings!
This week the Tarts are doing our techniques over pale blue polish.
My technique is mosaic/stained glass.
I did this...
 I was aiming for a Tiffany-esque stained glass look.
I sorta got it?
 I started with 2 coats of the Turkish brand Flomar in color 423.
I picked this up from a mystery bag blog sale over a year ago.
The crème formula was a bit thin,
but it leveled & cleaned up nicely.
I also manage to seal in a cat hair under the tc on my middle finger
plus had to repair a nail line crack in my index finger
after I had polished it & added a coat of Seche Vite. Twice. Blerg.
I had already spent last Tuesday afternoon 
buffing down the overlay on this finger,
then patching the crack & redoing the full 3 layers of overlay.
I wasn't going to redo that finger from scratch again
in the middle of a mani, so I patched it from underneath,
but it hasn't quite grown out enough
for this to be as effective as desired.
At least the overlay had kept the nail from breaking off
& I hope to be able to nurse it along until it grows out.
Really, it could happen!
 For my stained glass decal I used plate QA88 from She Sells Seashells,
and asst gel pens from Signo & Uniball.
I picked up the image using my Original Creative Shop Stamper,
covered the image on the stamper with Sally Hansen Dries Quickly.
I didn't let the Joss Black dry long enough & got a bit of smearing.
I then colored in various bits of the image using the gel pens.
I colored over the pink, purple & black translucent colors
with the opaque white so those would show up
against the pale blue background.
Once the gel inks had dried I applied another coat of SH DC
to prevent smearing while applying the decal.
JIC the gels hadn't dried enough.
A coat of Seche Vite on all nails finished this mani off.
>^. .^<
I don't know how a cat hair ended up on your table
& got stuck to your claw.
You really should be more careful, Meowmy!
Thanks for stopping by
& please go share the love with the other Tarts!
~ Inky

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